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At Nimrods death his wife Semiramis , said when he died he rose to the Sun and she proclaimed him as the Sun god , Baal . Here is more opposition to Almighty God .Revelation 1:16 states, speaking of Christ , “ His countenance shines like the sun at full strength .”  Because there was fire in the Sun she further stated that he was present in any flame or candle used in worship . This is the origin of all the candle lighting in Catholic churches and other religions as well .

 She realized she needed to maintain control of the people after her husband’s death so , shortly after his death she  conceived an illegitimate son and named him Horus (Egyptian god) or later Tammus . She told the people he
was immaculately conceived by the rays of the sun . She timed the secret , illegitimate conception so he would be born on December 25th as well , to give credibility to the claim , he was Nimrod reborn . 

She proclaimed him to be Nimrod reborn and “ savior of the people .”   As I mentioned earlier there are always two side to the coin, ying for everyyang, balance and opposition in everything. Christ opposing other side of the coin is the Satanic, counterfeit savior , Son of the Sun god , Nimrod who was also born on December 25th , the darkest day
of the year . In contrast Christ is the Light of the world . (John 8:12) Furthermore , because she claimed he was immaculately conceived she said he was therefore a Almighty God of fertility as well . 

Christ gives us life through payment of the penalty of our sins , this false savior offered the people new life through the creation of nature or fertility from the sun . Sun worship was the religion at that time and why the timing of these days was based on positions of the sun , either December 25th , being the Winter Solstice ,the suns beginning to
shine longer each day , or Easter , being the Spring Equinox , the sun equal to the moon in length . Monuments to the sun , called Obelisks like the first one , the Tower of Babel, as well as all pyramids are aligned with the sun .   

On Easter , to commemorate Semiramis conception of Tammus , wild drunken parties and orgies , where virgins were impregnated by the Pagan priests , then nine months later on December 25th , the newborn babies were sacrificed to Molech/Moloch , the head sun god , by fire , in Nimrod’s honor .


This became so widespread that the Israelites even practiced this abomination. Leviticus 18:21 states , “ Thou shalt not let any of your seed (children) pass through the fire to Molech “


Babies were also sacrificed on Easter , but the babies were sacrificed in honor of Nimrods wife Semiramis, the moon god, Ishtar. March 25th to December 25th, being nine months , made the Devil’s selling of these false holidays, to early pagan fertility, Sun Worshippers easy. Now Satan has  blinded ,  latter day believers in Christ to these obvious facts , through deception , and distraction , by seemingly harmless , pagan inspired , false festive tradition ! (which shall be covered shortly) This 9 month time span between Easter and Christmas is in plain site of the world , but does anyone question the horrifying meaning of this ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

The answer is no , because Satan , the great deceiver of the world , has hidden this , even though it is in plain site !  If these dates were about Christ , wouldn’t there be 9 months from Christmas , December 25, (supposedly Christ’s birthday) to Easter , March 27 , (supposedly Christ’s Resurrection) to symbolize Christ’s birth and rebirth after Resurrection ?????????????????
Instead it is in reverse, 9 months from Easter to Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!! True to the Devils form,
opposite AND opposition !!!!! The same is true for the lie of Good Friday and Easter, not even adding up to the 3 days , the Bible says Christ was in the tomb !!!Does anyone notice these things ?  The Devil certainly is living up to being the Father of Lies and Deceiver of the whole world , by conning the whole world into believing obvious lies, that don’t even make sense !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yet more proof of the Devils ability and success in deceiving the whole world !

The origin of the egg as an Easter fertility symbol goes well with rabbits since they reproduce so rapidly and his mother said Tammuz , a hunter like his father , was extremely fond of rabbits .

His mother continued setting him up as a deity, so when, at age 40, he was killed by a wild pig and his blood was shed on the stump of an evergreen tree , she spun the story to the people as follows   First, she said he died on march   Second, since he was fond of rabbits, and they reproduced so rapidly, they became sacred symbols of fertility.

Third, she said the evergreen stump that had the shed blood on it, grew into a new evergreen tree . This lie gave credence to the claim that he
was a fertility god .  This became known as Nimrods tree, since Tammus was supposedly Nimrod reborn .

This started the tradition of using of evergreen trees on December 25th ,  Nimrods birthday . The clippings of evergreen trees were formed into a circle to symbolize the Sun ,  since Nimrod was supposedly a sun god and evergreen was just that , it stays green all year , symbolizing power from the sun even during winter . his of course started the tradition of wreaths.

The logs of evergreen trees were burned as the Nimrods Tree , the “Yule Log”, its fire a symbol of the sun and Nimrods sun spirit to keep warm on the longest of dark , cold nights  , the winter solstice , December 25th , Nimrods birthday ! 

