chapter 165


Heavenly Father Yahuwah, I, your son, your humble servant, comes before you in your Precious Holy Sinless Sons, true name, Yahushua, the Name that has power on Earth. I ask You to bless all these words with the power of Your
Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the same Spirit that has led me in all truth (John16:13) and enabled me to destroy Satan’s many strongholds that are built on deception, distortion, denial, delusion, distraction and deflection, by the revealing of ALL these truths .   

Thank you for enabling me to wield the Sword of the Spirit as the primary weapon of this undeniable exhortation.   Thank You for giving me the thoughts and words to do this.  I ask that You make this work a mighty ministry of
Truth, to bring many out of darkness, into the light, to the full knowledge of the truth, so that the truth may make many free of the strongholds of Satan and the traditions of men, that they have created, so that many, will be able to worship You, and Your Son, as You intended and get their houses in order, to receive protection from the soon
coming horrific suffering of the Tribulation, that precedes the return of Your Son, as King of Your Kingdom on Earth ! In the Mighty Name of Yahushua, Amen.


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January 26 2016, I finished 367 pages of Stronghold Smashing Truth for the Glory of Yahuwah as I await His smashing of the stronghold of drugs that HAS BEEN Used by Satan in the past , against the Love of my
Life Loma , In the name of Yahushua , it is DONE !

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