chapter 148


Haggai 1 verse 3 ,” is it time for you, O ye to dwell in your luxurious Houses and this House lie waste ? Now therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts consider your ways “ ( often in the Bible House is Used to not only mean a personal dwelling but a nation as well ,as in the “House of Israel” ).

In other words is this time to be pacified with personal comforts as our nation and the world is coming apart at the seams ???????????????????????????????????????

Evans Ambrose Pritchard, a writer for one of the most prestigious publications in the world , The Telegraph, specializing on world affairs and the International economy wrote , “ I have never seen a more dangerous confluence of circumstances or more remarkable complacency “ .

In other words , this esteemed analyst says he has NEVER seen the world in such crisis yet never seen people so unconcerned !


Many politicians, commentators journalists and news people are Using terms and phrases like ;

Former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton ,“ The world is descending into chaos “ .

The Los Angeles Times headline , “ Is Global chaos the new norm ? “

The July 13th Wall Street Journal , “ the breadth of global instability now unfolding hasn’t been seen since the late 1970’s “ .

Another headline , “ Where are we headed ? “

Roger Cohen of Atlantic Magazine speaking of World War ,

“ Yes it could happen again ….. , The trigger points that could start World War III are in place….. it is understandable that the United States is looking inward after more than a decade of post 9/11 war , but it is also worrying Because the CREDIBILTY of American power remains the anchor of global security “.

In other words as the weakness of America increases so does the instability of the world .

The U.S. as the most blessed and powerful nation on earth HAS BEEN ,the policeman of the world . Obviously with a weak and ineffectual policeman lawlessness and chaos abound .

In the National Journal July 19th 2014, Robert Fulford wrote ,

the slow American withdrawal from world affairs has been apparent for a long time but has never been so glaringly evident as this week in the Middle East “ . He was referencing the latest round of warfare between Israel and Hamas, the civil war in Syria, the territorial gains made by the Islamic state in Iraq and Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons .

As mentioned earlier Libya is only ONE , country left in far worse shape after the U.S. has left than before it came .

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