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This basic mathematical concept , of the Theory of Probability was the basic foundation for scientist’s latest explanation of creation . They called it the Theory of Intelligent Design . The worldly educated , puffed up pride of scientists , could not go so far as to admit , that , The Creator did it , so they simply said , it was intelligently designed . Well , so WHO do you think “ intelligently designed “ it ? Who do you think that somebody might be ? Besides the multitude of 7’s in Creation weighing in on scientists minds for several years now, they have finally come to realize and admit that all the precise conditions that support life on Earth and make it possible within living organisms , could not have occurred by chance as well . Some of these conditions are ; the proper spacing of land to water and the ratio of the two, to produce tolerable weather. The precise balance of the speed of the earth spinning and gravity so that we wouldn’t weigh a thousand pounds or conversely wouldn’t weigh anything and fly off the earth , the ideal tilt of the axis of the earth to give us our seasons , the ideal distance from the Sun, any further away and average temperatures would be too cold, any closer and it would be too hot and too much radiation would burn us up , all stars fluctuate year to year, the slightest fluctuation would cause life extinguishing changes in temperature and radiation, but our Sun is uniquely stable. The unexplainable ozone layer, high above the Earth, which filters out the sun’s ultra-violet radiation , the correct mixture of gases in and the precise amount of oxygen content in our atmosphere and oceans (21%,3-7’s), where too little and we would suffocate, too much and we would hyperventilate and would make our atmosphere explosive, any change to our atmosphere’s composition and plant and animal life would cease , there is 320 times more uranium and 640 times more thorium than you would expect to find in other rocky planets, it is these radioactive elements that supply the energy for our magnetic field, and it is the correct strength of the Earth’s magnetic field that holds our atmosphere in place from being blown away from solar wind. The correct size of the Moon and correct distance from the Earth to properly regulate the tides of the ocean , there is no explanation for the abundance of water on Earth, not found on other planets , the proper amount of vegetation to filter the air and hold the soil in place , the balance and interdependence of different species of plant and animal life supporting each other and keeping each others populations in check. In addition to all this, the delicate balance of ALL these things supporting and working together, to sustain life. Any ONE of these changing, even slightly, could upset this perfect balance and make Earth incapable of supporting life as we know it ! If I were a scientist I could think of many more things , but I’m sure you get the idea . The sheer number of these variables being precisely right and working together to sustain life, is FAR beyond chance , just as the sheer number of 7’s in creation, is FAR beyond chance . Here is something else far beyond chance . The Sun is 400 times larger than the Moon, AND 400 times farther away ! What are the odds of that ? Astronomical. Pun intended. This makes it possible for a total solar eclipse ! That by itself, is once again, FAR beyond chance, but that’s not all,  astronomers and astrophysicists now know, that the Moon is moving away from the Earth . Since the Cosmos is billions of years old, what are the chances man would be on the Earth, at the exact time in billions of years, to see a total solar eclipse ? Once again , the odds are ASTRONOMICAL ! Again, Pun intended . However, The Creator designed it to be so, as one the most important prophetic signs in the Heavens . In Luke 21:25 Christ said there would “ be signs in the sun, moon and stars “ . Notice sun is mentioned first . In fact at the moment of Christ’s death , the sun went dark for 3 hours ! (Matthew 27:45) Then again in Matthew 24:29 , at just before Christ’s return . Many more eclipses have occurred and are associated with other Biblical and Jewish events . What are the chances these signs in the sun could have occurred at these specific times ? Something else illustrating design genius is an amazing biological discovery called , the flagellar motor . It is a microscopic, protein constructed, self-assembling, nanomachine, that is a complex biological molecular motor ! One of them has the same parts, function, and design of an electric motor ! They are both utilized to give single-celled organisms mobility, to go where they need to go, to fulfill their purpose in life processes . There are two types , the Eukaryotic and the Prokaryotic . The Eukaryotic, that operate in a bending , side to side movement . The Eukaryotic is used by the male sperm cell . The Eukaryotic flagellar has within its axoneme (tail propeller) two or three doublet microtubules, which contain two filaments . Thru chemically created electric power that are constantly alternating their charge, to oppose each other, creating a continuous rhythmic sliding action between the two , which produces the side to side swimming motion. The processes that make this type work are to complex for me , unlike the Prokaryotic flagellar which functions amazingly like an electric rotary motor , only using an electrical charge created chemically, to produce movement, like a propeller on a submarine . The Prokaryotic has a 30 different parts functioning identically to a rotary electric motor ! An electrical engineer could use this as a blueprint to make an electric motor ! Talk about design , from the Master Designer , Architect and Engineer ! . Flagellar Motor

