chapter 111


Romans 3:17 puts it simply , “ the way of peace they have not known “ .

Ambassador Chamberlain returned from talks with Adolf Hitler with a signed treaty that he waved to the public when he returned to England and newspapers proclaimed “ peace in our time “ , one year later the world was plunged into WWII where 70 million people were murdered.

Just as Isaiah 33 :7 prophesied , “ the ambassadors of peace shall weep bitterly “ , which is exactly what they did !

The only person with the insight to see that there would be no peace in this situation was Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was truly a great man of wisdom and foresight known as a “ Watchmen “ of the world.

He knew right away Hitlers world domination plans would continue and tried to warn our president. History records our president was blind to the threat and we had to be bombed into WWII by Japan attacking Pearl Harbor . Unfortunately we do not have a man such as Churchill today.

Churchill could see Hitler was truly a evil ,lying, deceptive man.

The close alliance with the United States that he formed with President Roosevelt became known as the “ SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP “ as he coined the phrase in a famous speech to Congress. This phrase has continued to apply to the special relationship between the United States and Britain since then until now. President Obama has thought it wise to turn his back on this special relationship ,here are some facts to support that.

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