chap 23



The following is a list of symbols proclaiming worship of the Sun…. not The SON !

The 8 Point Star or Sun Wheel :

At Nimrods (ruler of Babylon and originator of sun worship) death , his wife Semiramis , said when he died he rose to the Sun and she proclaimed him as the Sun god , Baal .

The Sun Wheel is a symbol associated with Nimrod/Baal , Shamash and Ishtar in ancient Babylon and surrounding areas .

Shamash (Akkadian Šamaš “Sun”), was a native Mesopotamian deity and the sun god in the Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian pantheons.

Shamash was the God of justice in Babylonia and Assyria, corresponding to Sumerian Utu.

This 8 point cross was identified with a Sun god eight centuries before Christ and long before it was called the Maltese Cross by the Knights of Malta and later used by the Catholic church and Hitler.

Baals sun symbol has 8 points , sun god Shamash symbol has 8 points , Semiramis Star of Ishtar sun symbol has 8 points , the original sun symbol of Shamash evolved to the Shamash Owl symbol like on an ancient Assyrian king (same location) wearing a cross on his chest , (still 8 points) just like the one seen on the Pope’s robe and his Mitre hat .The Vatican sun symbol in Vatican Square and on Popes clothing has 8 points and the Nazi , Maltese Cross has 8 points ! It’s also called the Iron Cross. Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler renewed use of the Iron Cross in 1939 and superimposed the Nazi swastika in its center.

There isn’t any way you can “not-see” the connections ! (pun intended)

Babylonian kings chest sun symbol same as Popes shoulder sun symbol and both have same wrist sun symbol and same egg shaped tiara !

The 8 point sun worshipping symbol and another form of it, the Shamash cross, still having 8 points, are both ancient symbols of Satanic sun worship, the Catholic church displays, because IT ALSO IS A SATANIC SUN WORSHIPPING RELIGION !      Additionally, it is no surprise the Catholic church and the Nazis share use of the Shamash, renamed Maltese Cross, because Italy and Germany have always shared a close bond since Medieval Times. Italy supplying the religion and Germany supplying the military. They continued this tradition in World War II with Mussolini and Hitler, both being raised Catholic.

Then at the end of World War II the Catholics smuggled away and hid the Nazi war criminals in South American countries in something called the Ratlines .

In the next few years it will be clear this tradition will be Resurrected as Germany is assuming control of all of the EU Nations military, with the binding glue of the Catholic religion holding all those nations together. This is the Beast Alliance in it’s 7th and final resurrection !


Back to the sun symbols……….

Vatican Square :        (which , has nothing to do with the Apostle Peter)

The layout of the entire Vatican Piazza , the world capitol of sun worship ,  forms a giant 8 point sunwheel / sundial , with the Obelisk from Heliopolis Egypt , City of the Sun , as its pointer ! . The correlation of the symbology is striking .  It is positioned so on the solar equinoxes the obelisk casts shadows tracing these on the ground !

It is interesting to note that the Shadows on a sundial look exactly like the Chi rho symbol, minus the P at the top.

I guess the P stands for Pagan. Chi-Rho is one of the original symbols or Christo grams supposedly to mean Christ.  It is somehow made from two Greek symbols. It is another interesting case of the Catholic Church blurring the lines between sun worship and Son worship and combining things that should never be combined.

In 321 A.D.  Roman Emperor Constantine made the symbol to represent the Roman military standard, Vexillum.  So here we have another early example of Rome combining things that should not be combined. Something supposedly to represent Christ is now associated with military endeavors. Since that time Rome has combined religion and the violence of military endeavors time and time again in; the Dark Ages, the Crusades and the Inquisitions. Emperor Constantine being the trendsetter, he would turn out to be, also officially changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, when he issued his decree that all  government and public business shall​ “ rest “ on “ T​he​ Venerable Day of the Sun​ “.

 This was only one of 6 major changes he brought about to the Christian religion​ ;

  1. Constantine changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.
  2. Constantine changed the time of the birth of Christ, to December 25th, the Roman sun worshipping holiday, Birthday of the Unconquered Sun, the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year, when the sun began being visible, longer each day.
  3. Constantine changed the time of the Resurrection of Christ, to the solar based Pagan springtime fertility celebration of Semiramis, Ishtar, Astarte. (notice similarity Constantine changed the place of the Resurrection of Christ.

of names to Easter). It was on the first Sun-Day, after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox, or the day the sun and moon are visible for equal amounts of time a day.

* These first 3 are partial fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel 7:25, “ shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws “. It should be noted, not only are these dates incorrect, they are Satanic sun worshipping days, AND CHRIST OR THE APOSTLES NEVER OBSERVED THESE DAYS, in fact the only day Christ said to observe was the day of His Crucifixion, Passover, because it allowed the penalty of sin to ‘Passover’ us, making all things possible !
4. Constantine changed the place of the Resurrection of Christ.

