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Notice above, both have the same ancient 8 point sun symbols, again !

Notice, below, the distinct similarity in clothing and appearance, to Santa !

Clearly this Pagan god has many traits contrary to Almighty God and distinct similarities to Santa Clause and his 8 point sun symbol and double crucible, show his connection to Satanic/pagan sun worship, not Son worship.

 Old English related God to Odin, Woden/Wodan.

There is a related Old English God to Odin, Wodan/Woden, God of the pagan celebration on December 25th , called Yule or , the Longest Night .

December 25th is the Winter solstice or the day of the year when the day is the shortest , hence the name , the longest night . Here is a picture of Woden/Wodan carrying his yule log, to keep

”Magic”, “Sun King“ and a pentagram, clearly words and symbols of Satanic sun worship, not Son worship! Remember Odin, the Yule god was god of magick, destiny !

This Yule Log evolved from the evergreen tree , symbol of Satanic sun worship, in Nimrods(evergreen) Tree , that would light and warm the long cold night .

As the Yule log would burn in the fireplace , another Norse god , Hertha ,

was hoped to appear to bring luck(another aspect of Satan) to the home .  Hertha is related to the origin of the term hearth , for fireplace .

Could all this be coincidence ? Our good friend, The Law of Probability, says no.

Odin/Woden and Thor were such popular pagan gods , Wednesday is named for Woden (Wodensdaeg) and Thursday is named for Thor (Thorsdaeg) therefore it is not surprising that they would greatly influence the icon of the most popular holiday in the world 

Pagan Norse God THOR

Another pagan Norse god, Thor, the son of Odin , added even more characteristics.


*Thor was the God of lightning.

*Santa and christmas are all about lighting.

* Thor had a palace in the Northland among the icebergs.

Santa has his headquarters in the North Pole also.

* Thor fought the giants of Ice and Snow .

Santa battles the ice and snow to make his deliveries.

* Thor would soar thru the sky in a chariot pulled by two large horned goats , named Gnasher and Cracker . Goats are always a symbol of something pagan or Satanic and in this case, even Thors goats names reflect this.

The names of Thor’s goats Gnasher and Cracker mean teeth grinder and teeth bearer. Since Biblical times bearing of teeth and grinding or gnashing of teeth was an extreme sign of great anger and disrespect, evidence in the following scriptures. Psalm 37:12 states, “ The wicked, plot against the Righteous and gnash their teeth. “ Speaking of the final destination of these people, Christ said in Matthew 13:42, “ And  shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. “

* Thors goat, Gnasher was changed to Santa’s  reindeer  Dasher.

Santa had reindeer, since for hundreds of years they, in the northern cold regions of Scandinavia , were domesticated and Used for transportation, pulling sleds and sleighs, the switch was only logical .

* Thor was the God of lightning and Donder, is German for lightning .

Santa has a flying reindeer named Donder .

* Thor produced thunder with his lighting strikes and  Blitzen is German for thunder .

Santa has a flying reindeer named Blitzen .

* Thor, being the God of lighting and thunder, his element was fire, his color red,   the fireplace in every home was sacred to him and he came down thru the chimney to his element, fire .

Santa’s color is red and he comes down thru the chimney/fireplace .

* Thor was known as the Yule god , as well as a fertility god . (Yule log is Nimrods (evergreen)Tree , also a fertility symbol)Yule is synonymous with christmas and Santa. It is Thor who lends all these traits making Santa(Satan, as god of this world) the real world God of christmas, symbolizing lies, idolatry, feasting, drinking and commerce .

Notice a cash register company made this poster !

Father Christmas

 Satan incorporated Odin’s title, The All-Father, into the name of the Old English figure, Father Christmas in the evolution to the modern Santa Clause.   He maintains the thinner physique of Odin, Woden, Thor and St. Nicholas until about 1900 .

Known for the spirit of good cheer , here are pictures of Father Christmas .

The earliest English examples of the personification of Christmas are thought to be from a 15th-century carol, written by Catholic Rev. Richard Smart, “ Sir Christmas “ (only to be found in Ritson’s Manuscript-British library Additional MSS #5665, fol 6.vo)

Here are the words; “ Nowel, Nowel, Nowel, Nowel, Who is there, that singeth so Nowel, Nowel, Nowel ? I am here, Sir Christmas, Welcome, my lord Sir Christmas, Welcome to all both more and less; Come near Nowel. God be with you, Sir, tidings I you bring, A maid hath born a child full young, The which causeth me to sing. Nowel. 

Christ is now born of a pure maid, In an ox-stall he is laid, Wherefore sing we all at abraid, Nowel. Drink you all right heartily, Make good cheer and be right merry, And sing with US now joyfully, Nowel. “Nowel, is where we get Noel, meaning, ‘to be born’. Interestingly, this is the birth of the first English ancestor of an iconic figure of christmas, evolved from various satanic/pagan gods, and that it was penned by a Catholic.

Abraid means to start up, awake, move, raise, lift up. At the end it says, “ Drink you all right heartily “ . So this poem, basically is saying, A false satanic, pagan icon,    ‘is born’, ‘is born’. ‘is born’, for a satanic, pagan holiday. ‘move’, ‘awake’, ‘startup’, ‘raise’, ‘lift up’, this Sir Christmas, and ‘all’ ‘drink’ a lot !

England’s Father Christmas

 At first skinny,, like Odin, Woden……. then…. gets more fat, friendly and Santa like.

Meanwhile the American evolution of Santa

Once again notice the first picture Father Christmas is riding a goat. A goat always has evil connotations to it.

