chapter 144


How can a country with a Obama doubled , 20 trillion dollar debt have, “ Rarely been stronger “ ? Especially when this president has added 1 trillion of debt per year , that has now doubled that debt ! When you consider these facts it really shows what a colossal lie it is ! ! We Use to loan to everybody now , we owe everybody ! 

WE ARE THE BIGGEST DEBTOR NATION OF ALL TIME ! We are NOT nearly as “ indispensable “ as we once were .Traditional allies in Europe , Asia and even the Middle East , most notably , Israel , who is now looking to , of all people , Germany , for help ! We have disrespected , distanced , or failed to exercise decisive , forceful ,timely or sound judgment in many situations .

Where have we ,“ Intervened in a meaningful way “ ?????????????????? To name a few , we have left the Balkans , Egypt , Iraq , Somalia ,Yemen , Afghanistan ,Libya and Syria in worse conditions than before we came . (note see chapters 96,97,98)“ Intervened in a meaningful way “ , to cause chaos, maybe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ America rarely been stronger ” ? We have been kept afloat by China , who we owe trillions of dollars to , and is , with new ally Russia ,abandoning the dollar for international business transactions . Most of the rest of Asia is now allied with Russia , as well . 

The number of people on welfare and disability and food stamps are at ALL TIME record highs . “ America rarely been stronger ” ? Forgive me for speaking the TRUTH , but America is WEAKER ! Spiritually , which has led to US being weakened economically , causing US to focus on internal problems leading to US being weakened diplomatically , and obviously being economically weakened leads to being militarily weakened , through less spending on the military . This weakening is only compounded by the fact that , as we are downsizing our military , other countries are upsizing . “ Economy most dynamic on Earth ” ? The money printing presses and China have kept US afloat . 

We have record numbers of people on welfare , unemployment , food stamps , and the situation on our Mexican border is costing US billions more , weakens US more spiritually, morally and psychology, by making drugs more easy to get in , not to mention terrorists ! “ America is and remains the one indispensable nation “ ? We are turning our back on our , “ Special Relationship “ with Britain .

Russia has taken over the situation in Syria . America has disrespected , and pulled away from Israel so much they are turning to Germany now ! ! ! Real “ indispensable ” Huh ? ? ? Our relationship with Europe as a whole has now suffered due to a recent deterioration of our relationship with the leader of Europe , Germany , due to the massive spying scandal . As far as the “ Middle East “ is conCERNed , our chief partner in the peace process WAS Egypt, Because of our covert facilitation of the removal of Hosni Mubarak , radicals are taking over .

All of this is due to our spiritual , moral , financial and political weakness . With all of this failure and disorder you would think to remain closed to established allies such as Britain and Israel would be a priority , yet we are disrespecting and abandoning Israel (leaving Germany’s EU to fill the void) and disrespecting and distancing ourselves from Britain . Affecting all these areas are our domestic problems causing US to focuson those rather than International Affairs . 7 years ago, at the beginning of this president’s first term, the U.S. had large armies in Iraq and Afghanistan . Egypt , Libya and Syria were comparatively stable . America’s traditional allies in Europe Asia and the Middle East still looked to America for leadership and assistance in time of need .

Our debt was at. 9.5 trillion , at the end of Obamas two terms , it is more than double. His administration brushed off its traditional allies , embarked on an “ apology tour “ , draw down its forces , leaving numerous countries far worse off and encouraged its most dangerous enemies to rise in power . We have seen its Arab outreach fall flat , its “ Pivot to Asia “ ,never materialized . The only place Asia has pivoted , is toward Russia ! Syria’s ongoing civil war has claimed at least 400,000 lives with no end in sight. Syria’s Civil War forced the U.S. to shut down its embassy in Tripoli , where we have seen a US Ambassador murdered for the first time in 30 years ! We have allowed Russia to take over handling the civil war in Syria , not to mention Russia just taking over Crimea and destabilizing the Ukraine .

We have seen this administration soften its sanctions against Iran and abandon US allies in Iraq . Radical Islam is not “ on the run “ as Obama proclaimed on the campaign trail in 2012 , it is on the rise ! As of October 2014 Islamic death squads are gang raping and mass murdering their way across Iraq and gaining influenced and territory throughout the region and gaining influenced and territory throughout the world . 

The terrorist group Isis has brought new atrocities and terror . Russia is breathing down Eastern Europe’s neck . Jews are fleeing persecution in Europe in a manner not seen since WWII ! America’s national debt has doubled and is galloping toward 18 trillion (since I edited this now 19 TRILLION) making the U.S. the greatest debtor nation in the world ! 92 million Americans are out of the labor force , 23 million unemployed or underemployed .

The number of people on welfare and disability and food stamps are at ALL TIME record highs . All this domestic instability is while tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring across an open southern border costing US billions more and opening our back door to drugs and terrorists . UPDATE 2016 : More than 30,000 people from “countries of terrorist conCERN” illegally entered the United States across the southern border with Mexico in 2015,says a US Southern Command intelligence report. National security officials in Washington are now increasingly conCERNed ISIS may be working to get jihadists into the U.S. Using Latin American smuggling networks . 

This is confirmation of what my Heavenly Father revealed to me months ago ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Sunni extremists are infiltrating the United States with the help of alien smugglers in South America and are crossing US borders with ease,”reports veteran national security correspondent Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon. “The Command’s J-2 intelligence directorate reported recently in internal channels that ‘special interest aliens’ are working with a known alien smuggling network in Latin America to reach the United States.

America’s big cities are exploding with racial violence (encouraged by Obamas administration) , crime , drugs and immorality ,yet the president says we have ” rarely been stronger “ and the press secretary says this , “ administration intervenes in a meaningful way “ that is , “ substantially furthering America’s interests “ and substantially “ improved the TRANQUILITY of the global community “ .

Where “ stronger “ ??????? What “ interests “ ??????? What “ tranquility “ ??????? 

 Where is it ??????????????????? His press secretary says , “ I think the presidents on the right track ” ????????????????????????????????????????? 

 I think we’ve got the facts to prove it “ ???????????????????

ALL COLOSSAL LIES , DECEPTION , AND DELUSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



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