chapter 113


Shortly after this in August President Obama was vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts when the Foreign Minister of France, Laurent Fabius, slammed the U.S. leader for being out of touch with the many crises that are now happening by saying , “ I know it is the holiday period in our Western countries but when people are dying you must come back from vacation “ . 

This was in direct response to , at this time , hundreds of Christians and Yazdis were being slaughtered in Iraq . Ironically, this slam comes from the Foreign Minister of France, the country Obama claims ,is our strongest ally !!!!!!!!!!!!! Even shortly after ,when Gordon Brown and David Cameron came to the U.S. he made no attempt to strengthen our “ special relationship ” ,but in fact snubbed them.

Shortly after that, on August 17th, Mr. Obama broke from vacationing to give a speech at a fundraising event in nearby Tisbury ,Massachusetts where he spoke again about how awesome everything has been the last few years. America today is stronger, “ in all sorts of ways “ , “There’s no other country you’d rather be than the United States “. 

He continued speaking about negative stories about the Ukraine ,Gaza and the Ebola virus, saying the world still looks to US for solutions to these crises,” there’s a reason for that Because despite the complaints and the second guessing and the anti-American sentiment that you hear sometimes on television around the globe when there’s an actual problem they all recognize we’re the one indispensable nation “.    What does he mean, “ the anti-American sentiment you hear SOMETIMES “ ?   

 We hear it all the time ! What does he mean , “ WHEN there’s an ACTUAL problem “ ? Actually, when isn’t there some sort of anti- American sentiment and when AREN’T there MANY serious problems occurring lately ?  The world has increasing problems, many are of Obamas making !

The president might have a better handle on this if he did not spend more time fund raising than any other president in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The president has also spent 44 million dollars, of taxpayers money ,on traveling and vacationing, leading some to say he is the most traveled , most expensive president in history. To say nothing of the latest accusation of Michelle Obama spending 10 million on her vacations .

Can we afford this in time or money with conditions as they are ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

America’s leaders can fiddle away while the world burns if they like, but as former US president ,John Adams once said , “ Facts are stubborn things “ .

In other words , no matter how you try to ignore them , by going on vacations, fundraisers and by speaking smooth ,deceptive things, facts don’t go away , they are stubborn that way ! Now as far as , “ when there’s an actual problem we are the one indispensable nation “ goes , Israel HAS dispensed with the U.S. ,as far as looking for help in finding a solution to the conflict in Gaza, and has turned to Germany as leader of the EU. The fact that Israel would turn to Germany after the horrific suffering of the Holocaust, testifies to the fact of how desperate they are for a strong effective ally in this situation. ( Obamas hatred of Israel is well documented earlier in this site in chapter 101 )

America’s Spiritual , financial and political weakness, ineffective foreign relations and recent noncommittal toward Israel has forced Israel to look to the up and coming replacement to America , as Global powerhouse .

Berlin is moving ahead cautiously and SLOWLY, which only makes Israel want Germanys help more. Berlin hard to get stance only makes Israel more desperate . This in fact also makes all of Europe want Germany to step up even more. This is a well thought out strategy the leaders in Berlin are aware of. After the aggression of two world wars they want to appear reluctant .

Not only was the preceding scripture prophetic, this is paving the way for yet more prophecy to be fulfilled in a great double cross by Germany and the EU once a peacekeeping force is established there. This POSITIVELY WILL happen ! More on that later.

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