34 years later, Another piece illustrating the Puritan resistance to Christmas is……

Josiah King’s The Examination and Tryal of Father Christmas (1686), published shortly after Christmas was reinstated as a holy day in England after being banned in post-Civil War England as a symbol of “Catholic superstition and                                                                                 Godless self-indulgence . “

Father Christmas on trial by the Puritans.

 hey weren’t called Puritans for nothing !

The Dutch Sinterklaas

The Catholic St. Nicholas gave US the Dutch Sinterklaas, which came closer to the Santa of today.

You will see the familiar Babylonian fertility god/Dagon(Dragon)/Catholic, Mitre fish hat on Sinterklass.

First some refresher background……….

Notice all have the Babylonian fish fertility god, Dagon(Dragon) fish head mitre hat.

St. Nicholas with 8 pt. sun symbols & x-mas colors

Dutch Sinterklaas with his more normal helpers

Sinterklass on a flying horse, like Odin’s horse, Sleipnir.

Nicolas is derived from the Greek words nikos and laos, which together mean conqueror or destroyer of people. The original conqueror or destroyer of people was Nimrod. Yet another of Nimrod’s names was Sanctus or Santa, which means saint. Nimrod set himself up as a saint, stealing a title that God reserves for those who are faithful to obey Him. 

The facts show that Nimrod is the true origin of the widely accepted “Saint Nicholas,” or the “Santa Claus” that is so central to Christmas observances around the world. Any other explanations—and there are a number of them—are simply modern-day stories that conceal the truth behind these ancient “mysteries.”

When Jesus Christ said that the “doctrine of the Nicolaitans” was a “thing I hate” (Revelation 2:15), He was condemning the same Nimrod-inspired Babylonian Mysteries that had become a counterfeit “Christianity” for thousands of years.  The Nicolaitan doctrine had become so appealing that some members of God’s own Church in Pergamos were becoming deceived. 

Pergamos was the central  stronghold of satanic Pagan religion and human sacrifice that it is listed in Revelation 2:13 that  this is, “ where Satan’s seat(Throne) is “, “ where Satan dwelleth.“ It is not a coincidence that this Babylonian Dagon/Dragon worshipping sect, Christ referred to as “ Nic(k)olations “ corrupted Christianity then as it does today !  It was a stronghold then and now !

See who is really behind St. Nicholas !

Notice how he offers children apples as he did Eve !

Both St. Nicholas and Sinterklass had a hellper/hellpers, which became Santa’s Little Helper(Satan’s Hellper) by many names, such as ; Knecht, Rupprecht, Pelznickle, Ru-Klas, Swarthy, Black Peter, Hans Trapp, Krampus, Grampus ,Zwarte Piets,  Julebuk(from Odin’s ancient Scandinavian name Jol) ,Rough Nicholas,  Dark One .

He was also known by much darker names such as the fur-clad, Dark Helper, also named, Furry Nicholas, Klaus, Demon, Evil One and Satan ! ! ! ! ! !

Here are some other of St. Nicholas/Sinterklass hellpers, very popular in Holland and the Netherlands……….

Notice Krampus is goat-like, and goats are always a symbolic of evil.

In Holland, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, today, parades are held.

If you could not already tell, the close relationship of Nicholas and demons, here is a picture of the demon hellper, Furry Nicholas, helping St. Nicholas spy on children

Notice the sun symbol on wrist and Dagon(Dragon) Babylonian fish-god hat !


The modern St. Nick, Satan Claws, has its origins from European pagan gods !

As you just saw the most perverse and evil December 25th celebrations and characters came from Germany or were in the Netherlands it is interesting to note that in 1717 a great Christmas flood occurred from an unusual storm on the night of December 25th that hit the Netherlands and Germany.  Sea levels rose more than two feet and 14,000 people were killed.

The most severe devastation occurred exactly where these parades with these demonic figures took place ! This was compounded when two days after this flood came hard frost and snowfall, then was compounded again, exactly 60 days later, on February 25th and 26th, another similar flood hit. 

Now this almost seems as if Almighty God waited exactly 60 days, 6 being Satan’s number, to confirm why this had happened !  Is it hard to believe that Almighty God was so displeased at the level of evil they had attached to this Satanic false holiday of his Son, that he caused this to happen, the very night of December 25th ? When you consider the year that happened in, and the number of people killed(14,000), it seems even more likely, since 7 is the Almighty’s signature number of perfection and completeness.

I devoted so much time to the Netherlands, Santa’s Helper, Krampus, Because this is the one today’s society has focused on .The character of Krampus has been imported and modified for various North American media , including print (i.e. Krampus: The Yule Lord , a 2012 novel by Gerald Brom) , television- both live action (“ A Krampus Carol “, a 2012 episode of The League) and animation (“ Minstrel Krampus “ a 2013 episode of American Dad! ), video games (CarnEvil , a 1998 arcade game) , and film (Krampus , a 2015 Christmas comedy horror movie from Universal Pictures) .

All this fascination with things evil, associated with a supposed holy day, christmas, should make it, even more clear, there is nothing at all, holy about it.

This should at least alert people to the origins of this counterfeit Holy Day, turned holiday, or should I say, HELLIDAY ?
Claus and Klaus are similar phonetic spellings for claws , and switching two letters around in Santa , we get Satan . So it is not difficult to say that by observing these traditions of Christmas and its Catholic-inspired icon, Santa Claus & his HELLpers we are allowing Satan-claws to lay hold on US ! ! ! ! 


Wink, Ssssh, don’t tell who I really am !