chap 29b3


The Iranian holiday ,The birthday of The Sun of Righteousness , ( notice Satan’s substitution/perversion of Sun of Righteousness, for Righteous Son, as Christ is ) ,
Egypt’s celebration of the Son of Isis , (now the worst terrorist group)
The Roman holiday , birth of the Unconquered Sun ,( notice the substitution/perversion of Sun for Unconquered Son , as Christ is unconquered by death). The Early Roman holidays of Saturnalia and Brumalia , complete with gift giving , feast , and evergreen tree and wreath symbols of sun worship , derived from The Babylonian Mystery religions, Nimrods Tree . 

There are many Dec. 25th ancient holidays around the world thru history ,with the name Sun in it that confirm this is a day of sun worship not Son worship ! Day of the Sun, Day of the Invincible Sun(Roman), Birthday of the Unconquered Sun(Roman), Saturnalia(Roman), Sun of Righteousness(Arabic). 

These holidays don’t have sun in the name, but have clear sun connections. In Mesopotamia(Babylon), Marduk, sun/fire god, had special human sacrifices, by fire, on this day. To Worship of the sun god Ra,(Horus) on his birthday, (ancient Egyptian). Aztecs sacrificed children on top of their pyramids, to their sun god, Huitzilopochtli. Ancient Europeans had celebrations to their Nordic sun god, Balder. Ancient Greeks dedicated the day to Adonis and Dionysus. Ancient Persians celebrated the birth of Mithra, their sun god.

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