chapter 164


A sure sign we are in the end times is the increasing frequency, severity and blatancy of the perverse and hideous nature of these signs of pure evil !

What makes matters worse is nobody notices and/or cares !


Satanic Temple / Baphomet Church in Detroit :

This is a brand new church in Detroit .   Home Page.

Baphomet statue at this temple. Baphomet is a satanic horned goat God figure with origins from Egypt’s Goat of Mendes . The “ Goat of Mendes “ , Ptah is the Egyptian god of Magick , knowledge , wisdom and understanding (an alias of Satan in the Garden of Eden) .

In fact the name Baphomet is composed of two Greek words , baphe and metis which means absorption of knowledge . He was also known as the Goat ; sometimes a ram in the city of Mendes where he was worshipped as such .

The Goat/Ram of Mendes represented the “ Ba “ which was the Egyptian word for the “Soul” and was a God of the dead in “the Book of Shadows” . Ptah was considered to be a great magician and “ Lord of the Serpents “.
Notice again the connection to Satan as Satan is , “ the ancient serpent” (Rev.12:9&20:2)
There were also similarities to other pagan gods such as Egypt’s God of the dead , Hathor , Greece’s Pan , Northern Europe’s , CERNunnos , England’s , Herne and the Devil himself . Satanic characteristics include the ancient symbol of the hexagram , a goat head with horns , a satyr (Satan) body type with goat legs and human

The most common explanation for the origin of the name Baphomet is , it is an old French corruption of the name of Mohammed which was Latinized to Mahomet . During the Crusades the Knights Templar stayed for extended periods of time in Middle Eastern countries where they became acquainted with the teachings of Arabian mysticism . This is why Baphomet is most often showed with the Crescent Moon the sign of Islam .
The term Baphomet was first Used in the early fourteenth Century during the Inquisition of the Knights of Templar that were said to have worshipped this Pagan god . In a July 1098 letter by the Catholic Crusader , Anselm of Ribemont , “ As the next day dawned , we called loudly upon Baphomet and we prayed silently in our hearts to Almighty God then we attacked and forced all of them outside the city walls “ . This contact with Eastern civilizations allowed them to bring back to Europe the basics of what would become western occultism including Gnosticism , Alchemy , Kabbalah and Hermetism .

This once again shows the corrupt and corrupting nature of the Catholic church !
The first goat God image known as the Sabbatic Goat first appeared in 1856 by Eliphas Levi , complete with goat’s head with large horns , hexagram , flames coming from a torch on the top of his head , satanic wings , crescent moon ,a Caduceus coming from his groin and Solve on one arm and Coagulia on the other .

These last two features require elaboration . A Caduceus has its origins from a 3000 BC Sumerian  God Ningishzida , “ lord of the good tree “ , sometimes depicted as a serpent with a human head . This is in clear opposition to and an attack against The Tree of Life in Genesis , where Satan , as a snake told Eve it was ok to eat of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil .

Above right, the caduceus was later seen being carried by the Greek god Hermes .

The Pope also displays this caduceus .

The Pope is the Catholic church’s official public spokesman .

The word caduceus is derived from the Greek word kerukion meaning public announcer . The biblical meaning of the two snakes symbolizes evil and deception so it is indeed fitting the Pope carries this , as he is spokesman for Satan’s great false church , that evilly deceives the world and causes mistaken worship of Satan and the sun, thru its false doctrine and traditions of men ! (see various other chapters of this site)

There are several satanic connections to the details of this symbol .
1st Satan is the serpent . (Rev. 12:9)
2nd Satan is the Dragon . (Rev.20:2) There are two winged dragons on this Gods symbol .
3rd In the Garden of Eden Satan told Adam and Eve it was okay to eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil ( lord of the good tree) despite the Creator’s forbidding it .

So we have a staff carried by the Greek god Hermes , a protector of liars and thieves (who is also the guide of the dead), as a staff or wand related to announcing information to the public , encircled by two serpents representing evil and deception The Pope being a “ liar “ , “ announcing to the public “ his false doctrine , is protected by Hermes , so he can “ steal “ the fruits of proper worship thru    deception !

Women in Early Greek culture were looked down upon and is reflected in many tragic stories in Greek Mythology . It’s pretty fair to say a society who’s general beliefs were that women were so lowly that having sex with them on a regular basis other than for rituals regarding fertility or for the necessary evil of producing an heir is going to have some pretty lowly perspectives about women in the first place .    Rarely is there a truly happy story for any women in most myths unless they play such a minor role as to be inconsequential .

In fact in one story Princess Acacallis, Daughter of Minos , King of Crete , was caught in a net and beaten to death with sticks !

So snakes and sticks or rods featured in Greek mythology combine to give US the symbol of modern-day western medicine .

Alaska Jan 2018:  Alaska is not known for earthquakes had one of 7.9 magnitude !

In scripture the Creator says , “ I will SHAKE all nations “ Haggai 2:7 . Have you been shaken to know , These are truly , The Last Days ?

When Christ was asked what would be the signs of His return , the FIRST thing He listed was earthquakes in many places ! Luke 21:11 states , “ and there shall be earthquakes in divers places , and famines and pestilences and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven “ . Earthquakes are the first of the early “ signs “ . One such “ fearful sight “ is a byproduct of earthquakes , Tsunamis , a giant wall of seawater 100’s of feet tall coming ashore , due to an earthquake .


