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Patients entering this healing center , beneath a sign that said, “ death is not allowed here “ , would enter through a tunnel ( like a snake ) , drank a strong sedative and spent the night in rooms where nonpoisonous snakes crawled around them and on them , all night to receive their healing .

If one were to bite you it was considered a good sign of assured healing.

The next morning the dreams they had, under the effects of the sedatives or drugs , were told to the pagan priests there and a diagnosis and treatment were prescribed . They would then perform treatments of drugs, herbs , spells , incantations , offerings and sacrifices .

This is known as the Greek word , “ pharmakia “, meaning drugs or spells ,

or in other words , works of the flesh of man , as opposed to work of the Holy Spirit in US , mentioned in the Bible , in ; Galatians 5:22, Revelation 9:21 ,

18 :23 and 22: 15 . In our English Bible this word is translated as witchcraft or sorceries Because from then until about 400 years ago the only ones who Used drugs were witches and sorcerers to hallucinate to see and get in touch with evil spirits . Besides pharmakia , clay sculptures of body parts to be healed , were made and Voodoo like spells were performed . Traditional medicine was also practiced there .

This whole snake thing has some interesting connections .

Revelation 12:9 says , “ that ancient serpent called Satan “.

If you recall in the Garden of Eden when Satan came to Eve , he came in the form of a snake , he told her to go against Almighty God’s command against eating ,

“ of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil “, he said to her ,

“ ye shall not surely die “. This is the origin of the wording on the healing centers sign , “ Death Is Not Allowed Here “ , and believe it or not the AMA’s symbol of the coiled up snake has its origins here as well .
The apostle Antipas was so renowned for the miracles of healing that HE performed , by the power of ALMIGHTY GOD , that the demon spirits complained to these pagan priests , in their dreams , that they had to do something , Because the people were being driven away from the Healing Center . So when the Apostle, Antipas , the bishop at Pergamum , was preaching and healing there , he was captured and given an ultimatum to publicly worship the Roman Emperor by giving a sacrifice of wine and incense on the altar of Zeus ,( throne of Satan) . Of course , being loyal to Almighty God , he refused and he himself was sacrificed and burnt on that very altar . This is why in Revelation 2 :13 , it says Antipas was martyred there .

There is a direct spiritual connection between this Throne of Satan, from Pergamum, and attacks on the Jewish people !

Fast forward to the year………………………………


– German archaeologist discovers this altar of Zeus / throne of Satan and excavation begins . This happens to be the year that anti-Semitism begins in Germany !


The altar is shipped , piece by piece to Germany , for reconstruction .

This happens to be the year Hitler is born !


-The throne is restored in Berlin and opens to the public next to the Ishtar Gate , a main entrance to Babylon , the empire of origin where Satan’s pagan practices gave birth to , ALL FALSE TRADITIONS THAT MAN OBSERVES TODAY .

Ishtar (Easter) is the God of fertility . One of two related deities pictured on this gate is the God Marduk or Molech ,the head sun god , who people were sacrificed to by fire .

This happens to be the year the Nazi Party blossoms , who would sacrifice 6 million Jews , mostly by fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Chief architect for the Nazi Party Albert Speer made a replica of this throne , called the Zeppelin Tribune , from which Hitler gave all his infamous maniacal speeches from . In the center ,where a hollow bronze bull was previously placed ,to burn the sacrifices of the Apostle Antipas and others was now Hitler’s podium .

In the original the human sacrifices , mostly Christian , were placed inside the hollow bronze bull and burned . As they screamed in agony their screams were echoed in this hollow brass bull making it seem that the bull was alive .

From this former Satan’s altar of fire sacrifice , now podium ,

Hitler would give birth (fertility god Ishtar) to 6 million more fire sacrifices ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It should be mentioned many people who witnessed Hitler speaking close up , said his eyes had a hypnotic bewitching effect , combined with angry , fiery , fanatical fury , like he was possessed , so much so that when he came off of the stage ,sweating profUsely , several times he collapsed in exhaUStion afterward , as if he had been possessed by a spirit that drove him to the limits of human capability !

Ya think ?

