chapter 134


On my lunch break Almighty God had me listening to the BBC News, on the radio, which I rarely do. On a July 24th 2015 interview , by a British journalist at his visit to Kenya , Obama was asked, “ what has went right for you ? “, the only thing Obama had to say was that , “ everyone has their strengths and weaknesses – I say my strong point is I have a pretty even temperament , I don’t get too high on the highs and I don’t get too low on the Lows “ . ” “ I don’t get too high on the highs “.

This was his reply for his record of creating chaos in countries all over the world , doubling our national debt , leaving our southern border open for immigrants , drugs and terrorists , disregarding our Constitution & our civil rights , abusing his power thru record a record number of Executive Memoranda, abandoning key alliances with England and Israel (see chapters 112&117), abandoning The Monroe Doctrine and being a pathological liar !    What kind of inappropriate statement is that ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  mas reply was a statement as to a personality trait he feels he possesses, and not even a exceptional one . Being emotionally middle of the road ? ? ?   “ I don’t get too high on the highs and I don’t get too low on the Lows “  Besides, what highs are there possibly to get high on ? ? ? ? ? ? ?    Obamas response did not fit the question, was ludicrous and dodged the question . What’s even more amazing is the interviewer did not give him a rebuttal to any of these issues ! ! ! ! ! ! !I nearly choked on my lunch.    Evidence once again of his powers of supernatural deception , and Satan’s growing influence in the world .   After this interview , at the meeting with Kenya’s president Kenyatta ,Obama ignored other pressing issues such as ; Kenyas economy , infrastructure problems and their shared fight against terror in the region , to name just a few , and chose to lecture Kenyatta about gay rights .This is despite Obama not returning to his home country since he was a Senator in 2006 , which he apologized for not visiting the nation sooner as president .

Is this acting apologetic , to lecture the Kenyan President on gay rights , something that is illegal in that country and imposes a maximum imprisonment of 14 years for homosexual activity ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Kenyattas reply to Obama was, “ there are some things that we must admit we don’t share , our culture , our societies don’t accept . It is very difficult for us to be able to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept .  This is why I repeatedly say for Kenyans today , the gay rights issue is generally a non-issue , we want to focus on other areas .” After this comment , applause were heard from some of the audience in attendance . This is just the latest in Obama’s perverse , worldwide obsession with gay rights ! The president of Kenya knows homosexual/gay union is an “ Obama-Nation , in the sight of Almighty God and diplomatically gave him the message, ‘ Why are you bringing it up ‘ in our country     “ gay rights issue is generally a non-issue , we want to focus on other areas .”       Obama is in favor of it because he is a homosexual and Michelle is a transsexual !    I am well aware they have deceived everyone into denial , but check all the                 You Tube evidence, including a man who attests to the fact Obama smoked crack with him and performed oral sex on him, and Obama even slipped and called her Michael !

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