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Because of all of Creation itself and The Law of Probability , scientists have finally come to accept that these things had to have all been designed , they couldn’t have just happened by accident or by chance or evolution or any other man-made explanation.

Physicists and scientist can create experiments and devices to probe the nature of matter, energy, time and space and the laws that control these things and they can construct mathematical formulas and equations and devise models to explain HOW, the universe works, but they cannot explain, WHY !

It like explaining the effect, without knowing the cause.

Man simply does not have the answers to explain Creation. Still we try.

(Note see chapter 164, CERN)   Scientists can learn there are about 100 different kinds of atoms, they can learn that each atom consists of a collection of the protons, electrons and neutrons. Scientists have discovered four “ forces ” that control matter and energy in the universe;

the Strong Force , the Electromagnetic Force , the Weak Force and Gravity.

The strong force is the strongest of the four and it holds the nucleus of atoms together .

To give you an idea of actually how incredibly strong this “Strong Force” is …..

Did you ever try to take two magnets and hold them so their like poles are lined up and try to put them together ? It is nearly impossible, due to the repulsion of the two like forces . This strong force is, SO STRONG, that it is able to keep like charged particles, WITHIN the microscopically close confines of the atom itself, from flying apart !

But although it is so extremely powerful , it is very short ranged !

How powerful AND YET precise, The Creator is !
Colossians 1:17 states ; (Christ) “ is before all things and in him ALL THINGS consist “. The word consist means ; to hold together or contained . So in other words, the Creator,  second by second, minute by minute, uses His all-powerful Word of Creation, Christ , to hold creation together !

This is only logical that He would hold together what He was used to create ! (John 1:1-3)

Gravity and electromagnetic forces are the long-range forces.

These are Almighty God’s unexplained forces that hold larger objects, for longer distances, in place . Once again scientists know OF, these things , but they have no idea how or why they work !
2nd Peter 3:10 says ; “ but the day of the Lord will come like a thief and then the heavens will pass away with a loud noise and the elements ( from the Greek word stoicheion , atoms) will be dissolved with fire and the earth and the works that are upon it will be burned up “.
The Greek word , stoicheion , can mean , “ the building blocks of the universe “ or “ the ordered arrangement of things “ or simply the “ atomic elements “ .

The translated word  “ dissolved “ from the original Greek word luo means ,

“ unloosed “ . This language suggests that there will come a time in the future when The Creator lets go of his “ strong force “ (as scientists have called it) that holds together the nucleus of atoms, causing everything to “ dissolve “ (fly apart) “ with fire “ ( nuclear fire) !

I imagine this would make, as the Scripture says, a “ loud noise” !

These are the unknown, unexplained, unseen forces of Creation .
Scientists and doctors have made advances in the medical field and psychology, and how the brain works, as well, yet they have no explanation for human consciousness,  how we think, create, and feel .

This is all just further proof that there is an unseen force at work here

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