chapter 162


Politicians and heads of state are just as susceptible to the devastating effects of deception , denial and Delusion as ordinary people .  It is not just President Obama or his staff that has fell victim ( OR MORE APPROPRIATELY USES ) these Devils weapons of DESTRUCTION .

This summer , while promoting her latest book , former Secretary of State , Hillary Clinton was asked about America’s deteriorating relationship with Russia . Clinton , you may remember was the architect of the infamous , “ RESET “ strategy , which abandoned the Ukraine and basically gave Russia a pass for invasion of Georgia , basically cleared the way for Putin to devour Crimea and trigger civil war with the Ukraine. and resulted in ,

THE REMOVAL OF AMERICA’S MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEM FROM EASTERN EUROPE !    This , in all probability , will prove ENORMOUSLY costly , especially with our now damaged relationship with Germany . Remember Germany and its ancestors , the Assyrians , have ALWAYS had the warlike mentality of the “ Beast “ (Roman Empire X 6 resurrections and 7th , the EU) and history certainly DOES AND WILL repeat itself .

In June 2014 , a BBC reporter in regards to the “RESET” strategy , said to Mrs. Clinton , “ You famously pressed the reset button , are you embarrassed by that now ? “ She replied ; ” It was a brilliant stroke which in retrospect even more so , Because look at what we accomplished “ . In other words , this was an awesome strategy , at the time- and it keeps getting more awesome with each passing day ! ………………… WOW !

That just goes to show how deception and distortion breeds denial and Delusion ! That’s how diabolically destructive the devil’s tools are , one gives birth to and supports the other !

UTTERLY , TOTALLY , INSANE !!!!! And to think the American public is so mentally sick , they would consider the woman responsible for leaving US open for NUCLEAR ATTACK for president !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s even incredibly more sick is , we actually might elect her !

Wouldn’t it be a horrifically ironic statement , of how truly sin-sick Delusional we have become , as a society , to have a president in power , at the time we are victims to a nuclear attack ,that she , left US open to ??????????????????????

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