chapter 130


Clearly Obama has the “ power “ to deceive , Because he assumed power from the throne of “ the father of lies “ , “ who deceives the whole world “.

Clearly the “ signs “ are all to plain , right down to the meaning of his name .

Clearly his “ lying wonders “ are his multitude of MIRACALOUSLY BLATANT destructive lies that are a wonder he gets away with .

Remember in 2008 before Obama made his acceptance speech in Denver he visited the throne of Satan in Germany , (a replica was Hitlers speech platform / sacrifice altar) then he demanded that a replica of it be built for HIM to give his acceptance speech on , he did not take his oath of office on a Bible , like ALL other presidents , journalist swoon like they’re under some spell , just as the public acts , swallowing his lies .

We have a spirit of “ deceivableness “ BECAUSE OF , our sin and “unrighteousness “ . Because we have “ not the love of the truth “, Almighty God has given us more of what we seek , sin & lies . Likewise Almighty God has given us a leader that legalizes the Obama-nation of same sex marriage(Leviticus 18:22), treats the Constitution with “ lawless “ abandon , and leads us down a path of lies , sin and destruction. “ For this cause “ He(Almighty God) has given us “ strong Delusion “ to “ believe a lie “ !

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