chapter 125


The Obama administration’s assault on the Constitution has increased to the point where every 2 or 3 weeks some action this administration has taken raises constitutional questions that threaten to undermine America’s foundational document .

When Mr. Obama first became President he promised a radical transformation of the U.S. by the end of his first term. A short time later he was quoted as saying,“ What’s frustrated people(and himself) is that I have not been able to force Congress to implement every single aspect of what I said in 2008…. well you know it turns out that the Founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change then I would like sometimes. “

Gregory Korte, in USA TODAY, 2015.
WASHINGTON — “ President Obama has issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum more often than any other president in history…“

Presidential memoranda have the same force and effect as an executive order but they do not require any action of Congress and thus there is no official record of them.

Obama exploited this fact to conceal his abusive use of his Executive power when he said, “ The truth is, even with all the actions I’ve taken this year, I’m issuing executive orders at the lowest rate in more than a hundred years. “ Just like his other Infamous quote when he said, “ You know I tell you the truth !

“ One of the flags of a liar is they will tell you that they’re telling the truth as they lie to you, and often combined it with a psychological suggestion, to promote believability.

Hitler employed the very same psychological tactics ! (For startling proofs see chapter 131)

Obama has been an outspoken critic of the Constitution and has long had desire to cast off its restraints. In a 2001 public radio interview, then Senator Obama said the Constitution reflected the, “ fundamental flaw “ of the United States   WHAT ? !

He characterized the supreme law of the land as, a charter of                                         “ negative liberties “…It says  what the state can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf. “(It actually DOES !) What the president views as a “ fundamental flaw “ and views as “ negative liberties “(a contradiction), it is in fact, the fundamental positive force of power, the Constitution has to limit executive power and tyranny,  guaranteeing our freedom ! 

This is the way it was designed by our Founding Fathers.


Obama supports the view of a so-called, “ living Constitution “ which in reality, its aim is to destroy the Constitution !

It says that the constitution no longer means what it meant, when written, that it is      “ living “ and changing to fit “ the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing Society “

This is not evolving this is devolving ! This is saying, as society becomes more lawless and immoral, the Constitution should change with it.  This is nothing more than applying “ situational ethics “ to our Law of the Land !  Situational Ethics was invented in 1991. It means. The doctrine of flexibility in the application of moral laws according to circumstances so that moral decision making is contextual or dependent on a set of circumstances, rather than judging it according to absolute moral standards.

In other words there is no absolute right or wrong !

The Constitution, that was based on the Law of the world, the Ten Commandments is ABSOLUTE RIGHT OR WRONG !

This also fits in with Obama’s mentality and course of actions as being the most anti-Christian/ anti-Jewish president ever. (for eye-opening proofs see chapters 117, 101 and 102)

Respected Economist and journalist Thomas Sowell said, “ for more than a century believers in bigger government have also been believers in having judges interpret the restraints of the Constitution out of existence. They called this a

‘ Living Constitution ‘, it has in fact been a dying Constitution, as its restraining provisions have been ‘ interpreted ‘ to mean less and less so that the federal government can do more and more. “ ( National Review May 8th 2009)

One of the last champions of preserving the integrity of the Constitution was Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Unfortunately the death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia, during the Obama administration, marks the end of the last Supreme Court Judge that was fighting to keep the power of the Constitution, to limit executive power, intact.

Lamenting on the growing support of this living Constitution concept Scalia lamented in an interview in 2009, lately “ it’s up to the court to decide when it(the living Constitution) morphs and how it morphs ! “

Commenting how, under the Obama Administration this has increased, explained,

“ has made enormous headway not only with lawyers and judges but even with John Q public. “

Another strict constitutionalist like Antonin Scalia, Robert Bork, who was nominated by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, said this. “… either the Constitution and statutes are law, which means that their principles are known and control judges or they are malleable texts that judges may rewrite to see that particular groups or political causes win. “ Because of his being loyal to the Constitution not being influenced by special interest groups or the whims of the public, his nomination was rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee, after just 3 months.

Bork’s response to this as he addressed the White House, was, “ In the 100 days since my nomination, the country has witnessed an unprecedented event.

