chap 25a


Continuing on with Satan’s use of the woman Semiramis, to give birth to this Great False Mystery religion .

Semiramis knew that nothing makes lies more believable or lasting like emotion   does, so , because her son Tammus died at age 40 , she proclaimed , prior to Ishtar , (Easter) there would be a period of 40 days of sorrow and eating no meat , (Lent) , to mourn for Tammuz .

During this period of mourning people were told to make the sign of a cross over there heart to symbolize sorrow in their heart over Tammuz .  Satan cleverly inserted this as the Catholic practice of doing this same “t” motion across the torso , saying “ In the Name of the Father  , Son and the Holy Spirit .   IT IS NOT BIBLICAL ! ! !

This observance is specifically condemned in the Bible in Ezekiel 8-13 , where, in a vision , Almighty God is showing the prophet Ezekiel , abominations that the people are committing against Almighty God .  It states , “ He said also unto me turn thee yet again and thou shalt see greater ABOMINATIONS that they do .

Then He brought me out of the house and behold there sat a women weeping for Tammuz “ .

Many years later in AD 360, ( 6 Satan’s #) this tradition renamed Lent , was made official in Rome , at the Council of Laodicea . It is interesting to note that Almighty God characterizes one of his church’s eras, the one at located at Laodicea as being , “ lukewarm ” , meaning not on fire for Almighty God’s truth , being “ rich “ and “ not need a
thing “ from Christ , who Christ says to “ I am about to spit you out of my mouth . “ (Revelation 3:14-16)

Evidently Satan had a strong hold of  deception and distortion going on there , as he is always trying to distort , pervert or out right replace anything of the Creator . It should be extremely obvious by all the information listed previously that Sunday is the Catholic day of sun worship and is therefore not Almighty God’s Sabbath told to keep
holy in the Ten Commandments . 

Sunday being the first day of the week, and Saturday being the 7th day of the week , is the true correct Sabbath.


Furthermore, Christ was not resurrected on Sunday. He was Resurrected and changed from human to Holy as Almighty God on a Saturday , The Holy Sabbath  The Catholic church wants to keep this on it’s day of Nimrods sun worship, Sunday, so much, Easter is a “floating” holiday(Helliday,
not Holy-Day !), that is based on the 1
st Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the Solar Vernal Equinox. 


This was the day Nimrods wife, Semiramis, claimed to have fallen to earth in a great Moon/fertility egg, setting herself up as the fertility moon goddess, to compliment her husbands false sun god status.


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