chap 17


Genesis 2:19 states , “ and out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them and whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof “ . It is indisputable that man’s two best friends are Almighty God and his dog. This being said, it is not coincidence that Almighty God spelled backward IS dog.

Could it be that Adam named a dog the mirror opposite of Almighty God because Adam saw the great love and loyalty that a dog has for his master , mirrors the great love and loyalty that Almighty God has for us ?   Furthermore isn’t it logical to assume that Adam saw the love and devotion the dog had for him is the love and devotion Almighty God has for us and we SHOULD have for our master , our Heavenly Father?   Could it also be that Adam saw the deepness of love the dog had for him would cause the dog to lay down his life in protection of his master, the same as Almighty God would lay down the life of his only Son , out of love for us .

A man can leave for just 5 minutes and come back home and his dog will jump up and down with joy , like it is the most splendid occasion ever .

We would do so well if we had the same attitude when we strayed from our Father for 5 minutes !    The word “ worship “ in the Bible is illustrated well by a dog licking his master’s hand in affection , devotion , love and loyalty .

If WE had the same humble love and loyalty towards our master as dogs have toward theirs , this world would not be in the condition it is in ! These are all really beautiful parallels, when you think about it

The parallels are too many and mirror-perfect to not be the reason why Adam named dog the mirror opposite of God .  Isn’t it reasonable to assume then that the man / dog relationship is a sort of blueprint for the man /God relationship ?  What a truly beautiful world this would be if man loved HIS master as much as dog loves his master. Not coincidentally, the Hebrew word for dog is “ celeb ” from which the name “ Caleb ” is derived . Not coincidentally, Caleb was rewarded FOR  his loyalty (as dogs are known for) in the scriptures , Numbers 14:24 & Joshua 14:14 .

Also not coincidentally, as proof of this, the earliest archaeological evidence of the first domesticated animal was, the dog .  They provided protection , companionship and comfort , just as our Father does ! They were and are used as shepherds just as Christ is ! Dogs are found in family burial plots having been buried next to families !  That’s how close their relationship was . That’s how close we should be to our  Master !
Today dogs are used to assist not only the elderly and the blind but also in the recovery and healing and dealing with the effects of various mental and physical illnesses such as dementia , depression , improving the responsiveness of children with autism , stroke , heart attack and surgery recovery and several others .    Almighty God is useful in all these things as well.
Many scientific studies have proven the dramatic improvement of all of these physical, mental and psychological conditions by dogs . Dogs are even used to detect cancer .   All of this is in addition to the use by many police , security and rescue personnel .  One last interesting fact about dogs , many say and have experiences that say they can see or somehow sense spiritual or demonic activity

Could it be that because dog spelled backward is God, that dogs have a spiritual element to them ?

The meaning of this is , there are too many parallels, to be a coincidence. All these facts point to the closeness of the man-dog relationship, just as the man Almighty God relationship SHOULD be !

Do you still really still think it’s a coincidence that Almighty God spelled backward is man’s best friend , dog ?

For those with eyes to see it should be as easy to see, as dog spelled backward, who our real best friend should be !

Remember the law of probability says too many things lining up in a row means something!

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