Between the years 1929 and 1983 a span of 67 years there were 12 tsunamis .
Between the years of 2007 and 2016 , a span of only 9 years , there were 16 tsunamis ! At that rate , in 67 years we will experience 119 , as compared to 12 in the preceding 67 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scripture states , “ There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves “ . When people look at the news coverage of the massive destruction of these tsunamis , they are truly in “ dismay “ , “ in “perplexity “ Luke 21:25 . This is another sign , we are truly , in The Last Days .

Just after Japans earthquake and tsunami , the mayor of Tokyo was shaken , although being a Buddhist , said something like , “ I think God is trying to get our attention . “ He quickly recanted his statement later on .  So , if even people who don’t believe that there is a Creator , as in the Almighty God of the Bible , are noticing that He is trying to get our attention , shouldn’t you ?   When even a Buddhist sees this , this is truly a sign , we are in , The last Days !


Volcanic activity :

From 1901 to 2000 there were 66 major eruptions .

From 2000 to 2016 there were 21 major eruptions . Since only 15.5 years have passed or 6.45 % of the century , we take 21 eruptions x 6.45 = 135 eruptions we are on track for ! That’s more than a 6 times increase !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2015 alone there were 9 major eruptions ! As you can see the increase has multiplied even further in the last 2 years .

Unrest also seems to be growing among the world’s super-volcanoes. Iceland (which is home to some of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet and had an eruptuon in 2010 , covering much of Northern Europe in volcanic ash), Santorini in Greece , Uturuncu in Bolivia , the Yellowstone and Long Valley calderas in the U.S., Laguna del Maule in Chile , Italy’s Campi Flegrei – almost all of the world’s active super-volcanic systems are now exhibiting some signs of inflation , an early indication that pressure is building in these volcanic systems .

When they will erupt is guess work , but in the meantime , activity is growing in Central America’s volcanoes such as Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano , Asia’s volcanoes such as Kamchatka , Alaska and Indonesia are also more active . Magma chambers are growing as pressures increase , the numbers of tremors are increasing as are related ‘quake-clusters’ , a series of closely occurring contractions . Matthew 24:7-8 states , “ There will be famines and earthquakes in various places . These are only the beginning of birth pains “ .

As I write this on August 15 , 2016 , according to Volcano Discovery there are 38 volcanoes around the world that are erupting right NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !



Geysers are byproducts of volcanic activity , since the hot underground magma heats up groundwater springs causing them to boil , expand and erupt out holes in the earths surface , such as the famous Old Faithfull Geyser in Yellowstone National Park . This is a pressure relief for the super volcano far beneath it .

This beloved and entertaining landmark is now a cause for concern and fear , since it is named Old Faithfull Because of its predictable behavior of erupting regularly every 35 to 120 minutes , has recently had steam from new areas and has began having periods of continuous eruption for the first time in its history ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This has now happened on multiple occasions ! ! ! ! ! ! !

(note see You Tube videos of this)

If that isn’t enough , on March 25 2016 , the nearby Shoshone River changed color and began to BOIL , emitting a strong sulfur odor ! ! ! ! ! ! !    Scientists have said a NEW Yellowstone vent has opened up to release increased pressure . This increased pressure is undoubtedly due to the new discovery that the magma chamber beneath Yellowstone is 3 times larger than previously thought !

Either that or it is growing ! This discovery came from Using vibration imaging from the massive increase in earthquakes in and around Yellowstone in 2016 . This increased testing has yielded another discovery that the Yellowstone Caldera is rising 3 inches per year and in fact the whole tectonic plate is shifting southeast 1 inch per year ! I guess California hasn’t got anything on Yellowstone !

A massive earthquake along the San Andreas at most would result in the current coastline sliding off into the ocean , if the super volcano beneath Yellowstone were to erupt it would cover 2/3rds of the United States in volcanic ash up to 10 feet deep killing three quarters of the inhabitants ! ! ! !When a river located above a underground super volcano starts to boil , and when unprecedented earthquakes also occur over that same super volcano , that could wipe out most of the country , you would think that would make headline news all over the nation .

But it didn’t ! Talk about Denial and Distraction of even our media ! Or maybe Deception , Because the powers that be don’t want a panic . Don’t worry America , everything is fine , continue going about your in Denial , Deceived , Deluded , Distorted and Distracted lives , continue ignoring the SIGNS , that we are truly , in The Last Days .

LATEST UPDATE : April 1st and April 2nd 2017 the Usual clear or white steam from Old Faithfull Geyser at Yellowstone was coming out black indicating a high percentage of Ash was mixed in with the steam. This has never happened !    2.5 to 2.9  earthquakes were recorded at this time and just after.

On April 5th and 6th this steam was turning to more grey indicating a decrease  in ash material, reducing more now to smoke .   Most of this winter  there has been not much snow accumulation around the geyser  indicating the ground is warmer than normal . The seismometer for the area has been turned off for quite some time .   Do you think the U.S. Geological Survey is trying stop any possible panic ?

Waterspouts :

A waterspout is basically a tornado over the water , however they always break up when hitting land , until recently . In 2011 at Carolina Beach ,2015 In Florida and 2015 at Ocean City , Maryland , waterspouts transferred to land !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet another sign we are truly , in The Last Days !


Weather-related disasters as a whole :

A British charity called Oxfam went through Red Cross data and found that the earth is currently experiencing approximately 500 natural disasters per year. There was only 120 per year back in 1980.

The number of weather related disasters in 2006 was 240, while there was only 60 back in 1980 !

