chapter 109


This man says , “ Obama may go down in history as the gravedigger of the trans-Atlantic friendship “ This man’s name is, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg.

He has the title of being a baron. He is married to a countess, Stephanie von Bismarck – Schonhausen, who is directly related to Otto von Bismarck ,the Iron Chancellor of the German Empire in the 1800’s ! Since 1482 his family has lived in Burg (castle) Guttenberg near Kulmbach in Franken.

His ancestors were all devoutly Catholic German aristocrats with relatives in the Hapsburg dynasty, the fourth resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. Here’s the best part for last , that makes it fit Bible prophecy , perfectly , once again !   The official family title granted to his forbears during the 18th century is , “ Reichsfreiherr “, the English translation being ,“ Barron Of The Holy Roman Empire “. So combine this fact with current world news clearly showing that Germany is leading the EU , we can easily conclude that the EU is the seventh resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Guttenberg’s royal ruling lineage and his families official title as being Baron of the Holy Roman Empire fit perfectly.   Just as Hitler thought himself to be the next Charlemagne, Guttenberg WILL be the next Charlemagne !

If you know your history , you know Charlemagne was a ruler of bloody conquest. Guttenberg is an intelligent ,articulate , persuasive speaker and a writer.  The perfect type of leader for these times .

Since his family title is Baron of the Holy Roman Empire and the current circumstances Daniel 11:21 fits , “ to whom they shall not give honor of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably and obtain the kingdom by flatteries ” .

Probably partly due to the dissatisfaction Angela Merkel’s handling of the U.S. spying scandal, he will not be elected or appointed in the Usual manner but will obtain the kingdom by Use of his intelligent ,articulate, persuasive , smooth “ flatteries “, perhaps even by flattering the public’s new found animosity toward the U.S. ,as he has already done in interviews and articles he has published. He will not come to power by attacking his opponents , but “ peaceably “ by smoothness , tact , “ flatteries “ .

Daniel 11:23 continues , “ and after the LEAGUE made with him “ ,

the definition for league is , a group or a combination of parties for promotion of their mutual interests. Which is EXACTLY what the EU is,

a group of countries with mutual interests . “ made with him “ , is exactly what he is prophesied to do, through strong leadership he will mold, solidify and streamline down to 10 countries, by eliminating the weak ones. Guttenberg’s family background, his personal traits and the circumstances surrounding his rise to power seem to be referenced in the following scriptures. Daniel 11:21 states ,

“ and in his estate shall stand up a vile person to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom : but he shall come in peaceably and obtain the kingdom by flatteries “ Verse 23 continues ;”and after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully for he shall come up and he shall become strong with a small people”. ” in his estate shall stand up a vile person. “

-The word estate Usually refers to people or families that have a rich, distinguished, aristocratic or royal heritage, which he certainly does.

The full meaning of “ vile “ is yet to be seen ,however the Bible refers to the church/state combine of the Roman Empire , that he will lead as , a “ beast ” or “abomination” or “ vile “ . The EU is referred to in Revelation 13 :1 as ,“ a beast with seven heads and ten horns “ , meaning there 7 resurrections of this “beast” empire throughout history and the final one will have 10 countries .

Continuing with Daniel 11 : 23 , “ he shall come up and shall become strong with a small people “ he shall rise to power Because of the dominant strength of a small segment of Europe, Germany . German Kings almost exclusively lead the previous 6 resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire ,and are poised to do that again .Germany’s financial , political, and soon to be military strength are evidence of that . Remember they started every major war throughout history AND started the era of mechanized warfare !

In fact the EU has just passed laws to consolidate all of the different country’s military’s ,with Germany at the lead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  History certainly does repeat itself ! A great ,wise man ,known as the “ watcher ” ,Winston Churchill said , “ The further back you can look ,the farther forward you are likely to see “.

World events are playing out precisely as prophecy has laid them out.

As I said in the beginning of the this site , we must dig below the surface, for the hidden meaning, the underlying cause for things, work our way backwards from effect to cause, to Use knowledge to uncover wisdom .   We must Use knowledge of the past and the present to have wisdom to see where our future is leading, since clearly, our leaders do not .

Karl Guttenberg wrote an article in Germany’s biggest selling tabloid about the spying scandal, in it He warned about the strong anti-Americanism it was creating in Germany and that Angela Merkel’s decision to expel the CIA station chief,” should sound President Obama’s alarm bells “ , furthermore he said the President could , “ go down in the history books as the GRAVE DIGGER of the transatlantic friendship “.

The man who in a few years is about to run Germany and thereby guide the EU has said the U.S. – European relationship has died and is about to be buried !!!!!

Here is just a small sample the German press is broadcasting to the world.

Deutsche Welle ,a powerful German broadcaster , with worldwide reach , said some extremely condemnatory things about America on a July 10th article it posted on its website, where it discussed the failure of the U.S.’s Middle East peace policy. It quoted a Middle East expert at the German Marshall Fund as saying , “ the U.S. has abdicated its responsibility as an umbrella of security and of dialogue in the Middle East “ . Also it stated ,“ US policies in the region have been nothing short of disastrous “ .

The article went on to quote Victor Davis Hanson as saying ,

it is fair to say that America has somehow managed to alienate friends, embolden enemies and multiply radical Islamic terrorists “ .

The sad fact is, this is ALL pretty much true !

All of the previous and forthcoming facts and details attest to his statement .

The message of Americas downfall is being broadcast around the world, but we are too distracted by entertainment , sports ,trivial or sinful things to notice !

It is important to this German news source to draw attention to that huge power vacuum in the Middle East Because Germany is happy and waiting to fill it, with a intelligent , articulate persuasive, charismatic and most importantly ,strong leader soon to be at the helm of the E.U. !

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