chapter 120


By 1938 , 8 years after the throne of Satan was brought to Berlin, anti-Semitism was in full swing , requiring all Jews to have their passports validated by having a red J stamped on them . 8 represents the number of new beginnings ,as illustrated by the 8 people in the ark including Noah, that began a new world. (see end of chapter 33 for amazing list of proofs)  The symbolism here is red is the color of blood and J is for Jews and this was the beginning of the Jews being singled out, for persecution and slaughter.

Jews were transported for extermination in cattle cars just as animals were Used as sacrifice in the Bible .

The devil is perverse , disrespectful and evil , especially in regards to treating our Heavenly Fathers people . There were 6 million Jews sacrificed in the Holocaust and there were 60 million total sacrificed in world WWII. Just as a tithe is the first fruit tenth sacrifice of one’s wages , the Jews were Satan’s perverted first tenth sacrifice of the war .


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