Most of the attention, so far, has been giving to Easter but you see by these few connections that the Babylonian mystery religion was also the source for Christmas
and its traditions as well .  Rome later built on and added to these traditions with holidays of Saturnalia (Saturn another sun god) and Brumalia .Details later Semiramis became known as the fertility goddess Ishtar (Easter) . 

She took on many names in different cultures including ; Astarte , Easter , Isis  Diana , Astarte , Ishtar , Aphrodite , Venus  . She was even identified with Mary as Mary was falsely deified
and took on the titles “ Mother of Almighty God ” and “ Queen of Heaven ” . Her son Tammuz took on many names as well such as ; Horus , Apollo , Sol (means sun) , Krishna , Hercules , Mithra , and was a perversion of Christ as  supposedly supernaturally conceived by the rays of the sun as
a fertility god savior of the people . 

All names of Semiramis and Tammuz point to worship of Creation , the sun , fertility and Easter
worship of the son of the sun god, worshipped on Sunday , the day of his sun god. Semiramis instituted a holy day in her Babylonian religion in honor of the supposed “ death/resurrection ” of her son Tammuz    Rome, and later the Catholic Church adopted many of Babylon’s Pagan customs
and observances.

Christmas came to be celebrated on December 25th because in the 4th century the Roman emperor Constantine, due to the growing acceptance of Christianity embraced it, at least on the surface, for political gain, so the many pagans that were converting over to Christianity wanted the date to coincide with the extremely popular Pagan Roman Festival marking the Birthday of the Unconquered Sun, with if Festival of merrymaking, eating drinking, and special spirit. 

A pagan influence called Manichaeism, which identified the Son of Almighty God with the physical
Sun, gave the pagans a easy excuse for calling their Festival birthday of the Sun god, the birthday of the Son of Almighty God !

While protesting Catholics (called Protestants) deny worship of this pagan deity… they in deed contradict that denial in action as they openly do just that on Christmas and Easter .

The idol of Ishtar/Tammuz was renamed Christ/Mary The idol of the Madonna/Child renamed Christ/Mary and a painting of Christ/Mary all the exact same Babylonian deities .

We need to begin admitting the obvious truth ; these idols were  renamed because the pagans of the 4th century Roman Empire that now believed in YahuShua the Messiah , needed a religion that had familiar , easily accepted customs and   traditions . Tammuz and Ishtar/Semiramis were Satan’s planned advance perversions making possible the false religion of Christianity , called Catholicism
which is  The Mystery Religion of Babylon !

What we now call “ halos ” were nothing more than images of the Sun, as wreaths are, clearly demonstrating who these “ paintings ” were really representing , not YahuShua but Tammuz . Not Mary but Semiramis/Ishtar .

The real truth behind the “ cross of Christ ” and the “ halos ” around Christ  and Mary is simple . Christ’s cross is a perverted “t” cross for Tammus, like on hot cross buns , which comes from cakes for the Queen of Heaven as Jeremiah 44:19 states ,  “ and when we burned incense to the Queen of Heaven , and poured out drink offerings unto her , did we make her cakes to worship her , and pour out drink offerings unto her , without our men  . Mary and Christ’s halo is a perverted sun
aura on Semiramis/Ishtar and Tammuz . Simply more deceptive sun worshipping symbols snuck in by Satan !

The posing is the same and the 8 point star makes it undeniable ! What purpose could Catholics have for putting this 8 point sun symbol on her shoulder ? ? ?

It should be noted , unlike Semiramis , Ishtar and a later perverted Catholic worship of Mary ,in reality , Mary never expected herself to be worshiped as Luke 1:38 states , “ Mary said I am the SERVANT of the lord . “ , and Luke 1:48 states , “ He hath regarded the LOW ESTATE of his handmaiden . “ These statements , by Mary herself , clearly show , she knew her role as humble “servant “ of “ low estate “ to SERVE as a human vessel to bear the Son of Almighty God , not to be worshipped AS A God !

Semiramis and Tammus were the Babylonian counterfiet perversions of the Mother and Child . This Catholic deception is clearly shown in the upper left image of Semiramis & Tammus with a sun symbol overhead and bottom right image as we see the image of a yellow sun around Christ & Mary and also on the coin . The positioning of mother & child is the same . The ball crown on the Mary, Queen of Heaven as Semiramis/Ishtar was also known , mirrors the sun between the horns over Semiramis . Notice the “child” in these images is not a baby but a small fully developed man .

There are far too many parallels to be coincidence .

Their still remains idols in the Vatican of “ Tammuz the great hunter ” to this very day !

