chapter 39


The first edition was the Babylonian Empire , hence the mother of harlots . This is the 1st  world ruling empire , “Mother” , after The Great Flood , that reinstituted idolatry to the world that the Roman Empire , the Holy Roman Empire and then the Catholic Church borrowed , then passed on to the world as so called religious holidays and observances .

There have been 7 Resurrections :

1st  was the Justinian Empire ruled from Constantinople , known as the Imperial Restoration ,

2nd  was Charlemagne or the Frankish or French ruled kingdom of the Roman Empire ,

3rd was Otto the Great , the German led kingdom of the Roman Empire ,

the Napoleon ruled kingdom of the Roman empire ,

4th was Charles V , the Hapsburg Dynasty

5th was the Napoleon , French led kingdom of the Roman Empire ,

6th was a joint unholy union of Hitler Mussolini , a German/Italian led beast in World War II .

7th  and final one is the European Union , the familiar partnering of Germany and Italy , led financially and politically by Germany , but still , as always , guided spiritually by Rome .

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