The process of confirming justices for our nation’s highest court has been transformed in a way that should not and indeed must not be permitted to occur again.

The tactics and techniques of national political campaigns have been unleashed on the process of confirming judges. This is not simply disturbing, it is dangerous. Federal judges are not appointed to decide cases according to the latest opinion polls. They are appointed to decide cases impartially according to the law.

But when judicial nominees are assessed and treated like political candidates, the effect will be to chill the climate in which judicial deliberations take place to erode public confidence in the impartiality of the Courts and to endanger the independence of the Judiciary…. In 200 years, no nominee for Justice has ever campaigned for that high office. None ever should, and I will not ! “

This Supreme Court Judge nominee had integrity, to uphold the rule of law, of the Constitution, and would not cater to special interest groups !

So this slippery slope, constitutional trend, has been going for almost 30 years, so now judges rather than rendering judgments according to what the Law says,  end up transforming and making law according to what special interest groups, the public and their own whims, say they should be !

This is Situational Ethics !

Situational Ethics is the doctrine of flexibility in the application of moral laws according to circumstances so that moral decision making is contextual or dependent on a set of circumstances, rather than judging it according to absolute moral standards.

In other words there is no absolute right or wrong !

The Constitution, that was based on the Law of the world, the Ten Commandments is , ABSOLUTE RIGHT OR WRONG !

A good example of this is the legalization of same-sex marriage .

Because there are more gays, lesbians and trans-genders, it therefore should be legal. Almighty God says this is an “ Abomination “ ! Leviticus 20:13.

There are 65 countries where same sex marriage is illegal and 10 where it is punishable by death.

Obama, when visiting his father’s homeland of Kenya, rather than talk about more important pressing issues, chose to lecture Kenya’s leader on legalizing same sex marriage !

He was attempting to influence ANOTHER countries law, based on his special

interest ! How sickly inappropriate !

Such application of the law, as these examples are, are what the Founding Fathers sought to prevent, tyranny, perversity and immorality !

This is no longer, The Rule of Law, but, The Rule of Men !

This is LAWLESSNESS, the Road to Ruin !

This is what happened in ancient Israel during the nightmarish period of the Judges.

“ Every man did that which was right in his own eyes. “ Judges 17:6 and 21:25.

This is also one main cause of the downfall the old Roman Empire !

A growingly deceived and sick society supported Obama when he said he wanted to install a judge who exercises, “ empathy “ for certain groups.

He specifically said he’d like to see someone with a “ heart “ for the poor.

I know on the surface that may sound compassionate and wonderful, but when judges begin favoring one group over another and how they apply the law, that is not Justice ! Remember the symbol for justice is a balance scale !

There is a reason why the Founding Fathers established a justice system that honor the Biblical instruction to, “ judge not according to the appearance “ to

“ not respect of persons in judgment. “ (John 7:24, Deuteronomy 1:17 and 16:19, Proverbs 24:13, and James to 2:9)

This kind of impartial Justice, in which everyone is treated equally, regardless of rank, station, connections, race, wealth or poverty or anything else, has been our greatest blessing !

Just as Obama promised to bring about radical change to America, he is redefining undermining and overthrowing the rule of law and is, as Justice Scalia said, transforming America in ways, few thought possible.

This is helping to fulfill the prophecy in 2nd Timothy 3 that says in these End Times, it would be a time of LAWLESSNESS !

His repeated assaults on the Constitution have encouraged , constitutional law professor at Georgetown University , Louis Seidman , to make the following comments in his most recent book , “ On Constitutional Disobedience “ ,  “ Why should we care about what the Constitution says ? “ …. “ Should we feel obligated to obey it ? How can we make this decision today based on a document created more than 200 years ago ? “ .

That kind of reasoning can, has been, and is used, against the Bible, which much of the Constitution is based upon !

When a society no longer values the established , proven and sacred things that made it , destruction is not far off ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This type of thinking, encouraged by the president’s actions, is not only, clearly wrong and DESTRUCTIVE, but contagious as well, as evidenced by this law professors and others comments, that are similar, becoming so popular now.

This Satan’s spirit of lawlessness, that influences mankind to break the foundation of law, The Ten Commandments, is the root cause of all our problems ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This is yet another sign of Satan’s growing influence in the world .

