chap 14


Where science and man’s puffed up vanity through his knowledge with ideas like the Theory of Evolution and it’s explanation of how the surface of the earth looks the way it does , has sought to DISPROVE Almighty God while stimulating our arrogant, shallow, short-sighted, ungrateful, selfish, greedy, and self-destructive actions that have produced the conditions that threaten the safety of our very human survival  NOW, Science has actually PROVEN the existence of Almighty God , actually, for the first time, making faith NOT need, to rely on things unseen (Hebrews 11:1) . Where in times past science and knowledge has pointed away from The Creator, and attempted to explain why things are, the way they are without a Creator. Science is now pointing us toward the undeniable existence of Almighty God and thus pointing the way to the solution for this world’s troubles, since science has failed to do so

In fact, the science of nuclear technology, mechanized warfare, and bioweapons, even over prescribing antibiotics that has created drug-resistant superbugs , threatens us the most . Man has been proving his inability to solve his problems and govern himself safely and peaceably , through HIS OWN knowledge , and has approached the point where he can destroy himself , with that knowledge , and as worldwide conditions deteriorate , it appears more and more likely that he will succeed .

Man prides himself on being so intelligent but unfortunately many of his inventions are either trivial , unimportant , useless , detrimental or outright destructive . Hopefully for those with eyes to see and ears to hear  , science has finally done the most good and has come full circle and caught up to the Word of Almighty God given thousands of years ago !

Romans 1:22 says , “ professing to be wise they became fools “ .

Interesting how Almighty God chose to use the word professing as in professors .

Almighty God here clearly seems to have known that worldly knowledge and science would increase our pride and vanity and cause us to become arrogant and use that knowledge to deny Almighty God. Psalm 14:1 says , “ The Fool has said in his own heart there is no Almighty God . ” Look how foolish we as humans appear as we have gained so much knowledge but at the same time worldwide conditions grow worse and worse , as we rely on our useless God , mans worldly knowledge !

As stated in chapter 4 , Purpose , “ Knowing facts that are actually truth is knowledge , using that knowledge beneficially is wisdom , unfortunately there is far more knowledge in the world than wisdom .“ The reason mans knowledge has not solved the main problems that threaten his very survival, and does not even understand why , is the fact that mans knowledge is not based on a firm foundation . Proverbs 9:10 sums it up and states,

“ the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge of the Holy is understanding . “


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