chapter 114


All of this “ spending our strength in vain ”, despite our great power is precisely as prophecy said we would do .

Leviticus 26: 19-20 says , “And I will break the pride of your power; and I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass: And your strength shall be spent in vain … “ .

All of these previous listed failures are not caused by a LACK of power, which we STILL have, but a lack of pride , will or commitment to Use it decisively, quickly , forcefully and intelligently !

Anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear and a mind to understand, can see these failures are a fulfillment of these prophecies .

Scanning the world’s headlines only CLEARLY CONFIRMS this .

Simply put , our spiritual/ moral decline lead to our economic decline , lead to our military decline , lead to our diplomatic decline and our stepping down as the worlds leader and policeman .

These connections are explored in chapter 93 , ‘ The cold hard facts as identity proof ‘ and chapter 95 , ‘ Blessings as promised but also curses for disobedience ‘ .

All of this signals not only Americas end of being the world’s policeman, but the beginning of the end of America being a world superpower ……………..

Deuteronomy 28:1 , which states ,

“ I will make you above and not below , the head and not the tail “ .

We were meant to and HAVE been blessed above ALL nations Because of the birthright promises given to Abraham and his son Jacob ( Israel) .
after seven decades serving as the world’s leader and policeman . (There’s that #7 again !)

With dizzying speed our national identity , being based on a Judeo-Christian culture and American exceptionalism has been abandoned .

Moral degeneracy , drugs , destruction of the family unit through adultery , out-of-wedlock births , abortion and homosexuality , then several economic convulsions , terrorism and the threat of it , and military and diplomatic blunders , have clearly signaled , we are no longer , “above “ and “ the head” , just maybe not “ the tail “, …….. YET !

Finally as a result of terrorism we have helped to spread (see chapters 95 thru 101), upwards of 100 million refugees have been generated , mostly to Europe , prompting them to build up militarily , as a response to Americas falling back as the world’s policeman ,to take matters into their own hands . This has led to Israel starting to look for help , to Germany , as head of the EU and will lead to a clash between the EU and radical Islam, led by Iran, leading to WWIII and OUR defeat and captivity ! ! !

I do not say this , but Bible Prophecy does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some signs we are on this road ………………………………………

As previously stated Because of our spiritual / moral decline , our economic blessings have eroded , to the tune of a recently doubled (Obama’s Presidency) national debt of 21 + trillion dollars , leading to drastic cuts in military spending . In the June 3rd 2014 issue of , “ Foreign Policy “ , in an article entitled , “ Have we hit Peak America ? “ , Elbridge Colby and Paul Lettow wrote , “ Among allies , adversaries and swing states alike , US fiscal policy is increasingly calling into question America’s ability to lead globally “ .
America’s formidable military strength is diminishing as quickly as its national pride .
Since 2012 the U.S. Army has dissolved 13 Brigade combat teams , a drop of 80,000 active-duty troops . The Pentagon announced 40,000 cuts by 2018 , shrinking the Army to 450,000 , the smallest since 1940, when Germany was conquering France .
By many counts , the U.S. Navy is at its smallest since World War 1 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

While still maintaining its congressionally-mandated 11 aircraft carriers, only three and just 35% of the entire Navy Fleet or fewer than hundred ships are ACTIVELY deployed , as quoted by Steve Cohen in , “ America’s Incredible Shrinking Navy “ , Wall Street Journal , March 20th 2014 .

Plans to eliminate planes will make the U.S. Air Force the smallest and oldest since its inception in 1947 .The average aircraft age is no more than 25 years old and multiple upgrades or replacement programs have been scrapped or drastically reduced .

The June 13th 2015 issue of , The Economist , in an article , “ Who’s afraid of America ? “ , wrote , “ One simple geopolitical rule has endured : do not take on America . The country’s armed forces have been so well resource and so technologically superior , that it would be utterly foolish for any state to mount a direct challenge to the superpower or its allies .This rule still holds – but it is no longer quite as compelling as it once was . Although America still possesses by far the most capable of forces in the world , the technological advantage that guarantees it can defeat any conceivable adversary is eroding quickly “ . !