Under Obama , our leaders are casting aside the foundational law of the land and telling us that we don’t need that old outdated law , that is based on the Bible .  We know what justice is. We will do ,what we will to do, just trust us !   Obama tells us, in his infamous lying quote “ You know I tell you the truth “ .

Regardless of what I say or do , blindly accept and follow my lead or else I’ll just make another of my record number of less obvious, Executive Orders known as Presidential Memoranda, to force my will upon America !

That reasoning paves the way for tyrants ! Hitlers famous quote , “ Triumph of the Will “ fits well here , especially when you consider , just prior to accepting the Democratic Presidential nomination , Obama went to Germany to visit Hitler’s Throne of Satan where he gained his Supernatural powers to deceive, in the first place . Pergamum Museum Throne of Satan.

As soon as he returned he asked a replica be built for his nomination acceptance speech rally in Denver Colorado.

The New York Post noticed what this was, as reflected in the headline below right.


the convention rally Obama repeatedly said, “ Yes we can “ and the crowd chants back, both saying, when played in reverse, it clearly says “ Thank you Satan “ See many YouTube videos such as , https://youtu.be/jqALdkTArqs For history, background and elaboration,(see chapters 119 , 127 , 129 , 130 , 131 , 132 , 133 , 134 , 135) In September 2012 a panel of experts presented a list to the House Judiciary Committee on how President Obama has exceeded his constitutional constraints. Human Events. Com summarized the panel’s findings this way ,

“ As President Barack Obama has made a habit of bypassing or ignoring constitutional limitations on his power . “ He also told the IRS to do political profiling for any organization with words like ; tea party , patriot or Israel . Which confirms another interesting fact , our president is the most anti-Israel president we’ve ever had , clearly evidenced by his foreign policy and decisions regarding that country ( as detailed in chapters 101, 102, 98, 99, 117) , most notably pressure on Israel for concessions to the Palestinians . Obama has said that Israel should go back to its borders before the 1967 Arab-Israeli war ! This statement severely undermines Israel’s ability to negotiate peace , since this is the main issue of contention !

When Congress goes into recess he has repeatedly filled openings without approval , called , “ recess appointments “ sometimes when Congress wasn’t even in recess ! Senator Mike Lee , a constitutional scholar in Congress , told the committee that , “ Obama’s abuse of power by making recess appointments, when the senate was not actually in recess was a historic first “, adding to the MASSIVE , list of firsts by this radical president . 

He also appoints agency heads without Senate approval . Then of course there’s the ; phone, email , internet , web-cam , traffic cam , security cam , consolidation & tracking by the NSA ! Since 2008 , the NSA has Used all of these devices to spy on , not just terrorists and criminals , but ordinary people like you and me . This is all coordinated by a huge military national database , another unconstitutional first ! Our President wants to much power domestically and exercises to little or the wrong influence in foreign affairs . In an effort to downplay Obama’s abuse of executive power , he , and his administration , only speak of his executive orders saying that he is below the average .

 However he never mentions the other executive action available to the president , which is called an executive memoranda , which have the same power , force and effect of an executive order but are not required to be published in the Federal Register and as USA Today called them , “ executive orders by another name that are not numbered and not indexed in the Federal Register . Memoranda may or may not be published , depending on the president’s determination of general applicability and legal effect “ . For these reasons that makes them extremely tricky to count . This is why Obama Uses these most of the time to force his way around Due Process and Congress, in a sneaky manner .

Even with this being said the ones that are listed put Obama’s number of executive memoranda at the highest of all presidents ever ! At least 14 times the Supreme Court has had to step in and deem them unconstitutional ! Tom C.W. Lin , a law professor at Temple University said , “ the way our Founders set up the government means that no one individual , no one branch , can dictate the national agenda and can make laws unchecked “ .

Under Obama we live in an era in which the federal government , without actually passing a law by due process through Congress , increasingly dictates parameters of various economic sectors including Health Care , retirement , education , energy production , finance , land and Resource Management , funding of science and research , manufacturing , personal freedoms and National security . 

