chapter 36b


Another pagan custom adopted by the Catholic Church is the Use of the Rosary.

The Phoenicians Used it to worship Astarte, another Almighty God of fertility.

Notice again the similarity to Easter in pronunciation . Rosaries are also found in ancient Nineveh and China and other pagan religions from around the world as well. Another borrowed pagan tradition is the celibacy of Priests, initiated by Queen Semiramis. Priests worshipping the Goddess Cybele where to shave their head and was later carried forward to something called the tonsure. This was standardized at the priests of Bacchus in Rome. Due to unnatural and unbiblical celibacy their sexual immorality got so out of hand the Roman Senate, even after the institution of the Vestal Virgins as Temple whores, had to still expel them from Rome ! Similar immorality of celibate priests in India, China and other countries have had the same results. Everyone is familiar with the widespread abuse of young boys by Amarican Catholic priests .

Celibacy is a man-made tradition, not Almighty God’s that produced disastrous results, as most man-made traditions do.

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