chap 06


One of the most basic and widely used tools in scientific research is something called the Law of Probability . When scientists do research and experimental tests and trials they focus their attention on things that occur above the realm of chance or outside something called, a probability curve . 

A simple example would be, if one were to toss a coin 100 times , the probability curve says that we would get 50 heads and 50 tails , since there are two possibilities and 100 tosses , 100 divided by the 2 possibilities equals 50 . If you came up with 75 heads and only 25 tails , you would naturally look for a cause for this , some outside variable or force changing the outcome .

The Law of probability says that this outcome could not have occurred by chance or coincidentally , that it had to have been INFLUENCED by something . This basic mathematical law also applies to the frequency of the number of times 7 occurs in creation .

The Law of Probability says this could not have occurred by chance or accident , as proponents of the theory of evolution would have you believe . The meaning of this is , some outside force, other than pure chance, or random Evolution, had to cause this to happen, in other words it HAD TO have been DESIGNED that way .

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