chapter 36a


Ancient , sun-worshipping , Aztecs used the cross as a religious symbol . Ancient Aztecs worshiped the cross , as evidenced by when the Catholic Spaniards , on their unholy forced conversion conquests , The Crusades, came into Mexico, thinking they were bringing their faith , for the first time to this land , were shocked to see the symbol of their faith all around that civilization already !

Semiramis reincarnated as the Goddess Diana is seen to have had a cross around her neck in statues.

The Vestal Virgins, (Ishtar’s temple whores, reincarnated); which were temple prostitutes for Rome’s celibate priests, wore crosses around their necks . This tradition has been unknowingly been passed down to nuns , who wear crosses around their necks today .

Revelation 17 verse 1 says , “ the great whore that sits upon many waters “ .

Once again I must clarify this is not an attack or against the women that are nuns, however the Bible is referencing the Catholic Church which is predominant throughout the world , hence ,“ sits on many waters “.

Also many times throughout the Old Testament , Father Uses the phrase ,

“ gone a whoring “ to mean selling out to false pagan idol worshiping religion.

The Creator looked upon Israel as His wife , same as the Church is the wife of Christ . In actuality this is , UN- knowingly , what the nuns are doing . Bottom line is , whore or harlot is Used repeatedly in association with the Catholic Church , from the revelation 17 verse 1 & 5 calling her, “a whore that sits on many waters “, and verse 5 , “ the mother of harlots “, meaning she has spawned many other deceived or false churches .

Combine this with Babylon’s Ishtar temple prostitutes , and it becomes clear why this church is referred to these ways.

Ancient Hindu holy books have crosses in them , as do most other ancient pagan religions .

So with all the evidence against the cross and the numerous scriptures that refer to it as a tree ,as mentioned earlier even though the Bible also mentions a cross as the method of Christ’s crucifixion it is impossible, that it was on a cross !

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