The UN has found that since the 1970s weather-related disasters have increased 5 times ! California is in the worst ever drought , threatening to cripple our nation’s biggest agricultural producer and economy !
Worldwide 2014 was the third hottest in history , so hot , Alaska had multiple catastrophic avalanche’s due to rapid ice melting and had to cancel its famous sled dog races due to January temperatures peaking at 62 degrees !
The Australian Open tennis tournament saw players vomiting at the 109 degree temperatures !

On the opposite side of the spectrum the winter of 2014 saw North America being struck by the Polar Vortex with temperatures as much as 35 degrees below normal ! So 2014 was extreme in both heat AND cold ! ! ! ! ! ! !   If it was just one , you might say it was just a fluke , but both extremes proves this is yet another sign , we are truly , in The Last Days !


Combined Total overall natural disasters :

There were three times as many natural disasters between 2000 to 2009 compared to the amount between 1980 and 1989 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since then they have multiplied exponentially . The exponential overall increase of ALL natural disasters is a clear sign we are, truly , in the Last Days !


Unexplained mass animal deaths :

This bizarre list is to massive , just in the last few years alone , for me to list . See the website , www.end-times-prophecy.org , article Mass Animal Deaths , as well as others across the web .

Because of the evil in the world Yahuwah says , “ Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away . “ Don’t allow , yourself , to be taken away , by a spirit of denial , Delusion and distraction from seeing all the signs that …………. we are truly , in The Last Days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Pope to set up Anti-Christ throne in Jerusalem:

Satan has always thought to replace or be Almighty God and his great false churchs leader , the Pope , has also claimed the same . Isaiah 14:12-17 speaks about this rebellion of Satan in heaven. Lucifer, which means “Shining One” or “Brilliant One” was Satan’s name before he started his rebellion. “ How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning ! how art thou cut down to the ground , which didst weaken the nations !

For thou hast said in thine heart , I will ascend into heaven , I will exalt my throne above the stars of Almighty God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.” Here is where we are told that Satan wanted Almighty God’s power and authority; he wanted to be Almighty God. In fact the term Pope means father ! The pope as head of Satan’s great false church has made many statements reflecting this .

Here are some ; Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) wrote: “ We may according to the fullness of our power, dispose of the law and dispense above the law (of Almighty God). Those whom the Pope of Rome doth separate, it is not a man that separates them but Almighty God. For the Pope holdeth place on earth, not simply of a man but of the true Almighty God.” (1 Book of Gregory 9 Decret. c. 3)
The Lateran Council addressing Pope Julius II in an oration delivered by Marcellus said: “Take care that we lose not that salvation, that life and breath which thou hast given US, for thou art our shepherd, thou art our physician, thou art our governor, thou art our Husbandman, thou art finally another Almighty God on earth.” (Council Edition. Colm. Agrip. 1618)
Pope Nicholas said of himself: “I am in all and above all, so that Almighty God Himself and I, the vicar of Almighty God, hath both one consistory, and I am able to do almost all that Almighty God can do… wherefore, if those things that I do be said not to be done of man, but of Almighty God, what do you make of me but Almighty God ? Again, if prelates of the Church be called of Constantine for Gods, I then being above all prelates, seem by this reason to be above all Gods.

Wherefore, no marvel, if it be in my power to dispense with all things, yea with the precepts of Christ.” (Decret. par. Distinct 96 ch. 7 edit. Lugo 1661)
The RC New York catechism states: “The Pope takes the place of Christ on earth…    by divine right the Pope has supreme and full power in faith, in morals over each and every pastor and his flock. He is the true vicar, the head of the entire church, the father and teacher of all Christians.

He is the infallible ruler, the founder of dogmas, the author of and the judge of councils; the universal ruler of truth, the arbiter of the world, the supreme judge of heaven and earth, the judge of all, being judged by no one, Almighty God himself on earth.”
The title “Lord Almighty God the Pope” – these words appeared in the Canon Law of Rome. “To believe that our Lord Almighty God the Pope has not the power to decree as he is decreed, is to be deemed heretical.” (The Gloss extravagances of Pope John XXII Cum. Inter, tit XIV Ad Callem Sexti Decretalium, Paris, 1685)

Father A. Pereira acknowledged: “It is quite certain that Popes have never disapproved or rejected this title “Lord Almighty God the Pope” for the passage in the gloss referred to appears in the edition of the Canon Law published in Rome by Gregory XIII.”
Pope Nicholas I declared that “the appellation of Almighty God had been confirmed by Constantine on the Pope, who being Almighty God, cannot be judged by man.” (Labb IX Dist.: 96 Can 7 Satis Evidentur Decret Gratian Primer Para)

Speaking [in] the name of the Pope (a rhetorical device) Cardinal Manning said: “I acknowledge no civil superior, I am the subject of no prince, and I claim more than this, I claim to be the supreme judge on earth and director of the consciences of men, I am the last supreme judge of what is right and wrong.” (Sermon in the Pro Cathedral, Kensington, Tablet Oct 9, 1864)

All of these statements are arrogant and disrespect and attempt to Usurp the Supreme Power and Authority of the Father and His Son and are the “ blasphemous words “ spoken of in Revelation 13:5 ; “ The Beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant and blasphemous words “ . Berean Study Bible . The false titles and “ names “ this “ Whore “ that speaks for the “ Beast “ are mentioned in Revelation 17:3 ;

“ I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast , full of names of blasphemy “  2nd Thessalonians 2:3 states ,” let no one in any way deceive you for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of sin is revealed , the son of destruction who opposes and exalts himself above everything that is called Almighty God or that is worshipped so that he takes his seat in the temple of Almighty God displaying himself as being Almighty God ” . continuing verse 8 .