Hitler’s doctor , Dr. Achille Delmas , wrote , one of Hitler’s personal assistants said ,  “ Hitler told me he wakes up in the night screaming and in convulsions . He calls for help and appears half paralyzed , he utters confused and unintelligible sounds , gasping as if on the point of suffocation . Often , when again fully conscious, Hitler would cry out , “ He’s here ! There ! In the corner ! “ He would point to an empty space , apparently seeing an entity that no one else could see . Hitler himself has been quoted as saying , “ The new man is living amongst US now . He is here . I have seen the new man . He is intrepid and cruel . I was afraid of him “ .

Here are some statements Hitler made that show he was truly demon possessed .

“ Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest Liberator of humanity . I am freeing man from a false vision called conscience and morality .   The Ten Commandments have lost their validity . Conscience is a Jewish invention , it is a blemish , the heaviest blow which struck humanity was Christianity , Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child , both are inventions of the Jew . The struggle between world domination is between me and the Jews , all else is meaningless “ .
Finally , Hitler’s Satan possessed , Antichrist mentality was summed up in this quote by him , “ The work that Christ started , but could not finish , I , Adolf Hitler , will conclude “ .

Note see You Tube ,” Hitler’s Demon Caught on Tape “ and other Hitler’s Possessed , Maniacal speeches .

It should also be noted that Hitler’s advisors included several from the occult including , an astrologer , a medium , and psychic advisor , which he rarely made a move without consulting .

Most of Hitler’s rallies , from the Altar of Zeus/Throne of Satan , replica at Nuremberg , were given at night , and involved torchlight , as you might expect , since Satan rules the night , and is associated with fire .

At this Throne of Satan ,Hitler’s architect Speers installed 150, (1+5=6 , Satan’s number) , super spot lights , shining straight up in the air for miles .   This caused people to gaze up at the heavens as they listened to Hitler’s demonically maniacal speeches .

They called it the Cathedral of light . This created the mystical , hypnotic, Godlike effect , that Hitler wanted , just as emperors of Rome wanted to be worshipped as a God , at the same altar !

2nd Corinthians 11:14 states , “ and no Marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light “ ! .

Hitler said , “ I may not see all of you and some of you may not see me , but you feel me and I feel you “ , further encouraging the Godlike relationship he wanted with his people, issuing this quasi-religious oath , by torchlight, “ blazing flames hold US together into eternity…no one shall take this faith from those who are dedicated to Germany “ .  How demonic can you get , referencing , “ blazing flames “ of past and future burnt sacrifices, “ holding us together into eternity “ !   Most of Hitler’s rallies , from the Altar of Zeus/Throne of Satan , replica at Nuremberg , were given at night , and involved torchlight , as you might expect , since Satan rules the night , and is associated with fire .

The Catholic church is big on fire as well, whether it be burning people at the stake in the Dark Ages, Crusades and  Inquisitions’ or lighting candles in their churches.

Hitler said, “ the concluding meeting at Nuremberg must be exactly as solemnly and ceremonially performed as a service of the Catholic Church “ ! The connection here should be obvious since earlier in this site it has been made undeniably clear that Satan has given birth to the Catholic Church.

It should be noted that at the Catholic monastery school (Abbey) , in Lambach , Austria, Hitler attended in his youth , had a swastika on the entrance over the main gate and four more on the building ! The A L below the swastika stand for Abbey-Lambach and the T H above are the initials of it’s founder.

Back to the year/date connections, between Hitler’s hell on Earth, given birth to on,     The Throne of Satan, and the persecution of the Jews, now, after the war in……..


-the Soviets took the Throne , as spoils of war , to Leningrad .

This happens to be the year of the rebirth of Israel . It’s as if , once the devil incarnate , Hitler, was dethroned and the Holocaust was over , Israel was reborn .


– The Throne of Satan was returned to Berlin , where it remains in The

Pergamum Museum today . 69 years after arriving in Germany , it returns .

6+9=15 , 1+5=6 . Satan’s number marks the return of his Throne to Germany !

Also at the Berlin , Pergamum Museums, the Ishtar Gate , an entry way to Babylon , with images of dragons and serpents on it . Satan is referred to as a dragon and a serpent in Revelation 12:9 .

Serpent creature, Ishtar Gate

It is interesting to note that Ishtar (Easter) is a Goddess of fertility , that was sacrificed to , and this Throne of Satan gave birth to the rise of an antichrist figure that sacrificed 6 million Jews and 60 million people over 6 years , 666 ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Surely we can see the background , history , dates , associations and details of this Altar of Zeus \ Throne of Satan , ALL certainly live up to its name .

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