chap 09


Stretch marks have been discovered along deep ocean trenches between Africa and North America, showing rapid separation of Pangaea , the ancient single landmass conglomeration , into separate continents , in much the same way as the rapid expansion of a mother’s womb produces stretch marks . The meaning of this is, it did not occur slowly over a long period of time , as traditionally taught , otherwise it would not have left stretch marks .

Also geologists and other scientists which study the earth and its history will freely admit that’s all major canyons, like for instance the Grand Canyon in the United States , that their shape with steep sides and flat bottoms as opposed to being V-shaped signifies they were created by RAPID water erosion as opposed to being created over a long period of time .

This is EVIDENCE that massive amounts of water had accumulated very quickly and had to drain away very quickly .

This scenario matches perfectly with the great flood mentioned in the Bible .  As further confirmation of this ALL sediment at the mouths of ALL major rivers in the world is 4500 years old , proving that rivers began depositing sediment immediately after the great flood ! The meaning of this is , traditional scientific explanation of the forming and shaping of the Earth’s topography took long periods of time , is proven false . In other words nature generally takes its time , The Creator doesn’t need to !

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