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The purpose of this site is to examine everyday facts or so-called common knowledge and to discover if they are actually true, and discover the origins behind it or to put it differently, why things are the way they are.  This site is for those who really want to know the Truth, not just because it is what we have been told. It is also for those who want a deeper understanding of life and the underlying causes for things, or for those not content with just seeing things as they are, without knowing why. It is for those who do not believe what others, society and the world tells them simply because it is THOUGHT to be established, common knowledge.

It is also to pique the interest of those who see or are just caught up in the superficiality of everyday life, to awaken their curiosity, to know the unknown,  to open real eyes, to realize, real lies !

Using all scientific fact, historical, geographical, geological, archeological, astronomical, meteorological, chronological, medical, mathematical, grammatical, etymological, linguistics, plain language, simple common sense reasoning, and Scripture, we will tear down the many STRONGHOLDS OF DECEPTION in the world today, separating fact from fiction, connecting the dots backwards, from effect to cause.

The effects of things are easy to see, being in the present, but the causes for things are harder to discern, being in the past.

What would you rather do, cure an illness or disease after you have it, OR know what causes it, prevent it, keep it from progressing, or even cure it ?

Wrong cannot be righted permanently, without knowing what caused it in the first place.

Truth cannot be believed until the lies that stand in the way, are removed.

Truth is only Truth, once it is known. Most often it is lies, distortions or misconceptions that conceal the Truth !



Unfortunately there is far more knowledge in the world than wisdom. The reason is, there are many with eyes that do not really see, many with ears but do not really hear, and many with minds, who do not really understand .

There are so many who have been deceived, or lead to THINK and honestly do believe, they know the truth, but, in reality, do not.   Deception, distortion, denial, delusion, distraction, deflection and confusion,  obscure, conceal, distort or replace the TRUTH and hide the true meaning behind important information.  Stripping away these things takes research and digging deep for hidden truth, that brings revelation, which brings wisdom .

This site could well be described as a Book of Hidden Truths.


Not looking at things superficially, not accepting things at face value or simply not always just believing what your told, but PROVING, CONFIRMING things, prevents lies, distortions and misconceptions from being passed down and believed as fact or from being DISTRACTED from the truly important facts, focusing on the unimportant facts, keeping us from the Truth.All facts don’t qualify as being truly, knowledge.  The name of the once popular game, Trivial Pursuit, illustrates this perfectly.

There are so many things taken for granted as fact, as so-called common knowledge or established thinking,
that have such a STRONGHOLD OF DECEPTION, DISTORTION, DELUSION, DENIAL, DISTRACTION AND DEFLECTION on the world, just because the majority have had these things falsely passed down to them as fact for so long It is for this cause,             

This site is the…….





Fountain of Truth

I guarantee you, as you read this site, you will be amazed, to the point, it will not be a question of if, but when, you too, will want to be one of the…………

Truth cannot be seen or believed until the lies that stand in the way, are removed. Truth is only Truth, once it is known. Most often it is lies, distortions or misconceptions that conceal the Truth !

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