chapter 112


As SOON as he got in office he had the bust of Winston Churchill removed from the White House. During Britain’s standoff with the Falkland Islands Obama leaned toward being pro Argentina. During the Gulf oil spill Obama was quick to point out multiple times that BP was a British company.( like that needed to be said anyway, since BP stands for British Petroleum) .

January 2011 ,Obama said “ We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy and the French people “ . Yet France opposed going into Iraq while Britain sent 40,000 troops and in Afghanistan France sent 3,800 troops and Britain sent 10,000. I would say money , troops and lives spent is a pretty good measure of a strong ally !

When David Cameroon and Gordon Brown visited the U.S., he had every opportunity to acknowledge our long time, special relationship with Britain or say she is our strongest ally, but instead he chose to snub Brown by refusing to meet him all together!

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