chapter 48


Moving forward in time to the very recent past concerning the topic of Rome’s priests and the recent atrocities of unholy filthy widespread child abuse cases.   You may ask how can the world fail to see these or know these things and how can the world subscribe to and be loyal to a religion based in Rome where they tried to and succeeded in killing Christ persecuted and killed his followers, continues to change his Holy Word, laws and times and is clearly marked with the mark of the beast 666 and killed thousands in the name of converting people to their false beliefs in the Crusadesand Inquisitions . Then two Catholic raised sickos teamed up to plunge the world into WWII . 

Then the Catholic Church hid the Nazis after the war in various South American countries in a covert plan come to be known as The Rat Lines ,and finally its anti-biblical priest’s abuse of thousands of young boys.   As I said earlier concerning Revelation 17 verse 5 , the vernacular , “ Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth “, may HAVE seemed strong or harsh to apply to the Catholic Church .

For those who are BLIND ENOUGH , TO STILL NOT KNOW , when it says ,

“ upon her forehead was a name written the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth “ , it is speaking of this woman symbolizing the Catholic Church riding upon this beast of the Roman Empire, which is now the European Union , holding it together and guiding It.

The reason the Catholic church gets away with all this is Because  …………………..

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