chapter 103


David Horowitz in, the Times of Israel said ,“ The crumbling of camaraderie “, which exactly mirrors the end time prophecy of Zachariah 11:14, describing a , “ breaking of the brotherhood “ , between these two peoples .

Note ,to understand this prophecy, one must do research to know that ,

“ Judah “ refers to modern Israel or Jew for short, and the U.S. is descended from the tribes of Israel . ( note : this is covered in detail ,elsewhere in this site in chapters 56,57,58,60,63,64,66,76,77,78,79,80,81 thru 95 and more). its brief lifetime Israel has reached out to allies with very mixed results. At first it largely turned to a little known superpower , the Creator .It received miracle victory after another 1948 ,1967, 1973.

Then it began to turn to allies, treaties and peace negotiations, and one problem after another after another until it has led to where it is today . All of this has left Israel so desperate and spiritually blind as to even seek the help of , of all people , Germany , as leader of the EU !

Desperate and blind could be the only reasons to seek Germany’s help after the horrors of the Holocaust and Germany’s unrepentant and uninterrupted history of discrimination and Nazism .(note : this is detailed in chapters 59 ,110 & 109)

Remember history does repeat itself .So watch as America recedes and Germany steps up, and as events unfold in the Middle East bringing about the beginning of the end. Germany started the last two world wars , a warring history before that, and ancient Biblical ancestors, the Assyrians where a great warring people as well . 

Remember history does repeat  itself . The great Winston Churchill said , “ The farther back you can look , the farther forward you are likely to see “, fitting , wise words from a wise man, that we would do well to heed .

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