chap 24


Returning back to Babylon and Satan’s use of Semiramis to create the traditions of the Babylonian mystery religion that would later become the traditions of Christmas and Easter that the “ Great Whore “ , the Catholic Church would adopt and spread   “ over many waters “. Revelation 17:1 .

Nimrods Tree , the Evergreen Tree was burned as a Yule log , symbolizing a sacrifice by fire , of a symbol of the sun , on The Winter Solstice , the day of the year when the sun starts to shine longer each day .
To make her story more self confirming Semiramis said Nimrods son ,Tammus , was  immaculately conceived (actually illegitimately conceived) on the full moon after the spring equinox , Ishtar (Easter) .

This gave credence to her claim that Tammus was a fertility god , Nimrod reborn , son of a sun god , giver of life to the people .   Notice the perverted parallels to Father Yahuwah and Christ !

This evil woman was truly using Satan’s chief weapon , LIES , to lead humanity astray and give birth to this Babylonian mystery religion .

Satan knows that women are the weaker vessel and 9 times out of 10 will use a woman to cause the downfall of men . This is not a sexist statement but merely , a biblical truth . I feel I must make a disclaimer here once again like I made clear I have nothing against the people in the Catholic Church , only the Catholic church itself .

I also have nothing against women . I adore women , in fact I have a lovely fiancée that has been changed miraculously by Almighty God so she CAN be my wife !

As biblical support of my statement, women are the weaker vessel , that is why  Satan , as the snake , in the Garden of Eden , came to Eve FIRST .

I realize, as stated in the intro to this sight , much of what I say here will not be popular , but I don’t care , Christ was often not popular , to the point of Crucifixion , in his time , because of the TRUTHS He spoke , so I am in good company , besides , Christ is my example .

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