” then that Lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of his mouth and bring an end by the appearance of his coming that is the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan with all power and signs and false wonders “ . Satan from the beginning has always sought to replace Almighty God and will Use his great false churches leader , the Pope to display himself as Almighty God at the very place that Christ had his last supper and where most believe King David is buried , the Dome of the Rock . This is an Abomination to Almighty God and is spoken of in several scriptures calling it and Abomination of Desolation .

Matthew 24:15 states ,    “ therefore when you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of through Daniel the Prophet standing in the Holy place (let the reader understand) . We must understand that this is a major prophetic sign that we are in the times of the end .

Events have actually happen fulfilling these prophecies . In 2014 an agreement was reached to create a throne for the Pope in the Dome of the Rock as it had been in the process of being rebuilt !
Manifesting the Creators abhorrence of this, amazingly at this exact same time , an extremely rare earthquake shook all of Israel ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Also amazingly , just as the Pope was about to sit on this special throne lightning struck One World Trade Center , TWICE ! Then in 2015 , the Pope officially recognized Palestine , saying that Israel was as much to blame for the lack of peace ! This statement by itself reflects the Antichrist spirit . Leviticus 25:23 states , Yahuwah speaking of the land of Israel , ” the land is mine ” .

Jeremiah 25.5 , Yahuwah speaking again of the land of Israel , ” Abraham Isaac and Jacob and to their descendants for ever and ever ” . Joel 3:2 speaks of executing judgments on those who divide the land of Israel . Since 2011 when Obama declared that Israel should go back to its 1967 borders , the punishment of curses upon this nation has increased .

When the leader of Satan’s great false church , the pope , an Antichrist , begins to set up his throne in the Holy Land , fully supported by the , One Nation Under Almighty God , the U.S. , it is truly a sign we are in , the Last Days !

the Papal throne must face southwards inside the Dome of the Rock. Towards Mecca. Otherwise, the Muslims will not bow down towards the throne.

What is the Papal throne ?
The Papal throne is nothing new to the Roman Church. It was last seen in 1978 with Papa Luciani. Now it back again Used by the present Pontiff. Pope John Paul opted not to Use a throne and so it sat in storage and then in the Lateran Palace Museumuntil last December of 2006 when it was brought back into papal Use.

In the Catholic religion the Pope is infallible when he sits on his Papal throne or chair in questions about moral and true understanding of the scripture. How will the Papal throne be moved from Rome to Jerusalem?

What do you think the Vatican and Islam are talking about when they met for interfaith dialogue?

They have already agreed on the most important issues:
1. The Holy land is occupied by Zionists and need to be liberated , a key unifying motive for Catholics and Muslims alike .
2. Both Roman Catholicism and Islam are included in Gods plan of saving mankind, since both represent the children of Almighty God of Abraham.
3. All religions expresses some truths about Almighty God, and needs to be included to make an fulfilled picture of the Creator.
4. Christ is the son of Mary.
5. World peace will first flow out from Jerusalem when the three present main religions are able to live in peace, and come together as one voice and offer Almighty God interfaith prayers. Here is a picture of the Pope John Paul II kissing the Quran/Quran .

Both these statements/actions are Anti-Christ ! Here’s why……………Accurately paraphrased quotes from the Quran;       

Quran 3-56 to those who reject Islam punish them with terrible Agony in this world and the hereafter.

Quran 8-12 cast Terror into unbelievers and strike off their heads and fingertips.

Quran 5-33 amputate hands and feet and crucify unbelievers.

Quran 48-29 be merciful only to believers .

Quran 98-6 unbelievers are the worst of creatures .

Quran 4:34 beat disobedient women .

Quran 19-30 Christ is a servant of Allah .

Since Allah is a moon God this is extremely blasphemous !

Since the pope is Antichrist it is perfectly fitting that these Popes ,one of them even marked with the 666 , mark of the beast , would kiss the book that contains all of these horrific statements ,the Quran !

It is interesting to note that Pope John II name adds up to 666 , the number of the beast . As follows ; IOANES PAVLVS SECVNDO
(John Paul II)

I = 1 , O = 0 , A = 0 , N = 0 , E = 0 , S = 0
P = 0 , A = 0 , V = 5 , L = 50 , V = 5 , S = 0 S = 0 , E = 0 , c =100 , V = 5 , N = 0 , D = 500 , O = 0 , John)
IOANES = 1 , (Paul) PAVLVS = 60 , (II) SECVNDO = 605
So 1 + 60 + 605 = 666

Here is a mysterious picture of the Pope who said the Bible and Quran are the same, Pope Francis, with a horns showing in his shadow .

In 2006, the Pope entered into the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. There he joined his Muslim brethren in prayer. The head of the Vatican religion prayed or meditated in the direction of Mecca, with Muslims who prayed in the name of Allah.
Inside the Blue Mosque. The Pontiff prayed or meditated with Muslims’ who prayed to Allah in the direction of Mecca.
When the Papal throne is moved to Jerusalem, the Muslim will pray in the direction of both the Papal throne and Mecca. Than there should be no longer any problems for Muslims and Catholics to pray together. And where will they pray together?
Inside the Dome of the Rock. Waiting for the final renovation, and the Papal throne ! This is the “ Abomination of Desolation !

