chapter 138


I think it is EXTREMLY OBVIOUS Mr. Obama received his power to deceive from the father of lies , at the Throne of Satan and subscribes to Hitler’s (who gave his speeches from the same throne) psychology of ; If you say a ,“ colossal lie “ enough times ,in different ways ,with confidence, people will believe it !

Finally , Obama is not the “antichrist” , as many think , but he certainly has the spirit of antichrist ! (supported by his list of unprecedented anti christian acts previously listed in chapter 117 101, and anti-Israel acts in chapters 102 103.

Up until now one could say that perhaps our abysmal record of“ spending our strength in vain ” DUE TO our worsening national spiritual , moral , financial , diplomatic and military condition , was just poor leadership ,lack of vision, lack of planning, lack of commitment , but now it certainly appears that it is on purpose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO ONE could be THAT inept , could they ? Certainly not the leader of the great nation of America ! I know it sounds impossible but remember three things from the intro to this sight ;

1- To many coincidences in a row and its not coincidence ,

2- Truth IS stranger than fiction ,

3 – Remember how crazy it must have sounded when the first explorers of further TRUTH said ; we’re going to sail past the “ point of no return ” , when the world thought the earth was flat (the point of no return then simply became the horizon) and

4- Just Because something is strange ,unpopular, or something you don’t want to believe ,does not make it untrue !

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