  1. Constantine changed the Scriptural method of becoming a Christian
  2. Constantine changed the headquarters from Jerusalem to Rome or Constantinople.

​So​ in summary we have the 6 ​points of a sundial represented in the 6 ​points of the Chi-Rho symbol with a P(agan) over it, we have Constantine making 6 ​changes to the Christian religion, all in the year 321 A.D. 3+2+1=6​

That certainly is a lot of 6’s . But what did you expect ?  After all, 666 is the number of this sun worshipping Beast Empire !  This Empires religion has a Egyptian sun god obelisk as the pointer in a giant sundial, in the center of Vatican Obelisks are of course, a Nimrod/phallic symbol used in sun worship .  Nimrods Tower of Babel was the worlds first obelisk !   It is claimed that the word ‘obelisk’ literally means ‘Baal’s shaft’ (Nimrods) or ‘Baal’s organ of reproduction’. Source: Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, by Dr. Cathy Burns, pg. 341  and many others.  Our entire world system, holidays, Catholic religious observances, all based on sun/fertility worship, and human sacrifice, started with the founder of Babylon reinstituting idolatry after the Flood !  

Nimrods Babylon to Rome to the world !

Our calendar is the Roman Julian Calendar, complete with all the original Satanic, Pagan sun worshipping holidays !  Notice there are 8 events, represented by the 8 points on all ancient sun star/circle symbols, and most correspond to a modern holiday !


Yule- Solar Winter Solstice celebration of the sun being seen longer each day is Christmas.

Breed or Imbolk- A Catholic period of  partying to prepare for the self denial of lent is Lent or Mardi Gras or Carnival.

Ostara- Solar Vernal Equinox, sun and moon equal in time shown, fertility celebration of growing season, fertility symbols of eggs, bunny’s, bright colors representing spring flowers, is Easter.

Beltane- Solar midpoint between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice celebration of fertility manifestations in full effect (May Flowers) as female fertility symbol is Mothers Day .

Midsummer or Litha- is Solar Summer Solstice celebration of the sun god as father of life is Fathers Day .

Lughnasadh or Lammas- Solar midpoint between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox, named after the god,Lugh, god of sun/storm/sky and a celebration of fertility’s harvest .        This one is not connected with a modern holiday, but is clearly Pagan/Satanic as well.

Modern Lughnasadh corn dolly representing the god Lugh. Notice the pentagram and horned figure .









Mabon- Autumn Equinox, sun and moon visible for equal times, celebration of summer sun thankfulness and pay tribute to the coming darkness with moon festivals, eating of moon cakes or Moon Pies in southern U.S.. Celebration of Fall. Speaking of fall, people would fall victim to being a human sacrifice on this day, as thanks to the sun god, for the bounty of harvest in ancient Mexico.

The snake of sunlight on the stairs of the main pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico.
A famous ancient equinox celebration was the Mayan sacrificial ritual by the main pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico. The pyramid, known as El Castillo, has 4 staircases running from the top to the bottom of the pyramid’s faces, notorious for the bloody human sacrifices that used to take place here. The staircases are built at a carefully calculated angle which makes it look like an enormous snake of sunlight slithers down the stairs on the day of the equinox.  This symbolized the sun slowly slithering away.

Samhain- High time of year for Satanists, Pagans, Wiccans. Time of year the separation between the physical world and the spiritual world is thinnest, so it is a time of  acknowledgement and celebration of the dead and death.  Activities include talking to the dead, summoning them, incantations, spells, black and white magic. This is of course Halloween . Should be Helloween.

Once again, our entire world calendar and belief system was founded in Nimrods Babylon sun worship, carried to Egypt, adopted by the Beast of the Roman Empire, given to the Catholic church and passed on down to the world as the Roman Emperor Julian Calendar and Romes Catholic religion.

Here is Modern confirmation of the Baal/Nimrod connection and it is still the basis of the worlds politico/religious system. A reproduction of a winged bull from the ancient city of Nimrud,(Nimrod) Iraq and a recreation of part of the ceiling from the Temple of Bel (Baal) are being put on display in the Colosseum in Rome, Italy October 2016. This exhibit has been entitled  “ Rising From the Ashes: Ebla, Nimrud, Palmyra ” ,  and it is being sponsored by UNESCO .

The statue of the winged bull from Nimrud and the Temple of Bel(Baal) both have direct links to ancient Babylon and a very insidious character from the Bible known as Nimrod.