Cuts in military spending hurts up-to-date technology the most . So our military is smaller , weaker , older and less technologically advanced , giving US less power to have pride in than we had before Almighty God broke “ the pride of our power “ in the first place .( Leviticus 26:19)

In the Pulitzer prize-winning authors book , from The Wall Street Journal , entitled , “ America in retreat “ , Bret Stephens writes , “ perceptions shape actions . Allies who doubt the credibility of American security guarantees of the strength of will , will pursue their interests irrespective of Washington’s wishes or commands . Enemies who think they have nothing to fear from the United States will do as they please. …… American military power is becoming more of an over- the- horizon rumor , than it is a visible and confident reality . For power to be believed it has to be seen “ .

Despots around the world routinely test US power and will . We still have a measure of power , it is more our lack of will to Use it , intelligently , forcefully and with commitment that hurts US most . Examples are Russia’s , China’s and terrorists recent activities . They share a common goal of reducing US influence and bending the rest of the world to their political will .

This has led to a catch-22 phenomenon , described by Nick Bryant in a July 10th 2015 BBC report , where he said , “ the United States is no longer so keen to exert leadership in an increasingly messy world , yet one of the reasons why the world has become so disorderly is Because America is no longer so active in imposing order .Over the course of this century , Washington has lost its fear factor . World leaders nowadays seem prepared to provoke the wrath of the White House , confident that it will never rain down on them “ .

This has only been magnified during the Obama Administration , not only through military spending cuts but by disrespecting long time strong allies Israel and Great Britain , botched military endeavors in several countries resulting in hurting those countries and furthering terrorism , the spying scandal in Germany and other diplomatic fiascoes .
It is interesting to note Nick Bryant of the BBC’s Use of the word “ messy “ in referring to the state of the world now .
In only one of Obama’s many Uses of double-talk or plain outright outlandish lies , so unbelievable , that people would doubt anyone would have the audacity to even say them , so they just believed them as truth , ( just as Hitler did , see chapter 131) , Obama said , the day after saying , “ we don’t have a strategy yet “ , to deal with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants and hours after the British government raised its terror threat level to “ severe “ as a result of this military activity in Iraq and Syria , Obama then said at a fundraiser ,

 “ I promise you things are much less dangerous now than they were 25 years ago 25 years ago or 30 years ago “ …… “ the truth of the matter is that the world has always been messy .In part we’re just noticing now Because of social media and our capacity to see in Intimate detail the hardships that people are going through “ . He then touched on another subject of uneasiness for Americans , he said , “ which brings me to the last reason that people are anxious, and that is that Washington doesn’t work “ .

In other words , my Administration is screwing up America and the world , but I “promise you “ , “ the truth of the matter is “ it just looks like it’s falling apart , Because of the up to the minute information of social media , relax everything is fine , I’m doing a fine job continuing to screw US and the world up ,into chaos ! If the worlds policeman is in chaos , obviously so goes the world !
What America , as “ One Nation under Almighty God “ and the world really needs is to wake up and respond to Almighty God’s call for individual and national repentance . Almighty God’s word offers the only hope and solution to those who are willing to heed this warning . 2nd Chronicles 7:14 says , “ if my people who are called by my name (one nation under Almighty God) will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land “ .

While we have been blessed it should be obvious which side of the fence we are now on .This is the sin/curse connection .

That is why the pride of our power has been broken and we are spending our strength in vain . Forgive me for speaking the brutal truth , but America is weaker , spiritually/morally , which has led to US being weakened economically , causing US to focus on internal problems , leading to US being weakened militarily and diplomatically .

As one of our great founding fathers, John Adams, once said, “ Facts are stubborn things and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations or the dictates of our passions , they cannot alter the state of facts or evidence “ .

These are the facts no matter how much we deny, delude or distract ourselves to believe, we, individually and as a nation, are okay.

The facts are, we, thru our disobedience, despite great blessing, have brought about these negative changes in our own condition and in the world……… Because we were meant to lead the world by example, so we have for good, so we shall for bad. This is only the beginning of correction ! ! ! ! ! ! !

As Abraham Lincoln once told our nation, repent and return to the Almighty God of our blessing !

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