Do you think The Pope in May entered the Temple Mount to go for a stroll to the watch the beautiful view ? It was both a display of new Catholic-Muslim unity, and a chance to debate the last practical solutions before a final agreement can be reached .  How do we best move to renovate the Dome of The Rock without upsetting the Government of Israel ? Where are the Mullahs and were are the Cardinals going to stand during the prayer service ?  What shall be the level of the Papal throne ? Shall it stand on the floor , or should it be elevated ?

And in which name will they pray together ?

They will probably officially pray to Allah in the name of Christ son of Mary,  for the sake of World peace, both sides will be willing to compromise. In their view there is only one Almighty God, and how you pronounce his name is not so important.  But it is, your name says who you are. Satan is a god too !  

Especially now, when peace and universal brotherhood is at stake.   Even the Iranian President Ahmadinejad believe in the return of Christ . He will return and tell Christians and Jews to tell them to turn towards Allah.
Muslims will pray towards Allah in Mecca, in the name of Christ son of Mary , for the sake of unity and World peace .
The Catholic church has always called herself ,

the Mother of all churches , so these are steps to set the Pope as the new Universal leader of religions of all faiths leading to the same Almighty God ! Only problem is , this great false churches God is Satan ! Allah, being a moon god, with Anti-Christ statements in his so-called holy book, is Satanic as well.  2 Thessalonians 2:4 states ,

“ He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called Almighty God or is worshiped , so that he sets himself up in Almighty God’s temple, proclaiming himself to be Almighty God “. This is the , “ Abomination of Desolation “ . Matthew 24:15 states , “ Therefore when you see the Abomination of Desolation , spoken of thru Daniel , the prophet , standing in the holy place , let the reader understand “ . Further on in Matthew 24 , now verse 24 states ,

“ For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect “ .   The Anti-Christ that sits on the throne , just like in the day of Elijah , he will call down fire from Heaven .

Revelation 13:13 states , “ And he performed great and miraculous signs , even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men “.

Even Muslims understands who is the boss when fire comes down from Heaven.  Then its all game , set and match , all will worship the Beast , except for “ The Very Elect “ . The final antichrist has now come to Jerusalem to enter into Almighty God`s temple and be worshiped . This is the abomination of , “ the Abomination of Desolation “ ! (Matt.24:15-21 , Mark13:14-19 , Rev. 13:14-15)

The next Pope might be this powerful Satan empowered man who will wrought miracles and signs. People who can call down fire from Heaven, will exalt them self and the believers of these false signs and wonders will worship him .

So when the Pope , the leader of Satan’s great false church , the Great Whore of Babylon that rides the Beast (E.U.), his throne is abominably being set up in the Holy place and is starting to be worshiped , this is truly a sign , we are in ,The Last Days !


An open Mexican border , an open invitation to terrorists :

More than 30,000 people from “countries of terrorist concern” illegally entered the United States across the southern border with Mexico in 2015, says a US Southern Command intelligence report.

National security officials in Washington are now increasingly concerned ISIS may be working to get jihadists into the U.S. Using Latin American smuggling networks .

“Sunni extremists are infiltrating the United States with the help of alien smugglers in South America and are crossing US borders with ease,” reports veteran national security correspondent Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon. “The Command’s J-2 intelligence directorate reported recently in internal channels that ‘special interest aliens’ are working with a known alien smuggling network in Latin America to reach the United States.

When the supposed leader of the war on terrorism is allowing terrorists in thru the back door , this is surely another sign we are truly , in The Last Days !


Record stock market drops- prophetic signs ?

First some background is needed to make clear the prophetic significance of these record stock market drops.

Ancient Israel, as well as a part of her lost tribes descendants, America, today were founded on the “ rules of Almighty God and to be a Light unto the Nations “.

Our Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence and Constitution, as well as the United State’s historically acting as policeman, peacekeeper and humanitarian of the world, along with the fact we have more worldwide Christian Ministries than anyone, all testify to this.

The Hebrew calendar has a once every 7 years Sabbath, called the Shmita.

This Sabbath lasts one whole year, where no plants are planted in the field and the ground is allowed to rest, in much the same way the weekly Sabbath is observed as a rest. In addition to this, at the end of this year long Shmita Sabbath, all debts are forgiven, allowing people to get a fresh start, just as the soil does.

Almighty God has used the Shmita to speak to Israel both good and bad.

On 9/11 2001 America suffered its worst attack within our borders ever.

I know this will be unpopular what I’m about to say, but that officially marked the beginning of God’s correction and warning of America for her sins.

6 days later, on a Shmita Sabbath, the U.S. Stock Market reopened,  the market fell 684 points. 6+8+4=18 or 666. Coincidence ? Here’s more.

7 years later on September 29th 2008, the final day of another Shmita, the stock market fell 777 points, the third largest drop in history !

3-7’s and 3rd largest drop !

7 is Almighty Gods signature number of completion and perfection as proven in chapter 5.

Notice the abundance the number 7 occurs on these two Shmita 7 year Sabbath, record stock market drops. On the last day of the Shmita in 2001 the stock market fell 7%. On the last day of the Shmita 7 years later in 2008 the stock market file 777 points ! Is Almighty God leaving any doubt that this is His hand of correction, by leaving His signature on it ?

Combine this with the fact that the Shmita is supposed to be a time of rest and washing away of debt. But because of our sins, it has become a day of financial cursing, debt and work to recover !

