chapter 41


They are the largest most popular worldwide Church they are responsible for spreading Satan’s lies , conceived by Satan by the whore of Babylon ,of the traditions of Christmas and Easter that keep Satan as God of this world , by deceiving billions into unknowingly worshipping Satan as they think they are worshipping the Creator , when in fact , they are worshipping CREATION , being the sun and fertility ! .

They are the main things that maintain Satan’s title as “ God of this world “ , intact ! (II Cor.4:4) . Whether you are a practicing Christian , just believe in a Creator or don’t even believe in a Almighty God at all , chances are , you observe Christmas and Easter . One way or another , you are either through disregard or ignorance , worshiping Satan !

“ Abominations “ speaks of all her unholy acts from calling Tammuz a savior , Using his birthday as a false Christ-Mass holiday , and his death as a fertility god , as a false resurrection day , not Holy Days and Using his initial symbol as a false idolatrous symbol of Christ’s resurrection ,having prostitutes in the fertility Easter temple Ishtar and traditions of having sex orgies , sacrificing babies . Romes throwing the Christians to the lions in the Coliseum and later Romes church killing millions in the Dark Ages ,

the Crusadesand the Inquisitions  for among other things for not recognizing her changing the Sabbath day to the day of sun worship , Sunday , and instituting all the other unbiblical traditions that have led man astray from their Creator , unknowingly , thru Satan’s deception , to sun worship and not Son worship , right on up to the Pope being called Christ on earth or priests being substituted for Christ in confessions of sin during prayer , not to mention their widespread abuse of young boys.

The greatest abomination is saved for last , Rev. 17:6 states , “ I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Christ ”, whether it be Nimrods fathers killing of the relatives of Noah, to the Romans persecution and martyrdom of the apostles and throwing the Christians to the Lions, in the Coliseum down through the forced conversion or death of the Crusades, the torture and death of millions of true biblical believers in the Inquisitions , to the millions of Jews slaughtered in the Holocaust..

Then the Catholic leaders smuggled and hid the Nazis to countrys in South America  , thru The Rat Lines ! Believe it or not she will kill many more than this , one more horrific time , with not just Jews but Christians in general ,  when the Beast controls the world for one more short time , in the near future !Winston Churchill once said , “ the more clearly we can look back in the past the more clearly we can see into the future “ .
Now in modern times we all know of the unholy filthy atrocities the priests committed upon all those young boys. And still the powers that be of the Catholic Church tried to and succeeded in covering up many of these allegations. The ones they couldn’t cover up, they paid huge settlements to, financed by the wholesale selling of large portions of the church’s real estate holdings.

 For the most part that concludes the list of abominations and borrowed, Satan born, pagan traditions of Babylon , the Catholic Church has transplanted to its modern false religion and passed off to the world . Before I got sidelined on this lengthy list, I was speaking of the number of the beast, mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. 

I HAD said that at that early stage of the text abomination may have seemed like strong vernacular. Hopefully now it is abundantly clear that abomination is precisely the correct word, as the Bible is ALWAYS the origin of all truth , knowledge and wisdom !

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