chapter 105


Here is yet another way the balance of world power is changing. For some background we must go back to the 1990s , when the U.S. helped to persuade the Ukraine to give up its nuclear weapons, which would have made Vladimir Putin think twice about rolling tanks and anti-aircraft missiles across their border. 

As if blind to this, the U.S. then proceeded to levy several rounds of economic sanctions which in turn lead Russia to look to China in order to recover its economic losses.The other half of the story is, U.S. business tycoons, eager to maximize short-term profits, despite long-term costs, outsourced as much production as possible to Chinese companies , from the 80’s until now .

The same type of short-sighted thinking used in the Ukraine , here , has cost millions upon millions of jobs , lost to China .

As a byproduct of this , in 2013 America bought $319 million more from China then they brought from U.S. and since 2000 the total trade deficit has topped 3.2 trillion ! Not to mention the trillions of debt owed China from borrowing to subsidize our , “ live beyond our means , in debt “ , way of life . Weakness and greed , two major components of short sightedness , have actually encouraged the axis between these two giant superpowers, China and Russia, and brought about the massive debt we now owe to China ! ! ! ! ! ! !

In May 2014 ,Putin and Chinese leader ,Xi Jinping , sealed the deal on the two largest business transactions in human history !

Two 400 billion dollar gas supply agreements to China !.

Kang Wu , of FG Energy said , ” this will really cement their relationship in a big way and the political implications are huge “.

One immediate meaning to this is China will eclipse Europe to become Russia’s largest natural gas consumer . This will allow Moscow to punish the European Union , for any reason it sees fit , by cutting off its gas flows with far less cost to the Russian economy . In addition to this , the two leaders signed 17 other “ “ major bilateral business agreements “ , along with 38 other major deals worth tens of billions of dollars .

Much of this Chinese money came from the 3.2 trillion total trade deficit since 2000 and the millions of jobs outsourced to China from the U.S. .

Analyst Charles Krauthammer said , “Russia and China’s enhanced partnership marks the first emergence of a global coalition against American hegemony since the fall of the Berlin Wall “ !

These two long time foes , MUCH DUE TO OUR OWN ACTIONS , have come together not only for geostrategic, political and economic interests but to diminish , subvert and displace American power ! ! ! ! ! ! !   What makes this even more chilling is , America has ENCOURAGED this to happen . What America does , effects what happens in the world , problem is, it Used to be for the good ! I know , Denial is rearing its ugly head , in some of you out there . Remember places like ; Libya , Syria , Iraq , Somalia , Egypt, Yemen and Afghanistan , all worse off , as previously shown in chapters 96 thru 98 and 102 .

I’m sure denial is rearing its ugly head also causing you to say , so what if Russia and China are partnering ? Gerald Walpin , former inspector general for the United States Corporation for National and Community service said,” any fair onlooker would compare this axis to the Hitler – Japan axis that came close to defeating democracies , including the U.S. , and resulted in 60 million deaths throughout the world .

The only significant difference is that this new axis has nuclear weapons .“ ! ! ! ! ! ! !
In fact, China firmly behind him, encouraged Putin to threaten to Use nuclear weapons to take control of the Ukraine !

In September 2013 he sent a naval convoy to reopen a military base in the Arctic to back his claims to the energy riches under the ice cap.

In December he sent warships to Australia’s Northern maritime border and issued plans to send long-range bombers to patrol the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean , very near America’s territorial waters !

He has taken opportunities to disown the dollar in international transactions, undermining its status as the world’s reserve currency,( as if our record-breaking debt wasn’t doing that already ! ).

Last but not least a new Russian military doctrine published in December 2013 designated the U.S. as a “ threat and an “ adversary “ !
Clearly our short-sighted actions have awoken this Sleeping Bear !

Putin’s bold, aggressive, expansionist mindset has been fueled Because, under the Obama administration, America has revealed to Putin that its populace is war weary , its policy makers are disunited and our leader is power thirsty at home but deliberately weak internationally !

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