chapter 157


7000 years of little to no lasting peace and rapidly increasing crisis’s have proven mans inability to solve his own problems .

The only solution to our massive problems is to ADMIT we have been duped by Satan into rebellion , SUBMIT to Almighty God’s authority, and COMMIT to heartfelt REPENTANCE toward Almighty God .Ezekiel 33 : 11 states; “ Say unto them, as I live , saith the LORD Almighty God , I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked ; but that the wicked turn from his way and live : turn ye turn ye , from your evil ways ; for why will ye die “ .
This scripture comes immediately after the watchman’s warning scripture I quoted earlier .

So even though Almighty God has left no excuse , Because of His signs , Because of His warnings , Because of His watchmen , He STILL pleads and begs .   He pleads TWICE ; “ turn ye , turn ye from your evil ways “ .Then begs the question , “ Why will ye die ? ” Our Loving Heavenly Father is saying ; Please , please , just turn back to me , don’t make necessary the horrible corrective punishment , to FORCE you back to Me and my ways that lead to peace and happiness and prosperity , don’t die !
In the mighty name of Yahushua , may your eyes be opened , may your ears be cleared , may your mind understand and may your heart be softened .

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