chapter 132


Respected veteran reporter Michael Hastings said of the press corps ,   “ When there near him , they lose their minds sometimes .  They start behaving in ways that are juvenile ,and amateurish, and they SWOON “ !
( MSNBC January 24 2013) . During the interview when Hastings was asked, “ do you act that way too ? “ He replied, ” Oh, I Do “ , then laughed and said, Oh, I Totally–OH MAN ! “.                                                                                                                              A seasoned reporter, emotionally admitting he acts like a silly high school girl in love, swooning, as he does news coverage of the President, then inappropriately laughs and says “ Oh I Totally “ and cannot finish his sentence and just says, “ OH MAN ! “

This reporter, felt this same spirit of UNNATURAL silly confusion AND considered it funny ! This is not funny, this is an unparalleled, colossal disaster.     Scripture tells us where this spirit of “confusion”, comes from.  1st Corinthians 14:33 states, “ For God is not the author of confusion….”   So if Almighty God is not the source of this “confusion”, Satan is !

How can the public get a clear view of what our president is doing if even the Press can’t ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I can’t recall ever hearing or reading about anything like this in American politics ! ! !  YET ANOTHER FIRST , by our president , professional journalists losing all consciousness  of their responsibilities and acting like little school girls ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I say again, this is UNNATURAL , AS IN , IT IS SUPERNATURAL ! ! ! ! ! ! !

He has a satanic spiritual ability to deceive ,direct from Satan’s Throne, that he visited at the Pergamum Museum in Berlin, Germany, just before his acceptance speech in Denver ! ! ! ! ! ! !

THIS is why he is ABLE to continue to lead America to stumble and fall, from this attack from within.   Could this also be why, in either election runs, the media never conducted a rigorous evaluation of this man, as Tom Brokaw has freely admitted ? He is the only president to not be swore in on a Bible !   How could all these things be , if not for a supernatural spirit of deception ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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