Fast forward to 1-15-2014, when Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, made some bizarre statements at the beginning of her speech about numerology and the importance of, “ the number 7 “.

Keep in mind she made these statements about the number 7 on 1-15 2014. (1+1+5+2+1+4 =14 or 7+7)

The time seems to be right to remind you of our old friend, the Law of Probability which states when things occur outside the normal probability curve it has to mean something !

Largest 1 Day Drop in Stock Market ever ! :

Again, fast forward no to February 2nd 2018. The stock market drops a record-setting 666 points.

It’s as if Almighty God was saying, ‘ Well you’ve ignored My clear as day signature 7 warnings, so here’s one you’re more familiar with, since you speak the language of Satan anyway ! “

This date 2-2-2018 or 2+2+1+1+8=15 or1+5=6) He further drove home the point by the fact this occurred the 33rd day of the year.(3+3 = another 6!)

The next Shemitah is 9-7 2021. 9+7+2+2+1=21 or 3-7’s ! A 7th year Sabbath Shmita with 3-7’s associated with it ? WOW, I can only imagine what shall happen on that day !

Surely all of this is yet, but another Sign we are truly, in the “ Last Days “ !

For an even deeper mind blowing Biblical analysis go to



I italicized ‘officially’ because even though America has not won a military endeavor since,Korea, in 1952, when we were still basically a fairly moral nation, we have had superior military capability, till now !

Throughout modern times the U.S. military and nuclear superiority has been unchallenged, resulting in relative world stability.

That is a thing of the past.

On March 1,1 2018, ABC News reported the following.

Mr. Putin gave a speech where he said Russia has new weapons that make NATO’s U.S.-led missile defense ” useless “.

Since the U.S. has none of the following, he is exactly correct.

Key points:

* A nuclear powered cruise missile that has” practically unlimited ” range with high speed and maneuverability allowing it to pierce any missile defense.

* A nuclear-powered high speed underwater drone with ” Intercontinental ” range, capable of carrying nuclear warheads that could target both aircraft carriers and coastal facilities. He said it’s operational depth and high speed would make it immune to enemy intercept.

* A new Hypersonic Intercontinental  ballistic missile called a Avangard, that travels at 20 times the speed of sound, that would strike ” like a meteorite, like a fireball ”

* A Hypersonic missile carried by an aircraft that can strike targets 2000 km away.

Mr. Putin brazenly said, “ we would consider any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies to be a nuclear attack on our country the response would be immediate. “

This is yet another sign we are truly, in the “ Last Days “.



 In case any of you don’t know, the European Union, or E.U. is the 7th and final Resurrection of the so-called Holy Roman Empire.

Besides both being a union of different countries glued together by the commonality of the Roman Catholic Church, modern scholars generally agree they are indeed very similar, being that they both incorporated the emergence of a common market economy, in fact the E.U. used to be called the European Common Market.

A monetary union, with a central currency, now called the ‘ Euro ‘ .   Both were characterized by free movement between borders, and a universally applicable system of laws.

In addition:

Both were founded in western/middle Europe.

Both had inhabitants from different ethnicities.

Both had their leaders selected among the an organization or electors instead directly from the people.

Both had many cities that were highly influential in science, education, arts etc. which specialized in trading.

Both had claimed their legitimacy from Rome. The emperor was crowned by the Roman Pope, while the Treaty of Rome founded the basics of E.U..

Some will say, these are only ‘coincidences‘, So how about some more concrete IDENTIFIERS ?

The 7 resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire correspond to the 7 heads of the “ Beast “ and the 7 Hills of Rome.

In order they are; the empire under Justinian, Charlemagne, Otto the Great, the Habsburg Dynasty, Napoleon, Hitler and the E.U.

Revelation 17:3-9 says;  “ So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. “ and here is the mind which hath wisdom the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth…. And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery Babylon the Great Mother of Harlots.

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: “.

This positively identifies who this woman is and where this “ woman “, Satans “ Great Mother of Harlots church, who does “ sit “, ride/guide the “ beast “(E.U.),

“ sitteth “, or is headquarted at ! And that she martyred Christian “ Saints “, throwing them to the lions in the Coliseum, Dark Ages, Crusades and the Inquisitions!

In fact , Rome HAS 7 hills ; Aventine Hill , Caelian Hill , Capitoline Hill , Esquiline Hill , Palatine Hill , Quirinal Hill and Viminal Hill !

Five of these Hills are loaded with monuments and altars to various satanic pagan gods , archeologically illustrating satanic pagan worship, that this is where Satans

“ woman sitteth “, where his Great Whore Church is historically headquartered at !

Revelation 13:18 states, “ Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

After the Hebrew language many if not most of the early writings of the Bible were in Greek . Also the Book of Revelation which contains this scripture of the number of the beast 666 was originally written in Greek . Anyone familiar with the Roman numeral system knows that letters have numeric values .

I unUS 1
V quinque 5
X decem 10
L quinquaginta 50
C centum 100
D quingenti 500
M mille 1000


The Greek term referring to the Romans interestingly is Lateinos . Which also means Latin speaking man, which not coincidentally, is how the early Greeks referred to the Romans and is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church as evidenced by its use for many official titles , official proclamations and ceremonial sermons or speeches .In fact the word Romanize means to Latinize.

When the letters of the word Lateinos are added up the numeric values add up to 666.

