chap 31a


Here are some modern signs of Satan worship right before everyone’s eyes !

The fact no one notices is proof positive of Satan’s great powers of deception !

This photo showing demon horns on two figures on the shoulders of the Popes robe ! Two three-tiered hats originated by the sun god Shamash , the sun-shaped skull cap , Zuchetti , originated by the Sun Priests of Egypt , two snakes below the hats on his right , (Satan’s symbolic animal) , and not to mention the devilish look in his eyes, THAT APPEAR RED !

Here are various Popes giving the Devils hand sign symbol of a Devils horns and also the fingers form three 6’s

the Number of the Beast !

Even after Almighty Gods, hand of correction, broke his hand, for displaying this Satanic symbol, he still persists !

Just in case Satan has deceived you into thinking this is a symbol of love or there is nothing wrong with it, this is a picture of Satan , as depicted in a 14th century Arabic manuscript , Kitab al- Bulhan giving this sign, long before Satan caused modern sign language to call it a symbol for love !

Notice strange shape of his hand.  Notice strange markings on her neck.    Looks like a horned demon head&red eyes !                                                                                  .

Here is Charles Darwin displaying the Devil horns/666 sign . Clearly a supposed educated man , such as he , knew the true meaning of this sign . You would certainly expect the man responsible for a widely accepted and taught , yet clearly false , theory to explain creation without a Creator, that makes Atheists out of people to show who he is influenced by ! (this is proven in chapters 5 – 13)

Here are some pictures of Popes and world leaders displaying the Devil horns symbol. Pope & crazy, stupid, possessed  Crazed Michael Obama with 666/devil horns sign      Hillary Clinton, 666/devil horns. Look at her man neck and shoulders !

Here are some pictures of the pope enthroned under an upside down cross .

Popes inverted cross black mass.

Here is a picture of a popes staff having the same symbol as a Satanic painting of a satanic Baphomet and popes staff, having same symbol.