chapter 142


Lastly , if you recall ,many people said having a black leader would solve our nation’s racial problems and make it better for blacks and minorities. Has it ?   In fact it has done the opposite !

An NBC poll published on November 4th 2014 said that only 20 percent of Americans think racial relations have improved under Mr. Obama , while 38% say they have gotten worse . Among black Americans it is even higher , 43% say race relations are now worse .    An Investor’s Business Daily poll found that almost half of Americans adults felt race relations were worse . And one in four say they are “ much worse “ .

On November 9th 2014 , New York Post columnist , Michael Goodwin wrote ,“ in a time of stark political polarization that stands out as a rare piece of common ground among whites blacks and Latinos “ .

Some political candidates in the Democratic Party can’t seem to talk about anything BUT racism .

They Use it to try to frighten blacks into the voting booth .

They said violence like the Trayvon Martin case and the shooting in Ferguson are evidence of whites hating blacks .
Representative Charlie Rangel said on October 30th that , “ some Republicans believe that slavery isn’t over … Everything we believe in, they hate they, don’t disagree- they hate . They think if you didn’t come from Europe 30 years ago, you didn’t even make it. Some of them believe that slavery isn’t over and they think they won the Civil War “ .

These are abominable statements for anyone to make, let alone a politician .  No one condemns them Because that is the way many of our politicians , academics and media personalities think , but not most of the general population .   Anyone knows , such statements can only stir up racial division .

These commentators are either ignorant of what they are doing or they want a race war ! Sadly , believe it or not, this is part of Prophecy too , for prophecy foretells that they ARE going to get one .

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