chapter 50


An interesting footnote Almighty God has just revealed to me through a fortuitous error in my voice recognition software is, during the dictation of this text, when I said “ not see “, it put down Nazi. I guess Satan caused the German people to not see how truly evil Adolf Hitler’s Nazis were until it was too late.

The United States also could not-see how aggressive of a threat Adolf Hitler was , despite Winston Churchill’s repeated warnings , until we finally got bombed into WW II by Japan !

Here’s another interesting observation , Japan , an historically , pagan nation, whose symbol on their flag is the Rising Sun have been the only nation to see the rising sun of a nuclear detonation. Interestingly “ House of the rising sun “ is a phrase to mean Sun, pagan or devil worship. The Sun is and always has been the hallmark of pagan
worship or worship of creation rather than the creator.   How can you not-see any meaning to these truths as modern confirmations , that are definitely not coincidences ?

The biggest deception that Satan has ever pulled off, other than causing people not to not-see he exists or that he isn’t affecting them or the world as much as he actually does, is that when they think they are worshiping Almighty God they do not-see they are worshiping Satan ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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