Greek   Value

L – Labda =  30

A – Alpha =    1

T –Tau     = 300

E – Epsilon =  5

I –  Iota     = 10

N – Nu      =  50

O – Omicron=70

S – Sigma   =200

Total        = 666

In the Apocrypha a collection of Jewish books written in ancient Hebrew in Chapter 1, “Bel and the Dragon”, verse 22 states, ” Therefore the king slew them and delivered Bel into Daniel’s power, who destroyed him and his Temple. And in that same place there was a Great Dragon, which they of Babylon worshipped. ” Bel is known by Bible scholars to be synonymous with Satan the original reBel. 

Here is an entry from the glossary of the Apocrypha.

bel, bal, drag’-un (Greek words: drakon, “dragon,” “serpent”; ektos, “except”; horasis “vision,” “prophecy”; ophis, “serpent”; sphragisamenos, “having sealed”; choris, “except,” Hebrew or Aramaic words: chatham, “to seal”; zepha’, “pitch”; za`apha’, “storm,” “wind”; nachash, “snake”; tannin, “serpent,” “sea “):


On the main entry gate to Babylon, the Ishtar Gate, are depictions of dragons.

One of the altars at Pergamos was the altar to the serpent God Asclepius.

The next verse in Revelation 2 states, “But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumblingblock before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate. “  Notice the definition to an big old Merriam Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary I have.  

 Notice it says “ Teutonic “, which means German !   I won’t get into the Teutonic origins of Saint Nicholas/Saint Nick/Santa Claus/Satan’s Claws !    (That is covered in chapter 29b1, 29b2, 29b3)      Bel, Bal, Dragon, Serpent, Snake and water demon are all synonymous with Satan, so it is no surprise that Revelation 2:13 refers to Pergamos as the place, ” where Satan’s seat is “…. ” where Satan dwelleth “.

Pergamos was the transfer point for Babylons Satanic rituals, to Rome.

Babylon is Satan’s point of origin for the false holidays of Christmas and Easter being passed to the Catholic church and spread throughout the world.

This gate has illustrations of dragons serpents and other animals on it.

This entire structure has been reconstructed in Berlin Germany at the Pergamum Museum.

It should be noted in the “ Satan’s Seat “ Revelation scripture, when it says the apostle Antipas was martyred, it was by fire on Satan’s Altar, because he refused to bow down and worship their satanic pagan gods.

Is it any wonder Hitler gave his demon possessed speeches from this Throne of Satan and that it gave birth to a war where 6 million of Almighty God people the Jews were fire sacrificed,  60 million total were killed,  over 6 years-666 !

The final confirmation is this was the 6th resurrection of the UnHoly Roman Empire !

The Roman Empire from its birth has had the Beast number of 666 repeatedly stamped on it,  just as the Catholic church has  been marked with the same number ! ( see chapters for complete proof and elaboration)

Revelation 13:1 has a description of the Beast, “ the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. ” The seven heads are the seven resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire and the ten horns will be the final 10 Nations to be in the streamlined E.U.

Revelation 13:2states, “And the beast which I saw…

and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.“

This Holy Roman Empire, “ Beast “ is given its power by the “ Dragon “, Satan.

Notice it says “ his seat “, as it said in Revelation 2:12 – 14, “ where Satan’s Seat is:…”  ” where Satan dwelleth. “. The 6 resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire and the now forming 7th, the E.U. are Satan’s Catholic lead War making Empire. He has given his “ power “ to it, it is where his “ seat “,or Throne is.

In WWII, Germany had become a Beast war making machinebecoming the the first country to invent mechanized warfare.

Besides World War II Germany started World War II, the war of 1870.

Going back to the Holy Roman Empire times, a conflict where they actually crushed the Roman forces of Julius Caesar, at the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, causing Rome to abandon its plans to conquer Germania. However it was greatly influenced by Roman civilization especially in that it embraced the Roman Catholic religion.

This was the beginning of the partnership between Roman Catholic religion and German militarism. A few hundred years later the Catholic German Teutonic Knights warred with and beat the ethnic group the, Prussians, who were assimilated into the German people.

Going back further still, anciently, the Germans are descended from a Biblical people’s called the Assyrians, that are referred to in the historically and Biblically as being a cruel war like people, that committed atrocities against their captives. Sounds like an amazingly perfect description of the Nazis ! Almighty God used the Assyrians to conquer and enslave the tribes of Israel when they fell into idolatry and Sabbath-breaking.

Now back to the present.

Daniel 8:23-24 has a prophecy concerning the climaxing of this 7th and final Resurrection of the Holy Roman Beast Empire. “ and in the latter time of their Kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up and his power shall be Mighty but not by his own power and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and she’ll destroy the mighty and the holy people. “

The “ latter time “, means these and times we are in now.

“ Transgressors are come to the full “ when this evil rebellious Empire has gained full strength, a “ king of fierce countenance “ a strong terrifying ruthless violent leader, “ understanding dark sentences “ he shall receive his instruction from the “dark” forces of demons and Satan, it shall cause him to “ stand up “, “ his power shall be mighty but not by his own power “, his power shall be given to him buy a conglomeration(the E.U.). “ he shall destroy wonderfully and shall prosper “, as this Empire with Germany leading always has, shall be good at destruction and so plunder the spoils from those it defeats. “ he shall destroy the mighty and the holy people “.

The strong nor the holy will not be spared !

Crisis’s such as; World instability, aggression of radical Islamic Nations, the massive influx of immigrants to Europe especially Germany, and the steadily shrinking presence of American strength throughout the world, will bring about the need for this strong leading figure to emerge from Germany, it’s leading nation.

