chapter 156


The URGENT wakeup call that is needed NOW can be found in Romans 13:11, “ and that knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed .The night is far spent, the day is at hand : let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let US put on the armor of light “.
“ and that knowing the time “, by seeing this worlds worsening conditions we should know , “ it is HIGH TIME to awake out of sleep “.Don’t be deceived or in denial about the seriousness of things ,don’t be deluded by lies or distorted things our leaders  say ,or don’t be distracted by trivial , foolish , meaningless , or sinful things .    

In other words don’t be encouraged to complacency by the Devil’s 6 step Dance of destruction !    “ for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed “ ,the need to accept Christ as our Savior is more urgent , and it is later than we think because the Tribulation and Christs return is nearer than we believe !   “ the night is far spent “, the nights have been to far spent ; not going to bed thanking Almighty God for all He has given us, or sinning, drinking and partying .  “ 

The day is at hand “, Act now, acknowledge and submit to Almighty God’s authority , call and protection !  “ cast off the works of darkness “, The time is NOW to stop dancing the Devil’s 6 step Dance of Destruction of ; Deception , Distortion , Delusion , Denial , Distraction and Deflection .  Don’t think all those D’s are funny (they are not a coincidence), there’s nothing funny whatsoever about the Devils Dance of Darkness that leads to Death , that you are probably dancing right now !    

The time is now to cast off those dancing shoes and run to Almighty God !   Let the light of truth open your minds and come into your hearts !    “ let US put on armour of light “ , let US put on Almighty God’s light of truth to protect US and to shine on and expose the Devil’s darkness of BLINDNESS , lies and complacency . Let the light of truth open your minds and come into your hearts ! Remember there is balance in everything .  Both Almighty God and the devil have their signatures ,the Devils , of darkness and lies , (six types &1000’s of them ) and Almighty God has His, of Light and Truth ! 

That’s why Christ is the Light , the Truth , and the Way . He is the ONLY Way out ! There is only one truth , but many versions of it , all lies , Almighty God is simple , it is the devil that is complicated and perverse .“ Almighty God is not the author of confusion.“ 1st Corinthians 14 :33   The reason I have devoted so much space to the scripture , Romans 13: 11, is Because , it is a prophetic , powerful specific , warning for our time,    RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially , the nations blessed the greatest in the world , primarily the nations of Britain , the United States , Australia and Israel .  Luke 12: 48 states ,

Luke 12: 48 states ,“ for unto whomsoever much is given of him shall much be required “ .

We Use to fulfill that requirement , by being morally decent and by setting an example to the world . Now , for some time , we have become drunk with our success , decadent , disrespectful and immoral , incurring the punishment of becoming broke and weak ( spiritually , physically , financially ) .

Punishment IS required !

Almighty God has been merciful and continued to bless us for so long despite us ignoring his warnings of September 11th and increased natural disasters of earthquakes , floods , drought , for the whole world to see .

Almighty God’s requirements or commandments cannot be ignored, without consequence !

The devil knows HIS time is short , so he is in FULL BATTLE mode , working overtime all the while playing a smooth, seductive, Devils 6 D’s step, symphony of destruction, for US to dance to; Deception, Distortion, Delusion, Denial , Distraction, Deflection !

We need to be well protected and “ put on the armor of light (TRUTH) upon US “. The cause for all this blindness is stated in the following Scripture;

2nd Corinthians 4: 4 , “ in whom the God of this world (Satan) has blinded the minds of them (by His 6 lies) which believe not , lest the LIGHT (truth) of the glorious gospel of Christ , who is the image of Almighty God , should shine upon them “.

Remember Satan is the Father of Lies , who deceives the whole world .

Through his deception , of one kind or another , he is the ROOT CAUSE of most of the conditions we now face and the reason WHY we do not SEE He is the cause , thereby causing US to CONTINUE to move back and forth to his Devil’s Dance of Destruction .

Yes , the Devil is not only a master deceiver, but He is a master of DISGUISING His deception !

“ and no wonder , Satan Himself is transformed into an angel of light “. 2nd Corinthians 11: 14 .

Yes , the signs are all here , for those with eyes to see and ears to hear and a mind to understand . Here are a few quotes of some notable journalists .

Roger Cohen from Atlantic magazine, July 29th 2014 , “ yes it could happen again … Instability in the Ukraine ,chaos in Syria, conflict in the East China sea ,the trigger points for world war 3 are in place “.

He also said regarding President Putin gobbling up parts of the Ukraine, “ a major power has forcefully changed a European border for the FIRST time since 1945 “.

Then of course there is the U.S. caused increased instability and conflict in the Middle East and terrorists attacks or terrorists gobbling up territory wherever they can .Because no cares , Iran is about to go nuclear .

The Telegraph , one of the world’s best newspapers , on August 1st 2014 , published an article titled , “ Today’s parallels with 1914 are very worrying .“In case any of you did not know 1914 is the year World War I started . Speaking of the conflicts mentioned above it said,“ All this might not matter so much if it was against a backdrop of a generally stable world economy . But very few would describe it as such . Pregnant with record amounts of debt — emerging markets are now piling it on with the same reckless abandon as the West– and highly reliant on the steroids of artificial monetary support , financial markets have rarely looked more vulnerable to unexpected shocks “.

Almighty God loves US so much He warns US well in advance of what is to come .

He does through prophecy and then gradually increased correction, just like any loving Father would, by warning and increasing correction and punishment toward the children that he loves .

If any of you have any doubt as to the power and ACCURACY of prophecy let me just say , as an example , the list is very lengthy of the SPECIFIC AND PRECISE circumstances of Christ’s ; birth , life , ministry , torture , crucifixion , death and resurrection that were spoken of in the Old Testament , hundreds and even thousands of years BEFORE they happened ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!

If you are that skeptical , which I don’t think you are or you would have not have read this far , but just in case any of you who are , you can email me and I will be happy to give you the scriptures and circumstances , or answer any other question for that matter .

In Haggai 2 vs 7 Almighty God says , “ I will shake all nations “.

Almighty God always warns with progressive intensity . Almighty God was unable to get mankind’s attention by PROVING his existence by man’s science( if you don’t know what I’m talking about you didn’t read the beginning of the website )and Almighty God did not get the Americas attention by 9-11, nor did HE get mans attention by the increasing of natural disasters , so the shaking shall continue to intensify! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!

The imminent problem is the world’s shaky economy , will not stand the shaking , it will crumble !

This will only be the beginning of the downward spiral of the world as we know it ! Only Almighty God can protect you , but you must seek Him and ask for it NOW !

Isaiah 55:6 says , “ Seek ye the Lord while he may be found , call ye upon Him while He is near . “

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