Despite ALL these facts the Big Bang Theory and subsequent Theory of Evolution, says ALL this engineering , design and order came from an explosion ! Explosions don’t create a complex, perfectly ordered arrangement of things . Explosions don’t create, they destroy. They don’t produce order, they produce disorder, ruin and chaos ! The Big Bang Theory needed another preposterous theory , like Evolution , to fine tune it along the way , by an undirected process , without purpose and by blind chance ! COME ON ! ARE THEY JOKING ? I’M NOT ! The Big Bang Theory and Theory of Evolution IGNORES ALL OF THESE MONUMENTAL FACTS ! In fact , they are still theories , because , being false , THEY cannot and will not ever be proven ! As far as Evolution is concerned, this becomes even more amazing when one becomes aware that Charles Darwin did not invent the theory of evolution when he and Alfred Russell Wallace presented a joint paper to the Linnaean Society in 1858, as most people think.  Charles Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus Darwin in 1794 published a very similar book on evolution entitled Zoonomia. Before that there was James Hutton, Comte De Buffon, and even ancient Greek philosophers by the name Empedocles and Anaximander, during the dawn of scientific thought, 2600 years ago, in Ancient Greece ! So obviously, if a theory has been around 2,600 years and it is still a theory, there’s something seriously flawed in that theory, that keeps it from being proven and becoming a Law of science ! So in conclusion, speaking in the foundational Law and language of all sciences, mathematics ……not only does the frequency of the number 7, in creation, prove the existence of a Creator, but , the sheer number of variables, their being optimum to support and sustain life and the precise interaction between these precise variables, prove the existence of a Creator, but also, the DESIGNED nature of Creation , prove existence of a Creator ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The simple mathematics of a probability curve PROVE that ALL of this could not have possibly occurred in ALL of Creation, without being designed, by The Creator, PERIOD ! The great pioneering genius summed it up this way……

For more amazing overwhelming scientific evidence that the Universe was designed for humans go to tuning or any YouTube videos by Physicist, Dr. Hugh Ross . Here is another interesting, recently discovered fact…….. JUST 6 NUMBERS CONTROL THE UNIVERSE ! I know that sounds rather absurd, but British cosmologists and astrophysicist Dr. Martin Rees, has discovered there are 6 numbers, that determine and govern the universe, called physical constants. I like to call these, “universal” numbers. (pun intended) Lol. So what are the six numbers ?
  1. € Epsilon = .007 , relative amount of hydrogen that converts to helium via fusion at Creation or the ratio of mass lost to energy when hydrogen is fused to form helium.
It is interesting to note that 7 is the Creator’s signature upon all of creation, having 7 Seas, 7 oceans, 7 oceans, 7 continents, 7 Layers to the Earth’s crust, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 days in a week, 7 notes in a complete musical scale and on and on and on.
  1. N =10 to the 36th power, being the strength of the electric force divided by the strength of gravity.
  2. Omega, ratio of Dark Matter to regular matter, or the relative density of the universe.
  3. Lambda, the Cosmological Constant.
  4. Q, the amplitude of irregularities in the CMB, or related to the scale at which the universe looks smooth.
  5. D = 3, the number of Spatial Dimensions we live in: three.
Martin Rees takes 180 pages to explain them – I can do no better here, but to ask the question, is it coincidence that there are 6 numbers that govern all of Creation and the Creator took 6 days to do it ?

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