Only Rome would go thru all this time and expense to restore a statue of Nimrod, the most evil man in history ! Because it adopted all of his traditions symbols and even headdress ! As headquarters of Satan’s great false church, Rome has incorporated all of Satan’s Kingdoms, Babylon into it’s worldwide Catholic “ Great Whore that sits upon many waters “ , (Revelation 17:1-2)

That is why in St. Peter’s square , the capitol of the Catholic Church, the capitol of Satanic sun worship,  there is a symbol the sun/fertility goddess, Ishtar(Easter) and at the center is the symbol of Baal, just as Satan is the center of sun worship ! And at the at the center of the Baal symbol is an Egyptian sun temple obelisk (sun god Nimrods/Baals shaft), that casts shadows at all the points, corresponding to the solar equinoxes forming a giant 8 point sunwheel !ALL representing Satanic pagan sun worship !

Vatican :

Saint Peter’s Basilica pièce de résistance is the black serpent column altar, which has an abundance of a satanic sun worship symbols.  Just as the Aztec pyramid (above 4 images) and many sun worship practices, incorporate snake symbology, as Satan is the Snake/Serpent ! This proves Satan is the leader of this church, complete with black serpent throne !

The black altar itself, with its snake-like winding columns, is littered with depictions of: suns, beehives and bees, laurels, squares, pine cones and naked children (sexually abused and sacrificed in Satanic rituals);
Notice the dove (Inanna) on the altar’s ceiling, radiating energy in the shape of the Anunnaki cross.

Also, The ceiling of the basilica’s dome has a central godly figure residing inside a radiating sun, being surrounded by 32 more eight-pointed sun symbol stars;
The total of 33 suns/stars, equaling 6 (Satan’s #) and stands for the 33 ranks of Masonry.

Below. Just as the Aztec pyramid (above 4 images) and many sun worship practices, incorporate snake symbology, as Satan is the Snake/Serpent ! This proves Satan is the leader of this church, complete with black serpent throne !

Notice the 2 bright gold sun symbols !


Beneath the basilica’s dome, underneath the black altar, there is one more level available to the public, and at least one more level to which no outsider has access to. On the first underground level there are massive marble sarcophagi of deceased popes, continuing the tradition of entombing the high ranking secret society members beneath huge domes.
During the “religious” rituals, the pope has access to this underground level through a double stairway, leading exactly beneath the black altar. Extremely strange for a Christian religion (the Catholics are Christian) is the inverted cross symbolism, which is Satanic. It is also known as the cross of St. Peter, not the Apostle Simon Peter, which was never in Rome and was married, but the Catholic imposter Simon the Sorcerer, this is why he was chosen as the alleged patron of the church.

Above, Entrance to the first level of the catacombs: notice the eight-pointed stars depicted on the floor, all around the altar, and the reversed (up-side down) crosses on the doors to the catacombs.

Below Notice the upside down dove, as an opposite symbol of the Holy Spirit !   Also, Pope has open fish mouth Mitre hat, same as Babylonian fertility god, Dagon.

Above, notice a very similar Serpent staff with Pope carving on upper left and Egyptian god Anubis, below.

The paths leading out of the catacombs and the Sistine Chapel meet in a small courtyard, where a statue of Pope Gregory the Illuminator) resides.





Papal Palace : (decorative architecture)

Below is the Papal palace with the Pope at the window of his apartment. Note the many eight-pointed sun worship stars of Ishtar(as above right) in the decorative work on the fascia, above the windows. Some are within a darker circle as a Sun Wheel !

Notice even the Popes stole has a 8 point star on it !  An “A” for sun worship consistency !


Obelisks :

The obelisk is, of course, a phallic symbol,* but it also was used in sun worship.

It is claimed that the word ‘obelisk’ literally means ‘Baal’s shaft’ (Nimrods)or ‘Baal’s organ of reproduction’. Source: Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, by Dr. Cathy Burns, pg. 341. When the Grandsons of Noah killed Nimrod and scattered his body parts across Babylon , for his sins against humanity , namely reinstituting Idolatry in the world , after the Flood , his wife Semiramis collected all his parts , except his penis , which could not be found , proclaiming him a sun god .

The Jesuit scholar , Athanasius Kircher in his book , Obeliscus Pamphilius , published in 1650, gives an account of the ancient views of the obelisk as the digitus solis, or “ finger of the sun “ . In fact the obscene hand gesture , of holding up the middle finger , originates from ancient Rome and Greece as a phallic symbol to mean sexual intercourse !

Of the several functions of the PILLAR among early peoples , the Egyptian obelisk was worshipped as the dwelling place of the sun God . The pagan association of the obelisk was something well understood by the Roman church .   Egyptian obelisk from the Temple of the sun god, Ra, in Heliopolis(meaning city of the sun)Egypt, now at the center of Vatican Square !

