chapter 43


During the Catholic dominated Dark Ages ,Christianity became illegal along with Almighty God’s word , other than the Catholic version of it , was forbidden along with all higher learning .

Only teaching and laws of Rome’s Catholic religion were allowed. They tried to keep people in the dark, by suppressing the Holy Truth, hence the name, Dark Ages .

Bibles and other books were burned . People who went against this violent false church by reading or studying the Scriptures or speaking on them ,were burned , at the stake, just like the books.

An early studier , teacher and translator of the Scriptures into English ,

(against Catholic mandate) ,was an Englishman named William Tyndale, was strangled then burned at the stake for these things.

As he was tied to the stake and about to be strangled , he prayed his dying words , heard by the crowd of onlookers , saying , “May Almighty God open the King of England’s eyes “ to the truth of Almighty God’s Word .

Within three years King Henry VIII commissioned the , Great Bible for the Church of England and shortly after that King James , assembled the worlds best translators, scholars and historians to translate into English the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, which became the King James Bible ,the most accurate standard that is still Used today !

Approximately 80% of the Old Testament and 70% of the New Testament was Tyndale’s works of translation . All of his committed work and resulting death lead to separation of the Church of England from the Catholic Church and its Reformation .

Obviously William Tyndale’s prayer was heard and answered and his , then illegal work and ultimate sacrifice were certainly not in vain !

Later as England colonized , it brought with it and spread this King James Bible , thru out the world !

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