chapter 159


Look at how science , which has always previously sought to disprove Almighty God is NOW proving His existance , just at the PRECISE TIME we need to …………… look at the signs of world chaos , that threaten our survival .   look at the signs of Gods warnings , corrections and punishments , including

look at the list of firsts for our president and our nation ,   look at how Almighty God has allowed the effects of Satan’s , deception , denial , Delusion , and distraction to allow our leader to tear our country (and other countries) down , as we largely remain oblivious to it !

ALL of these things could not fit together perfectly at this precise moment in TIME and be a coincidence , the law of probability says that’s impossible .

This is not some quirk in history .If we listen to leaders we have encouraged to falsely reassure US and are distracted we will not see the looming danger , let alone take action to avoid it.

1st Thessalonians 5:3 states , “ for when they shall say peace and safety ; then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape “. As I also said at the introduction to this website these are only EFFECTS OF THE CAUSE !

The cause for all of these effects IS our LAWLESSNESS !

Our individual , habitual , continual , breaking of Almighty God’s rules for healthful , happy , prosperous living , the Ten Commandments .  This is the also the cause for our GOVERNMENTS lawlessness both toward our Constitution (based on Gods law) and President Obama’s flagrant disregard for ALMIGHTY GOD’S LAW through habitual lying and legalizing an Obama-nation in Almighty God’s eyes , same sex marriage , that can only magnify the damage he has already caused by intensifying Almighty God’s wrath , He already has toward this sinful nation , that was supposed to be an example to the the world !

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