This is their false Christianity’s REAL messiah they renamed Christ or Hesus or Iesous or I.H.S. which means… Hail Zeus or Son of Zeus. (see Throne of Satan chapter 119 for mind blowing Zeus connection and chapter 33 for Christs real name) .The picture below is Tammuz the Great Hunter idol in The Vatican , to this very day ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Tammus in Vatican


We still “ hunt Ishtar eggs ” in honor of Tammuz , Nimrod reborn, the Great Hunter , on Ishtar’s day and eat hot cross buns and ham and his honor , symbolizing killing the pig that killed him . We just call it by its English name Easter , but every ritual remains the same as in ancient Babylon !

No longer do we keep Passover and eat Lamb as commanded by Almighty God (strengthening the Law of YHVH) as Christ kept Passover on the 14th of Abib (eve of Passover) just before he gave his body as The Passover Lamb:

Luke22:19 states , “ And when he had taken some bread and given thanks (on the eve of Passover) , He broke it and gave it to them , saying ,

This (Passover Dinner) is My body (Passover Lamb) which is given (sacrificed) for you ; do this (keep Passover) in remembrance of Me . “ Do we keep this remembrance for His ultimate sacrifice ??????????????

No……….. we now keep Ishtar and eat HAM !!! The most abominable “beast” in The Torah and listed as “ unclean “ in the Bible !

Pigs were created by the Creator to be the scavengers of the farm , to get rid of waste , they eat anything , including ; bugs , dead and diseased carcasses , even their own young and feces . They wallow around in slimy filth . Pigs don’t have sweat glands , which is another means of eliminating toxins from the body , which they absorb all day wallowing in filth . Their digestive system is extremely simple and digests food in only 4 hours , whereas in comparison it takes cows 24 hours . All of this , as you might expect , makes pork loaded with toxins . Pigs are host carriers of several diseases including parasites . Consumption of under cooked pork will give you these parasites . No other meat does this , beef is routinely eaten rare , even raw in , steak tar tar . Consumption of too much pork leads to gout .In fact the great composer , Mozart , is suspected of having died from parasites from pork . Like the Bible correctly says, “ UNCLEAN “ !

How fitting is it for Satan to DECEIVE people to eat this horribly disgusting , ” unclean “ animal , ON THE DAY HE MADE UP , to disrespect YahuShua the Savior , the One who makes us “ CLEAN “ from our sins ! ! ! ! ! ! ! All this once again illustrates the oppositional, disrespecting, perverse , lying and deceiving nature of Satan !

The fact, that YahuShua of the Christian Church was counterfeited by the Babylonian Tammuz , reincarnated Nimrod , son of Baal , to this day is denied by Catholics and thereby most of the world .The Catholic church , thanks to the deception of Satan , has sold Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz under the names Christ (means hail Zeus) as they were borrowed from Isis/Horus/Seb or I.H.S the monogram for Hesus Horus Krishna all names for Tammuz.

Hesus Horus Krishna evolved into Christ H. Christ in English. But in Latin it remains I.H.S. in the middle of Sol Invictus , the same “Invincible Sun” or “Unconquered Sun” worshipped from Nimrod to Constantine to the Pope and sold to the world .  What Constantine proclaimed has remained constant  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !   Coincidence ?

One of the most evil people of modern times was an Englishmen named Aleister Crowley, a worshipper of Satan, black magic expert and general occultist.

He often said the Sun is a symbol for Satan, calling it, The Sun Father, The Vibration of Life from the Old Serpent in the Abyss.

He used the Sun as a focal point to summon satanic powers.

He borrowed this ancient knowledge from the Egyptians who they got from the ancient Babylonians. Crowley heavily influenced if not founded Agnosticism, Wicca, and Thelema and other new age Pagan religions and advocated the use of yoga and sex in Magic.

All of these things  have a central commonality, being worship of creation, not the Creator, with the Sun as a focal point symbol of Satan.

(For an incredibly fascinating modern scientifical connection to Thelema, see the section on CERN, in the chapter latest signs we are truly in the last days at the end of the site.)

One of the most modern famous and recognizable connections to Aleister Crowley was L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, and author of the book, Dianetics. Crowley, Hubbard and a man named Parsons held satanic séances to summon a woman Crowley called Babalon, the Scarlet Woman, the goddess of their thelemic roots.

In case any of you do not recognize this woman, she is the Great Whore that sits upon, rides/guides Satan’s, Sixth and final Resurrection of his Unholy Roman Empire Kingdom, the EU, spoke of in Revelation 17:3. “ So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written: MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. “

This Scarlet Great Whore will enforce a mandatory Sunday observance of sun worship, when the E.U. runs the worlds economy, for a brief time just before Christ returns.

This has already occurred in the leader of the EU, Germany !

This has been a synopsis of sun worship, from birth, till now, into the not too distant future.


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