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The cross is a sign of the false savior, fertility god of Babylon, Tammus . Just like all her other traditions, the Catholic church adopted the cross from Babylon as well and added insult to blasphemy by adding an image of a suffering Christ with long hair. The Catholic Church invented the crucifix . Many of their churches have large detailed depictions of Christ suffering on a cross . This is disrespectful in at least 6 ways .

1st , He was crucified on a Roman torture stake not a cross, not the symbol for Tammus , the false savior ! ( chapter 21 & 27) Besides, it is WHAT was accomplished by Christ, not what it was accomplished on !

2nd , Showing Him suffering is insensitive, insulting and wrong . 3rd , The suffering Christ Usually is always depicted having long hair , He did not ! 1st Corinthians 11:14 states , “ does not nature itself teach you that if a man wears long hair it is a disgrace to him “ . Ezekiel 44:20 states , “ they shall not shave their heads or let their locks grow long , they shall surely trim the hair of their heads “ .

4th , Christ is no longer on the torture stake , He is at the right hand of His Father, in Heaven . Father Almighty God did not want to allow this to happen to his Son , He had to , out of love , to pay the price for sin , for all humanity and give us access to his Throne . Imagine if you had a absolutely perfect son , whom you were well pleased with and he died a horrible death where he suffered greatly . Would you want to see images and statues , even around peoples neck , reenacting that suffering ? Of course you wouldn’t , well that’s exactly how Father God feels !

5th , Any image , anything that is in heaven , certainly one that is as disrespectful and inaccurate as this , is unlawful . The second Commandment states , in Exodus 20:4 , “ Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above “ .

6th , Catholics worship and bow down to this false , unlawful image , as an idol . The Father warns not once, but 3 times about this. Matthew 24:23 states, “ And if anyone says to you, ‘Behold here is Christ’ or ‘There He is’ , do not believe him “. Mark 13:21 states, “ And then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ’ or ‘Behold He is there’ , do not believe them “ . Galatians 1:8 states, “ But though we or an angel from Heaven, preach any other gospel onto you than which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed “ . This is against the very First Commandment, “ Thou shalt no other Gods before me “. It makes perfect sense that the Catholic church, through their crucifix, would disrespectful Christ 6 ways , since 6 is the Devil’s number and the Catholic church is Satan’s great Babylonian false church !

Even the worship of a regular cross is not a Holy thing but unholy.

First it is a symbol , like a statue or as the Bible calls them an IDOL, as in Idolatry .

Besides , It is WHAT was accomplished by Christ, not what it was accomplished on ! This is why Satan , long before Christ was even crucified , set up the symbol of the cross as a false holy thing .

As I stated earlier, it is the goal of Satan to stop , replace or pervert the worship of Christ, to make it as unholy and shameful as possible !

History , besides the sign of the cross , as sorrow for Tammus , shows that the first Use of the cross as a symbol of worship was way before Christ was supposedly crucified on a cross .

The Bible is somewhat unclear as to WHAT HE was crucified on Because it refers to it both ways, ( due to Satan’s heavy pagan influence), however, the pagans use of the cross in Babylon and other historical accounts that will follow , along with the following scriptures testify to the fact that it was a tree or “ torture stake “ as the Romans called it .

Acts 5:30 states , “ the Almighty God of our fathers raised up Christ , whom he slew and hang on a TREE “.

Acts 10:29 states , “ And when they had fulfilled all that was written of Him , they took Him down from the TREE , and laid Him in a sepulcher .”

1st Peter 2:24 states “ who his own self bear our sins in his own body on the TREE ”.

1st Peter 2:24 states , “ Who His own Self bare our sins in His own Body on TREE , that we , being dead to sins , should live unto Righteousness . “

Galatians 3:13 states, “ Christ hath redeemed US from the curse of the law , being made a curse for US , for it is written cursed is everyone that hangeth on a TREE ”.

These scriptures fit together to show that sin is a curse of death on our lives that Christ had to take upon HIS body and be cursed , in place of US , temporarily , made possible only by hanging on a TREE , NOT A CROSS THAT IS A SATAN CREATED SIGN OF TAMMUZ !

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