chapter 106


Isaiah 59:8 states, “ the way of peace they know not and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace “

“ .Get a load of another “crooked path” our president has steered US down.

You would think with the multitude of domestic and world problems to worry about; we would cherish an established long time strong friend and ally , such as Britain, and we would be doing something about decreasing our nations humongous debt, (instead of INCREASING our spending, subsidized by running the money printing presses as fast as possible),our open border problem with Mexico, (costing US billions more and giving drugs and terrorists a back door in ) , costly failure to stabilize Iraq or Libya (cost US billions and lives spent in vain or crippled in vain- partly fulfilling a prophecy for US in , Leviticus 26:20 , “ ye shall spend your strength in vain “), worsening conditions in; Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt (ENCOURAGED radical growth in all, and in Egypt by encouraging and hastening the removal of Hosni Mubarak, which in turn made the entire Middle East less stable), instability in nuclear armed Pakistan,  ( we still think of her as an ally even after finding Osama bin Laden there) , Russia Using force to take over territory for the first time since WWII, the threat of terrorism, racial tensions , crime and immorality increasing and eating our nation like a social cancer !

Why would anyone worry about spying on and alienating another much needed strong ,ally in the world, with ALL of this to consider ?

Here’s some background first on what I am speaking of.

After WII Germany lay in ruins, both physically and economically and couldn’t afford to rebuild. The United States ,by way of the Marshall Plan ,gave billions of dollars to Germany and other European states to help them recover .

This prevented Soviet communism from spreading into Western Europe and bound West Germany to the rest of Europe and the western world.

This strong friendship has continued through the reunification of Germany in 1991 for 70 years, up until now. In 2013 , former NSA contractor Edward Snowden , began leaking secret National Security Agency documents to the press , including the German weekly publication ,Der Spiegel .

Documents revealed that the Obama administration has been spying on the Germans from over 250 NSA sites in Germany including a listening post at the American Embassy in Berlin that tapped German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone. Obviously these revelations enraged German politicians public and media.  Before this, a 2013 ARD survey of the German public showed that 76% of Germans trusted the U.S.. After that the figure dropped to 35%, while more than 60% of Germans viewed Snowden , the man who illegally exposed America’s spying ,as a hero. 

There is fierce outrage that America ,its strongest ally , spied on their leader and on the German public in such a massive way. While the U.S. media did not cover the scandal in great detail ,it created a huge splash in the German media ,that whipped the German public into a frenzy, which the politicians exploited . German politicians have already discussed plans to scrap the no-spy agreement Germany has held with Britain and the U.S. since 1945.

Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered the CIA station chief to get out of Berlin.  The German public loved this ,but the other German leaders said Merkel was being not forceful enough against the U.S.. She is receiving more heat for this weak response that will eventually pave the way to Usher in a NEW German leader a, STRONG man who will more broadly fully reflect the German public’s opinion of the U.S..

Domestic security spokesman Stephan Mayer said , “ we must focus more STRONGLY on our so- called allies “ . This prompted Jacob Heilbrunn of the Los Angeles Times to write, “ so-called ? “… “ such statements, unthinkable only a few years ago, accurately reflect a broader antipathy toward America among the German public “ .Heilbrunn wrote of the postwar German- US relationship, “ it had to bind itself to the west economically and militarily….

But it is precisely this tradition that is coming to an end as Germany begins to act on what it perceives as its new national interests “ .

He concluded the article by saying that President Obama ,“ may discover that he is helping to convert Germany from an ally into an  adversary “ . This is a really strong statement considering it is about dismantling a relationship that has helped to preserve peace in Europe for nearly seven decades. Becoming Germany’s adversary becomes even more ominous, when you consider they started the first two world wars !

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