chapter 100


You might think it couldn’t get any worse, but now, according to a June 2013 BBC poll, THE WORLD HAS SICKENED to the point that its perception of Israel ranks alongside North Korea, Pakistan and Iran ,as the worst in the world !  WOW, Let’s see ; North Korea is communist and has a dictator that commits atrocities against its people , Pakistan is a two faced ally where we found Osama bin Laden hiding, and Iran is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, whose former leader , Mahmoud Ahmadinejad once said ,“ it is my destiny to bring about the apocalypse “ !

How can ANY sane person compare these things and people with Israel ? ? ? ? ? ? ? What a purely ludicrous Delusion ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Furthermore, a 2014 multi-national Gallup poll ranked this tiny Mideast democracy tied with Tehran and Pyongyang, an Islamist radical theocracy that leads the world in state sponsored terrorism, whose former leader has admitted to wanting to bring about WW III and a murderous nuclear-armed totalitarian state- as the biggest threat to world peace ! How can ANYONE say these two governments pose no more of a threat to world peace than Israel , let alone MANY people throughout the world ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Yet two more symptoms of a sin sick Delusional society going down the toilet bowl !

2nd Thessalonians 2 :10-11 states , “ they did not receive the love of the truth , that they might be saved . And for this reason Almighty God will send them STRONG DELUSION , that they should believe a lie “.

This Delusional thinking originates from the spirit of the Antichrist.

Since Christ was a Jew and Satan is the God of this world this is only natural .

If nothing else on this site illustrates for you how sick this world has become, this should . This sickness of mind is what accounts for Russia , China, India and even the U.S. ,legitimizing , supporting and supplying Iran !

The Obama administration has repeatedly pulled punches , legitimized unstable elements , covertly supported the radicals in power , disregarded popular moderate opposition , softened punitive measures , and continued negotiations , showing childish credulity and perplexing eagerness to make a deal at any cost , despite Iran’s continued deceit !

If only Washington dealt with Israel so favorably .

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