This man will streamline E.U., cutting away the unproductive,  not fully committed nations, transforming it into the decisive, powerful war-making Beast it has been in the past.

Major media, commentators and authors are starting to notice the parallels between the Roman Empire and today’s modern E.U.

In a British newspaper  in publication since 1927, the Express on May 4th 2012, wrote an article about a covert group of E.U. foreign ministers meeting to draw up plans for merging the jobs done by several top E.U. positions including President of the European Council and President of the European Commission along with others, to create, what is in effect, an all powerful King over the E.U. Empire, just as the Resurrections Of the Holy Roman Empire !

Here are a few quotes from that article. “ the senior Eurocrats are secretly plotting to create a super powerful E.U. president. “ ..”, “ the new bureaucrat would not be directly elected by voters is set to sweeping control over the entirety of the E.U. and force member countries into ever greater political and economic union. …. the confidential discussions within the shady ‘ Berlin group ‘ of Europhile politicians, spearheaded by Germany,  the foreign minister Guido Westerwelle. “

“ Opponents fear the plan could create a modern day equivalent of the European emperor envisioned by Napoleon Bonaparte or return to the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne that dominated Europe in the Dark Ages “ At least some people have some historical insight.

So 5 years ago plans begun to create a office for this Daniel 8:23-24’s “ King of fierce countenance “, who’s “ power shall be mighty, but not by his own power… “

An all powerful appointed ruler is a King, like the Roman Empire has always had !

So you see these secret meetings and this articles description of their plans, fulfill this Prophetic Biblical description perfectly !

Now 2 years ago in 2016, when Britain voted itself out of the E.U., motivated  the Eurocrats to take their next step, as the same publication had this to say.

“ European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: ‘ E.U. Nations to be morphed into one ‘ post Brexit “…… “ European political Chiefs are to take advantage of the Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan two more of the continents countries into one giant super-state. It has emerged. “

The “ it “ they are referring to is the 7th and final Resurrection of Satan’s

“ Beast “ Holy Roman Empire !

June 28th 2016 the EXPRESS said, “ the foreign Ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an ultimatum, under the radical proposal E.U. countries will lose the right to have their own Army, there will be one set of criminal law, taxation system or Central Bank with all those Powers being transferred to Brussels.” BRUSSELS IS CONTROLLED BY BERLIN !

Now in 2018 plans have moved forward for Germany to lead the E.U. Armed Forces !


But the plans for ALL this go much further back than the 2012 secret meetings.

In 1996 a World War II intelligence document was made public, that details a meeting between top German industrialists, that was held in August 1944, when it was becoming clear that the Nazis would not succeed.

They made plans in the event of a Nazis defeat, they would go underground, to later resurrect a German Holy Roman Empire at some point in the future. In addition to $123 million worth of gold bullion they had stolen from the Jews, the following companies were instructed to set aside funds for this future Nazi Empire.

Representatives from Volkswagen, Krupp Steel, Brown-Boveri, Messerschmitt, Zeiss and Leica, and others were present. So we see that these German led secret E.U. meetings of 2012 and 2016 have taken us two more GIANT steps closer to the Beast being resurrected one final time !

To illustrate the close partnership Germany has always had with the Roman Catholic Church, the Nazis were smuggled out of Europe by the Roman Catholic Church in a secret campaign called the Rat Lines, smuggling them to South American countries to avoid war crimes prosecution.

In his book The Rotten heart of Europe, Bernard Connolly wrote, “ The European Union is clearly a cloak for German ambitions “.

The January 20th 2016 Financial Times of Britain, had an article with the headline,

“ the Holy Roman Empire can help inspire a different European Union “

Although a highly respected publication this reflects a dangerous ignorance of History, that Satan has hidden from most of the whole world.

Since  Biblical times, their ancestors the Assyrians and the Germans, the traditional and current leader of the Holy Roman Empire/E.U., have always been a warring aggressive nation, that has started the last two world wars. The world’s deepening spiritual blindness, is leading us down the path of history repeating itself for the third time, as Germany is about to start it’s 3rd World War ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is a milestone Sign that we are truly in The Last Days !


Daniel 12:4 states , “ but thou , O Daniel , shut up the words , and seal the book , even to the time of the end : many shall run to and fro , and knowledge shall be increased . “
The quantity , frequency and rate of our transportation has increased greatly , whether it be on a small scale , where people run back and forth being preoccupied with inconsequential trivial things , running to and fro , like rats in a maze , never really getting anywhere or being that people drive everywhere all the time , or jet around the world on airplanes as if it were nothing .
As far as knowledge being greatly increased , no one can deny the effect the internet has had on the spreading of knowledge . The answers to any questions can be found at an instant , at the tips of your fingers .

Buckminster Fuller created the “ Knowledge Doubling Curve ” ; he noticed that until 1900 human knowledge doubled approximately every century . By the end of World War II knowledge was doubling every 25 years . Today things are not as simple as different types of knowledge have different rates of growth . For example , nanotechnology knowledge is doubling every two years and clinical knowledge every 18 months . But on average human knowledge is doubling every 13 months ! According to IBM , the build out of the “ internet of things ” will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours !

So “ running to and fro “ and “ knowledge greatly increased “ perfectly describe “ the time of the end “ we are now in !

The trouble is so much of this “ Knowledge “, is either useless, trivial, destructive or false Satanic, so called, knowledge that has seduced many from the truth given by Almighty God !

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