 These executive actions were meant for extra ordinary circumstances like congress’s inaction to address a problem , extreme urgency , crisis or time of War , not for just pushing a president’s Personal Agenda through ! ! ! ! ! ! ! So when Obama repeatedly said , he would only Use his Executive Action Powers , “ when Congress fails to act “ , he lied ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Alex Jones said , “ At least 75 times President Obama violated the Constitution / and or broke federal law “ at website www.infowars.com Here are a sampling of some of Obamas unconstitutional acts ;

From January 2012 through June 2013 , the Supreme Court unanimoUSly rejected Obama’s Justice Department’s extreme positions , 9 times ,on everything from ; criminal procedure , property rights , religious freedom ,immigration , securities regulation , tax law . Over all , Courts have overruled the Obama Administrations actions at least 24 times, more than any other president . The only thing these cases have in common is too set no limit on the federal governments power , which is unconstitutional in itself ! ! ! ! ! ! !

He Used the IRS to do political profiling , by creating a , “ be on the lookout “ list for organizations with word Israel , Patriots , Tea Party , or activities such as ; criticizing the government , educating about the constitution . An unprecedented attack on the First Amendment , Obamas Justice Dept. ordered a criminal investigation on FOX News for doing their job during the 2012 election year . A continued assault on your Constitutional right to bear arms . (So when Martial law is enacted , due the crisis’s he is creating , there will be little resistance !) On a related issue , one of the unprecedented number of , Executive Orders and Presidential Memoranda’s , he has issued , is to ,thru Obamacare , to allow doctors and hospitals to investigate which patients own a gun !

The unsuccessful war in Libya , that was not approved by Congress and was therefor illegal , which only brought chaos, the murder of our ambassador there, the closing of our embassy and removal of any US presence , including civilians from that country and put the Muslim Brotherhood in power (just as in Egypt) . Obama forced Obamacare on the public through lying to the public about its cost AND bribery ! It passed in the Senate by one vote by bribing Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska with the notorious , “Cornhuskers Kickback “ .

He bribed Senator Mary Landrieu with the infamous $300 million ,“ Louisiana Purchase “ . Also relating to Obamacare , he Violated the First Amendment of religious freedom by ordering faith-based institutions to violate their beliefs by having insurance that covers abortion and force insurance providers to cover abortions , sterilizations and contraceptives . Obama several times has made “ Recess Appointments “ , while the Senate was still in session . Just as the IRS profiling targeted organizations , that said things Obama didn’t like , another assault on free speech AND due process came up in The Justice Departments response to the University of Montana’s handling of sexual assault claims . 

The justice Dept. sent a letter to the university , intended as a national “ blueprint “ for tackling sexual harassment urging a crackdown on “ unwelcome “ speech and requires complaints to be heard in a quasi-judicial procedures that deny legal representation , encourage punishment before trial and convict based on a mere , “ more likely than not “ standard . This is what dictators do ! Despite our southern border being wide open ,

 due to Obama has continued to violate a 2006 LAW , the Secure Fence Act requiring , “ at least two layers of reinforced fencing “ be built along the 650 miles of Mexican border ,he is creating a security threat and massive economic , social and medical problem , AND Congress failing to pass immigration reform , Obama ,(contradicting his own statement that he lacks authority despite his excessive Use of Executive Memoranda to force his authority !) , has directed the Department of Homeland Security to issue work and residence permits to the so called “ Dreamers “ . Congress rejected Obamas Dream Act .

Related to this Obama , after 300,000 illegal aliens had been processed for deportation , ORDERED THE BORDER PATROL to release them with no explanation ! Finally a part of our Constitution since 1823 called the Monroe Doctrine , which basically protects Central and South America from aggressive European influence ,

 thereby protecting our southern border from European over land attack , was officially abandoned by the Obama administration by a speech delivered by Secretary of State John Kerry on November 21st 2013 . As part of the Oath of Office the president is sworn to , “ preserve , protect , and defend the Constitution “ !

 Fittingly , he is the only president not to be sworn in on a Bible ! ! ! ! ! ! ! So what did you expect ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The Obama administration’s assault on the Constitution has increased to the point where every 2 or 3 weeks some action this administration has taken raises constitutional questions that threaten to undermine America’s Foundational Document , that is based on the Bible !

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