chapter 46


Not that any further detailed points need to be made, the practice of calling a   priest, father was forbidden by Christ in Matthew 20:39 and confession to a priest is also wrong , for there is only ONE mediator between Almighty God and men.1st Timothy 2:5 .

Almighty God is our Heavenly Father and our earthly father is the man that biologically fertilizes our mother’s egg . The same unholy, arrogant spirit that caused this great false church, to not only change and pervert Almighty God’s holy day Sabbaths , suppress and burn his word and his followers , also causes  it to call their false mediator to Almighty God , priest, father !  Yes , Father of lies  !

Certainly true to form !

On September 4th 1923 the Catholic Church said ,” it is the supreme authority , it is above the Bible and Sunday is its mark of authority “ .

Yes , Mark of the Beast ! Again , certainly true to form !

The Catholic Church says popes are not to marry , yet Peter married ,

as stated in Matthew 8 – 14 and 1st Corinthians 9 – 5 , who by the way ,

Rome claims Peter , to be the first pope . This is despite scripture never mentioning that Peter ever traveled to Rome and what makes the lie even more abominable, is , Peter was one of the first Apostles to be martyred by Rome’s emperor Nero ! ! ! ! ! !

Once again this is all in direct OPPOSITION to the Creator Almighty God and His Word.

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