chapter 110


The German people are extremely intelligent , through and patient !

To illustrate how thorough , intelligent and patient ; intelligence documents, declassified in 1996, revealed that in 1944 , when Nazi leaders realized they were losing the war , called for a meeting with top German industrialists to seek financing for the underground Nazi Party , “ so that a strong German Empire can be created after the defeat “ Two very notable corporations involved were Messerschmidt and Volkswagenwerks.   It was understood that the most prominent members of the Nazi Party we’re going to be convicted at the Nuremberg trials, the less conspicuous but important party officials where to be given positions with these firms as technical experts or members of research and designing , to keep some leadership intact.  The U.S. government knew of this treachery and yet shamefully kept it quiet.  How condemning !

Why were these documents classified in the first place and why did they stay that way for so long until 1996 ? The meaning of this is, the American and British people are in a deep stupor or have fallen asleep totally !

We don’t see or comprehend the dark deception at hand !

Matthew 15 :14 states , “ let them alone :they be blind leaders of the blind and if the blind lead the blind both shall fall into the ditch “ .

In 1997 author, Martin Lee wrote a fascinating book , “The Beast Reawakens “, in which He says, “ there has never really been a clean break from the Nazi past given that the original leadership of the West German Bundeswehr was recruited directly from the upper echelons of Hitlers army . ( only 3 out of 217 Bundeswehr generals in 1976 were not Third Reich veterans and 37 military bases in the Bonn Republic were named after soldiers who made their reputations during the Hitler years ! )Here are some even more detailed statistics showing the government of Bavaria is under the same people of those who served Hitler.  20,000 of the 49,000 civil servants were in the Nazi Party.  11,000 teachers reinstated which is over half, having a Nazi mindset that are teaching the German youth !   60% of the 15,000 employee in the finance ministries were former Nazis. 81% of the judges, and prosecutors are former Nazis To cap it off , two years after the war ended the U.S. and the Allies handed over the denaziification process over to the Germans !  2 years more, the government officially declared it terminated ! What a farce, these facts clearly show it never even began !  A pole in 1946 showed 48% of Germans thought that some races were more fitted to rule than others and 59% were willing to say Nazism was a good idea, badly carried out ,in fact few claimed to be opponents of the regime!!!!!!!!!

And of course , as mentioned earlier in the site , as one of the atrocities of the Roman Catholic Church, many of the higher profile Nazi leaders were smuggled out of Europe to countries in South America in “ The Rat Lines “ , also documented in declassified intelligence documents and in a fascinating 1991 book by Mark Aarons and John Loftus , titled , “ Unholy Trinity , The Beast Reawakens “ . Unholy Trinity and The Beast Awakens are both perfect titles for these books, confirming the Bibles , German led Beast-(EU)/ Roman Catholic connection , detailed earlier in this text !

When communism lost its stranglehold on Europe and the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the Nazis were ready to fill the void.

In June 1991 the Bundestag voted to move the capital back to Berlin in the headquarters of the 2nd and 3rd Reich , the Reichstag, Hitler’s House of hate, which was completely renovated in anticipation of the move.

Back to business as Usual!!!

Was anybody alarmed at this ?

The Devils tools of deception, denial, Delusion and distraction , certainly hard at work here !

Here are some disturbing statistics ;

In the 2 years that followed the wall coming down ,extremist groups doubled from 32,000 to 65,000.

In that same 2 year period, violent racial incidents went up 10 fold.

Several surveys indicated 50 to 60% of the police in some areas sympathized with the Nazi cause.

For the first time since World War II ,immigrants began fleeing Germany in hopes of safe havens in other countries !

In a city 100 miles north of Berlin , named Rostock , in a scene starkly reminiscent of the 1930’s , thousands of local residents roared approvingly as a gang of neo-Nazis attacked a refugee center and hostile for Romanian gypsies, burning it to the ground , as police stood and watched, one officer admitting,“ the police had an arrangement with the rowdies not to intervene “ .

Even more disturbing was the admission of government authorities in the state of Mecklenburg of neo-Nazi plans to , “ clean up Rostock “ before the torchings occurred. Due to a “ shortage of manpower “ , they were unable to send in heavily armed riot police. However, a few days later they WERE ABLE to show up with heavily armed riot police ,when more than a 1000 people, mostly immigrants, turned out to protest the Nazi attacks !

The most shocking event occurred when the German government caved in to the neo-Nazi mob by ordering ALL refugees out of Rostock !

I guess the German government decided to restock Rostock !

Emboldened by the government’s actions neo Nazi violence and attacks spread into a hundred different cities over the next two weeks.

Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s administration one year later on May 27 1993 ,past the Asylum Law , setting firm and strict restrictions on immigrants seeking asylum in Germany !

That made it official , the government had once again sanctioned the Nazi practice of , nationwide racial discrimination !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obviously ,the meaning of all this is ,THE NAZI’S NEVER WENT AWAY !

We didn’t learn after WWI, or WWII !!! This is the country our president has made an enemy of !

Most Americans don’t realize how low our opinion has sunk and how violently even our allies are condemning our foreign policy Because we are too self absorbed and distracted by domestic issues we have created ourselves or superficial things such as entertainment, ,sports or worse .

Incredible as it may seem the year the wall came down opinion polls showed more than one-third of Germans from East and West felt they , “need not be ashamed of the legacy of German fascism “.

Wow ,certainly no remorse there ! The German magazine Der Spiegel polled readers and found 62% thought it better not to , “ talk so much about the persecution of the Jews “ .

Not only no remorse but calling it persecution is ludicrous ,it was mass  extermination !  Then they had the further audacity to say , “ let’s not talk about it so much “ and pretend it didn’t happen ! I’m embarrassed to say , I have German blood in me .The same poll said 36% of Germans surveyed agreed that , “ Jews have too much influence in the world “ .

Finally , one fourth of German school children felt that the Jewish Holocaust stories were “ greatly exaggerated “ .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One last notable fact, in 1991 , the remains of Frederick the Great , known for his military conquests , where in 1933, Hitler stood at the foot of his grave proclaiming the beginning of the Third Reich , were returned to their original resting place in East Germany in a nationally televised live event , attended by 200 dignitaries and 80,000 people !

Many thought this display of Necrolatry ( idolizing the dead) sent the wrong message to the neo-Nazis . At a time when Germany was experiencing its worst outbreak of Nazi violence since World War II, it sent PRECISELY the right message of encouragement to the Neo-Nazis the government WANTED!!!!!!!!!!

The world at large is oblivious to all of this !

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