chapter 151


America is being distracted to death ! Despite being in a time of growing domestic and world dangers , America is becoming increasingly preoccupied with the superficial !

In 2005 DIRECT TV had 15 million subscribers , today it has 39 million ,

Comcast went from 22 million to 34 million ,

Netflix streaming services went from 1 million subscribers to 44 million ,

the 2000 NBA Finals had 17 million viewers last year’s final over 26 million ,

not to mention the massive growth of things like Facebook , Twitter and the like . Forgive me , but I just couldn’t resist saying people seem to love to twitter around about nothing as the world burns !

People talk on Facebook and take pictures of what they had for lunch or what gas station they had their car washed at or any number of the MOST trivial things in life .

People obsessively play games such as ; candy crush soda , candy crush saga , bubble witch Saga , pepper panic saga , Pet Rescue saga .

How sad , the real saga is , the world itself needs to be rescued !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conversely , our appetite for serious matters has dropped ;

The 2013 study called filter bubbles found that only 4% of people are active news customers , meaning someone who read at least 10 news articles or opinion pieces in a three month period . That’s only 1 article per week !

If this doesn’t scream superficial , I don’t know what does !

In 1993 , 67 million people tuned in to the State of the Union address , by 2013 it was half that .

In 1970 , 90 percent of registered voters cast their vote , in 2012 it was only 57 percent .

In short , we have been dancing the Devil’s 6 step Dance of Destruction; Deception, Distortion, Delusion, Denial, Distraction, Deflection.

Here are the steps , do you recognize them ?
We are deceived into believing these trivial things we are obsessed with actually matter .
Our value system has become distorted .
We have deluded ourselves into believing these warning signs things have not happened .
As a result we are in denial of the state of the world around US and our own spiritual condition .
All this has distracted US from the warning signs all around US .

Finally , as the Devils safety net against letting the Truth in , he Uses his favorite emotion , pride , so we deflect attention away from our own deficiencies by saying , I don’t do that , look at you .

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