Ezekiel 8:16 -17 states  “ And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east.

Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man ? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here ? “   The Creator said this sun worship , “abomination” was , not a “light thing” ! (no pun intended)

 Mass erection of obelisks : (no  pun intended)

Pope Sixtus V (1585 – 1590) had the Egyptian obelisks erected all over Rome , as Counter-Reformation monuments . The purpose of the Reformation was to expose all the blasphemous false doctrine the Catholic Church propagated in the first place !

Notice the abundance of symbolism here . The Catholic churches response to the Reformations exposure of all it’s false  doctrine , was to erect (pun intended) phallic symbols of sun/fertility worship , using the Roman symbol for fornication , to , in effect tell truthful interpreters of the Bible , “ FU  , we are going to continue our arrogant , flagrant ,disrespect of The Creator , thru the “abomination” of sun worship , by depending on our leader, (Satans) deception , to get away with it “ ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is further confirmed by the name of the Pope who did it , Pope Sixtus , six being Satan’s number !


St. John Lateran , largest obelisk in the world :

Pope Sixtus did something else monumental as well .(this time, pun intended) Another obelisk besides the one at St. Peters Square , the Egyptian obelisk that stands in the square of St. John Lateran is the largest in the World !  Originally carved during the reign of Pharaoh Thutmoses III , it stood in the Temple of Amon in Thebes (Karnak) . .Amon , Amun or Amen is the Egyptian King of the Gods or Almighty God of the wind .


Notice in Latin the name Constantine, the Roman Emperor responsible for 6 major changes to Biblicaly correct Christianity, that the Roman Catholic church loves.

There are several interesting parallels/connections to be observed from this …….

* Egypt is the greatest symbol of sin and idol/sun worship in the Bible.   The Catholic church today is the greatest symbol of sin and idol/sun worship , as Satan’s great false church of counterfeit Christianity that has deceived millions  * Like her tallest obelisk/monument of sun worship , she stands tall above all the rest, in spreading her sun worship by deception , that has made her the self proclaimed “mother” of many deceived and thereby false churches . * This obelisk came from a sun temple , this church and it’s capitol , Vatican Square are sun temples .

* This obelisk came from the temple of the Egyptian king of the Gods , just as Satan is king of his demons and Satan is the king of this church that is his queen , being , self proclaimed , “mother” (Satans “Great Whore of Babylon”)of all (deceived/false) churches . Also the Catholic church calls Mother Mary , The Queen of Heaven, in reality Ishtar, and then falsely worships and prays to her as a fertility *

This Egyptian God was God of the sun & wind , just as the sun is what the Catholic church worships as a symbol of their true God , Satan. Satan, Father of lies and Father of this lying church is also known as “Prince of the Power of the Air” (wind) .(Ephesians 2:2)  What a ‘monumentally huge’ number of connections ! (pun certainly intended)

The word matstsebah in Hebrew means standing images or obelisk and it can be found in many places of the Bible. Here is Strong’s definition of the Hebrew word  H4676. matstsebah, mats-tsay-baw’; fem. (causat.) part. of H5324; something stationed, i.e. a column or (memorial stone); by anal. an idol:–garrison, (standing) image, pillar.In the following verses matstsebah has been translated as image(s)-So keep in mind every time you see the word “images” it originally meant ; column , memorial stone , standing pillar !

*Exodus 23:24 :“ Thou shalt not bow down to their Gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works: but thou shalt utterly overthrow them, and break down their images.

*Exodus 34:13 : “ But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves “.(groves often refers to “ Asherah Poles “ a tree or erected pole to worship Astarte , (Easter) a sun worship related fertility goddess associated with Easter , hence the name Astarte .)

eviticus 26:1 : “ Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the LORD your Almighty God.”  *Deuteronomy 7:5 : “ But thus shall ye deal with them; ye shall destroy their altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and burn their graven images with fire.”

*Deuteronomy 12:3 : “ And ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their Gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place.”  *1st Kings14:23 : “ For they also built them high places, and images, and groves, on every high hill, and under every green tree. *2nd Kings 3:2 : “

And he wrought evil in the sight of the LORD; but not like his father, and like his mother: for he put away the image of Baal (sun god Nimrod) that his father had made.”

*2nd Kings 10:26 : “ And they brought forth the images out of the house of Baal, and burned them.”                              *2 Kings 10:27 : “ And they brake down the image of Baal, and brake down the house of Baal, and made it a draught house unto this day.”

To this day Satan has deceived the world into acceptance of steeples on churches , which are derived from obelisks and are nothing more than Babylonian fertility phallic symbols  pointing toward the sun ! ! ! ! ! ! !